Sevens International Records Discography

Welcome to my Sevens International Records discography page. I searched the web for information about this Dallas, TX record label and studio without much success, so I decided to put together the information I had in hopes that other collectors would add to it.

45 Discography
 SI 1001Ron PriceIn The Mornin' / Dead Standin' All Around Sevens International SI-1001 promo labelprod. Ron Price
 SI 1002Seven from ElevenStrawberry Snocone Part1 / Strawberry Snocone Part 2 Sevens International SI-1002 promo label
Sevens International SI-1002 stock
funk; prod. Oliver Sain
 SI 1003 SI 1003 SI 1003Annita HensonBit By Bit / Talk’s AroundSevens International SI-1003 promo label
Sevens International SI-1003 stock
soul; prod. Joe Perry
 SI 1004Twilo1st Men On The Moon / 1st Men On The Moon Sevens International SI-1004 white label promo
Sevens International SI-1004 stock
prod. Scott McKay
 SI 1005E. Pat DavidsonFool's Pride / Stay With MeSevens International SI-1005 white label promoprod. Ron Price
 SI 1006LCS and The Bishops FourI'm Gonna Show You Mary / It Doesn't Seem Fair Sevens International SI-1006 white label promo
Sevens International SI-1006 stock
garage; prod. Bob Sanders
band from New Boston TX
 SI 1007 SI 1007BuccaneersYou Got What I Want / Standing In The Shadow Of Your Love 1966 Sevens International SI-1007 promo label
1966 Sevens International SI-1007 stock
 SI 1008ElixerTime Will Tell / The Look In Your EyesSevens International SI-1008 white label promo
Sevens International SI-1008 stock
garage; prod. Bob Sanders
 SI 1010 SI 1010Ron ShyEverybody Wants Nobody Cares / I Count The Tears Sevens International SI-1010 stocksoul
 SI 1043Bob HaysHeartbreak Mountain / How Can I Tell HerSevens International SI-1043teen
 SI 1212Southern SavannaDevil In My Life / Hear MeSevens International SI-1212garage; prod. Mike Stanglin
LP Discography
 SI ?The Cheerful Giversselftitled
First Methodist Church Shreveport LA w/George Stegall
1972 Sevens International (no number)Christian
 SI 1038 SI 1038 SI 1038The Facts Of LifeTell Your Parents About
w/Ron Price
Sevens International 1038prod. Mike Stanglin
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