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Dale Griffin gave an interview to BBC radio 4 regarding his battle with Alzheimer's disease on 4 September 2010. Here is the link to BBC Radio 4.

In August 2010, Dale Griffin gave an interview to The Express in an effort to raise awareness about Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, and to promote Memory Walk, the Alzheimer∆s Society∆s flagship fundraising event for people with dementia and their carers. Click This Link to read the article.

On 5 Jul 2010, Dale Griffin was the subject of a Wales Online Health News story, in which he spoke about Altzheimers during Dementia Awareness Week. You can read the complete article at the Wales Online Website

October 2009 Press Release: 'There has been much speculation and rumour about Buffin's health. Therefore, in order to clarify the situation and put a stop to some of the wilder rumours, we can confirm that, sadly, Buffin has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Physically, he is as fit as a fiddle and is bearing his illness with great fortitude and typical good humour. He was absolutely stunned and delighted by his reception at HMV Apollo, Hammersmith, London and despite the toll the experience took on him, felt it was worth everything to be able to be on stage doing what he loves best. All of the messages of support and encouragement from the Mott The Hoople fans have given him a huge boost in what is a very difficult time and he would like to thank you all. He would especially like to thank the other band members, Verden, Ian, Mick and Pete and also Martin Chambers, who were kindness itself and looked after him like a brother during the rehearsals and their stay in London. He is being looked after at present by his partner Jean who has known him since they were at school together in Ross on Wye and she, as his Power of Attorney, has, and will continue, to ensure that Buffin is fully involved in any Mott The Hoople matters and decisions whether related to past matters or future.'

September 2009 Press Release: 'As many of you will know, over the past few years, Buffin's health has not been too good, therefore, it has been decided, with great reluctance and despite his fervent desire, that he will be unable to participate as fully as he would have wished in the up-coming concerts in Monmouth and Hammersmith. He has been practising hard with the other members of Mott the Hoople for the past five weeks and he will be at both venues and will participate as much as it is felt his health will allow. It will be obvious to anyone who knows him that he would be devasted to miss what, after all this time, has been his dream, that is to say, to have all the original members of Mott the Hoople back on stage together, playing to all the loyal fans who also had the same dream. In view of this, Martin Chambers (the Pretenders), also a 'Herefordshire lad', an exceptional drummer himself and a huge admirer of Buffin, will take over the drummer's chair when Buffin feels he is not able to. However, despite all this, please be assured that Buffin will be there and Mott the Hoople will be re-united on stage again.'

Verden Allen, Dale Griffin, and Stan Tippins were recent guests of the Mayor of Hereford. The three met with Mr. Kevin Wargen in his chambers in April 2009 to honor Mott The Hoople.

Dale has lent his vocal talents to Lady Is a Tramp, which appears on the Angel Air 2xCD release Family Anthology (released 4 July 2005). The albums also includes unreleased Mott The Hoople demos (Can You Sing The Song That I Sing and Chosen Road), new tracks by Overend Watts and Verden Allen, a demo of Silence backing vocalist Jon Best, a track by The Buddies featuring Mick Ralphs, a new version of Roll Away The Stone by The Ariel Bender Band, and more.

Dale Griffin wrote the liner notes for Angel Air's 15 January 2001 release by the Stiffs, Stiffology. Dale produced and played on four of the tracks on this compilation.

On 2 October 2000, Angel Air released Trouble With Women (USA Angel Air SJPCD075). The album includes all the material from the hard-to-find original album, plus a dozen bonus tracks. The original album's cover was replaced with a completely new design, however. Buffin wrote liner notes and worked on this release.

A Mott album called The Gooseberry Sessions (UK Angel Air SJPCD054) was released on 23 June 2000. The album contains material recorded by Mott just after Ian Hunter left the band, and Buffin contributed to the liner notes and worked on this release.

On 1 May 2000, Angel Air released the first British Lions album, British Lions (USA Angel Air SJPCD065). The album includes eight previously unreleased bonus tracks, and Buffin was actively involved in the release. The CD was issued only in the USA and Japan, because Vertigo retains the rights to release the album in the UK and Europe.

Buffin gave an interview to the Hereford Times in November 1998 which was very critical of Campbell Devine's Mott The Hoople biography. In the article, Buffin and Overend withdraw their authorization for the project,claiming they weren't allowed to see the final draft. In March 1999 in the first issue of Two Miles From Heaven, Buffin goes into more detail about his objections to the book project, saying that the Hunters were also lied to by Campbell Devine. (In the second issue of the magazine in November 1999, the Hunters refute Buffin's account and reiterate their support of the book.)

On 30 July 1999 Angel Air released a British Lions compilation CD entitled Live and Rare (UK Angel Air SJPCD044). This is a single disc of live material recorded during the band's 1978 US tour, along with demos and rehearsal tracks. There is a nice booklet with rare photos and liner notes by the band. Buffin was largely responsible for this release, and wrote a good portion of the liner notes.

On 28 June 1999, Angel released a live Mott two-CD set entitled Live - Over Here and Over There (UK Angel Air SJPCD025). This 2 discs features live material recorded at four venues in the UK and USA in 1975 and 1976. Dale supervised the project.

On 16 September 1998, Buffin was scheduled to appear at the Virgin Megastore in London with Ian Hunter, Mick Ralphs, and Blue Weaver to sign copies of the Sony Anthology and Campbell Devine's authorized biography. Unfortunately, Buffin had to cancel his appearance at the last minute, although Hunter, Ralphs, Allwen, and Blue Weaver still managed to attend. See the Virgin In-Store Appearance page for more details.

In September 1998, Sony released All The Young Dudes - The Anthology, a three-CD box set of rare and remastered Mott The Hoople material. Dale worked diligently to make this release into a fabulous document of the band's entire career, from the early Sixties to the early Nineties.