Verden Allen - Singles
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Verden Allen
Verden Allen - Singles

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

Country abbreviations: ARG = Argentina; BEL = Belgium; BRA = Brazil; CAN = Canada; EU = European Union; FRA = France; GER = Germany; GRE = Greece; HOL = Holland; IRE = Ireland; ISR = Israel; ITA - Italy; JAP = Japan; KOR = Korea; MAL = Malaysia; NOR = Norway; NZ = New Zealand; OZ = Australia; PHI = Philippines; POR = Portugal; RUS = Russia; SA = South Africa; SNG = Singapore; SPA = Spain; SWE = Sweden; THA = Thailand; TUR = Turkey; YUG = Yugoslavia.

Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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Wine Ridden Talks

1973 Single by Mooni

UK single 

After leaving Mott The Hoople, Verden signed a solo deal with Polydor Records through Hedley Leyton, brother to John Leyton. Teamed with a singer named Mooni, they released one single under than name. Both songs were written by Verden Allen. (Exactly who Mooni is has never been established.)

Wine Ridden Talks / Nightmare1973UK7SPolydor 2058 367*
On The Rebound

1978 Single by Verden Allen

UK single 

Verden signed to Don Arden's Jet Records in 1978, and teamed up with Luther Grosvenor to record a single, under the rather obvious name Verden and Luther. The single was released in July 1978 and produced by Jake Commander, who served as sound man for ELO and Widowmaker, among others. Both songs were written by Verden Allen, in fact On The Rebound dated back to Verden's earlier band Cheeks. The songs were recorded with Verden on keyboards and vocals, Luther on guitar, Norman Jarrett on bass, and Martin Chambers on drums.

On The Rebound / A New Way1978.07.07UK7S PRJet SJET112*
On The Rebound / A New Way1978.07.07UK7SJet SJET112*

1982 Single by Verden Allen

UK single 

Colleen marked the first release on Verden's own private record label, Spinit. This original version had a small print run and features Through and Through on the B side. Verden sang and played most of the instruments himself, with Martin Chambers on drums.

Colleen / Through and Through1982UK7SSpinit VA1*
Sweet Sweet Girl

1982 Single by Verden Allen

UK sleeve 

The second release on Spinit was a reissue of Colleen, using the same catalog number as the first release, but with Sweet Sweet Girl on the A side and Colleen relegated to the B side. Sweet Sweet Girl dates from the 1978 sessions that produced On The Rebound, and features Luther Grosvenor on guitar, Norman Jarrett on bass, and Martin Chambers on guitar.

Sweet Sweet Girl / Colleen1982UK7S PSSpinit VA1blue slv*
Sweet Sweet Girl / Colleen1982UK7S PSSpinit VA1pink slv*

1983 Single by Verden Allen

UK label 

Released on Verden's own label, Spinit, this single saw very limited distribution. Both tracks feature Dale Griffin and Overend Watts, who are credited indirectly on the label (Arrangement and production by Mott The Hoople Minus Two).

Tomorrow / This Way Now1983UK7SSpinit VA2*
Come On Back

1984 Single by Verden Allen

UK sleeve 

This single appears on Verden's own Spinit label. It pairs the previously-issued Sweet Sweet Girl with a new track, Come On Back. The sleeve credits Luther Grosvenor, Norman Jarrett and Martin Chambers, although I'm not sure wherther the played on Come On Back or not. On later copies, a note was added to the sleeve indicating that the record was distributed by The Cartel.

Come On Back / Sweet Sweet Girl1984UK7S PSSpinit VA3blue wax*
About Tomorrow

1985 Single by Verden Allen

UK sleeve UK black label UK red label 

Another limited release on the Spinit label. This single is a remastered version of his earlier single, as indicated by the modified catalog number VA2-RM. This release sportsd a picture sleeve and a title change (Tomorrow becomes About Tomorrow), and was issued on both black and red vinyl. Dale Griffin and Overend Watts are now prominently mentioned on the sleeve.

About Tomorrow / This Way Now1985UK7S PSSpinit VA2-RMblack wax*
About Tomorrow / This Way Now1985UK7S PSSpinit VA2-RMred wax*