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Verden Allen
Verden Allen - Albums

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Long Time No See

1994 Album by Verden Allen

Angel Air CD 

Original album tracks: Long Time No See; Son of the Wise Ones; Death May Be Your Santa Claus; Fine Time To Love; Soft Ground; This Way Now; Wine Ridden Talks; Hold On To This; Come On Back; Small Change; Knocking on Those Old Back Doors; About Tomorrow; Carry On; The Refrain

Angel Air bonus tracks: Hypnotized; Two Miles From Heaven; The Chunnel Train

Verden joined a local Hereford outfit called the Business in 199. By 1992, Verden had taken over and renamed the band Thunderbuck Ram. In 1994 Verden revived his Spinit label and issued his first solo album. The material was recorded at Broad Oak Studios in Hereford, although About Tomorrow and This Way Now are the original 1981 recordings with Dale Griffin and Pete Watts. All the rest of the familiar songs are re-recordings. Son of the Wise Ones dates from the Mott The Hoople days, when it was rehearsed under the title Black Staff. The odd album cover actually has some history behind it - it was one of the rejected designs for Mott The Hoople's Mad Shadows album, which at the time was going by the working title Sticky Fingers.

In October 1998, the Angel Air label in the UK reissued the album, this time credited simply to Verden Allen. Three bonus tracks were added to the album: a 1975 Cheeks recording entitled Hypnotized, and two additional Thunderbuck Ram recordings, Two Miles From Heaven and The Chunnel Train. Two Miles From Heaven dates from Verden's Mott The Hoople days, and was performed live with Cheeks in the 1970s.

Long Time No See1994UKCDSpinit CD101*
Long Time No See1994UKCTSpinitprivate*
Long Time No See1998UKCDAngel Air SJPCD036*
For Each Other

1999 Album by Verden Allen


A New Way; If Only; All Over You; E Mail; The Weather Report; On The Rebound; For Each Other; Loving You; Second Love; Sierra Highway; 8 O'Clock At The Corner; It's Too Late Now; Hideaway

This album was written and played almost entirely by Verden, who was helped out on just two of the tracks. The album contains all new recordings, although several of the songs date back to Verden early days with Mott The Hoople, Cheeks, and Verden and Luther. Re-recordings include Soft Ground, A New Way, and On The Rebound. The album also includes the first available version of 8 O'Clock At The Corner, the song that James Honeyman-Scott played when he auditioned for Cheeks in 1974.

Verden has a very distinctive style, based largely around his unique Hammond and Leslie combination. Taken individually, the tracks on the album are surprisingly strong - but the sound might get a bit tedious for some fans if they try to absorb the entire album a single sitting. Angel Air's packaging is up to it's usual standards, with a high quality booklet, picture disc, and clear jewel box. An exhaustive career retrospective was included with Verden's previous Angel Air release, and so the label opted for a simple photos-and-lyrics booklet this time around.

For Each Other1999.10.11UKCDAngel Air SJPCD040*
20 Year Holiday

2002 Album by Verden Allen


Do You Want Me 2?; Wheels; When It Comes Easy; One 2 One; 20 Year Holiday; Through and Through; All The Feeling Has Gone; Flat Out; Miracle Man; Colleen

Through and Through and Colleen are re-recordings of songs released on Verden's solo singles in the early 1980s.

20 Year Holiday2002.06.10UKCDAngel Air SJPCD110*
My Masochistic Side

2009 Album by Verden Allen


My Masochistic Side; Find Yourself; ItĘs A Funny Old World; DonĘt Do This To Me; Affected; Baby; Apollo 09; In The City; Long Time No See; Sweet, Sweet Girl

My Masochistic Side2009.07.13UKCDAngel Air SJPCD294*
Love You & Leave You

Album by Verden Allen


Love You And Leave You; On The Rebound; Find Yourself; Knocking On Those Old Back Doors; Wine Ridden Talks; Hold On to This; Soft Ground; Son Of The Wise Ones; Do You Want Me 2?; Long Time No See; Two Miles From Heaven; Fine Time to Love; A New Way

Love You & Leave You2013.02.11UKCDAngel Air SJPCD405*