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The Angel Air (UK) label released a CD version of The Rats' Rise and Fall of Bernie Gripplestone and the Rats From Hull (UK Angel Air SJCD022) in June 1998. Previously available only as a limited edition vinyl LP from Tenth Planet Records, this album contains all the original Rats' singles, previously unreleased recordings featuring Mick Ronson on guitar, and three bonus tracks recorded especially for this CD.

The 1997 Mick Ronson Memorial Concert and Stage Dedication were held in Hull over the weekend of 9 August 1997. The Memorial Concert II was held on the evening of the 9th, and featured performances by Michael Chapman, The Rats, Glen Matlock and Mustard, John Shuttleworth, Mick Jones and BAD, The Yellow Monkey, Colin Lloyd Tucker, Steve Harley, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen, and The Spiders From Mars. The stage dedication was a day long event on the 10th. Bands played all day, including appearances by Casablanca Boys, MG Greaves, The Grip, Glen Matlock and Mustard, Mick Jones and BAD, Eddie and the Hot Rods (Geoff Appleby guested), The Rats, The Yellow Monkey (Maggie Ronson guested), Rich Pilot, Joel Rayburn, Jim Spader, and Joe Elliott and Phil Collen.