Sticky Records Discography

Welcome to my Sticky Records discography page. I searched the web for information about this Southend UK record label without much success, so I decided to put together the information I had in hopes that other collectors would add to it.

45 Discography
 STY 1The SensationLady Put Me Down / Everybody Wants It 1973 Sticky STY1Glam; Prod. John Edwards
The Sensation: Peter Allatt (vocals); Terry Shea (bass); Richard Steen (guitar); Steve Crampton (drums). The band started out as Heatwave, who recorded 'Sister Simon'/'Rastus Ravel' for the Penny Farthing label in 1970.
 STY 2Soul GenerationMillion Dollars / Sailing 1973 Sticky STY2Soul; Prod. Stan Vincent
'Million Dollars' was issued in the USA in 1972 on the Ebony Sounds label, with 'Super Fine' as the B side. That single, as well as the Sticky B side 'Sailing', appear on the 1972 album Beyond Body and Soul.
 STY 3FancyStar Lord / Brother John 1973 Sticky STY3Progressive rock
Fancy: Nigel Benjamin (vocals); Bob Banasiak (guitar); Phil Mitchell (bass); Chris Holibon (drums). Nigel went on to sing for Mott; Bob went on to play with Angel; Phil joined Dr. Feelgood in the early 1980s.
 STY 5The SensationBlack Eyed Woman / Baby 1973 Sticky STY5Glam; Prod. John Edwards
Same group as STY1 above. This single was issued with a picture sleeve in France (Sirocco 48002); Germany (Polydor) and Holland Barclay 67.022). The group also released other singles as 'The Sensations'.
 STY 6Carole Forbes / Steve Edgley Band Bitter Blue / Don't Sugar Me Up 1973 Sticky STY6Prod. Steve Edgley
 STY 101Robert Nat YoungHot Stuff / This Bird's Gonna Fly 1977 Sticky STY-101Prod. Robert Nat Young, M. Daley
 STY 102Helter SkelterI Need You / Goodbye Baby 1977 Sticky STY-102Prod. D. Kassner
 STY 103Christ MooseWhite Christmas / O Levels 1978 Sticky STY-103
LP Discography
Soul GenerationBeyond Body and Soul1973 Sticky STYL-10001
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