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Verden Allen
Audio Recordings

Welcome to my audio recordings list. Shows in this list are available on a trade-only basis. I do not sell tapes or CDRs. The shows are listed in chronological order, showing the date, artist, event, venue, city, length, source, and sound quality as best I know them. If the same show is listed more than once, this means that I have different recording sources for the show.

I am interested in any scrap of audio or video related to Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, or Mott The Hoople, regardless of the length or quality. If you have a trade list, send it along to me and I am sure we can work something out. The sound quality grades I use: A = excellent (approaching commercial quality); B = very good (minor tape hiss, distortion, or muddiness); C = average (prominent tape hiss, distance, distortion, muddiness); D = poor (for completists only, and only slightly better than a blank tape). Sound source abbreviations I use: SBD = studio or soundboard recording; FM (or AM) = radio broadcast; TV = TV recorded from TV or videotape; AUD = audience recording; WEB = internet webcast or MP3 file.

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1998.04.16VA+Flat OutThe Victory Inn, Hereford UK90m, AUD, B
1998.10.22VA+Flat OutThe Victory Inn, Hereford UK90m, AUD, B-
1999.01.16VA+Flat OutPorter Butt, Bath UK125m, AUD, B+
1999.04.17VA+Flat OutRobin 2, Bilston UK70m, AUD, B+