Silence - Concert Dates
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Concert Dates

This tour date index has been compiled from published sources, itineraries, advertisments, ticket stubs, advertising, and personal recollections. When known, the other artists on the bill are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these dates, please feel free to pass it along.

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1962.09.22Sandstorms, Ross Grammar School, Ross UK
1964.03.14Soulents, Parish Hall, Glasbury Wales
1964.03.28Soulents, Village Hall, Little Birch UK
1964.03.30Soulents, Public Hall, Chepstow WalesJeff and the Zodiacs
1964.04.04Soulents, Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells Wales
1964.04.17Soulents, Royal Hotel, Ross UKRon Rudge and his Ploughman Band
1964.05.01Soulents, Green Door Club, Horsefield UKThe Barons
1964.05.13Soulents, Rhythm Club, Ross UKThe Kommotions
1964.05.13Canceled: Soulents, Top Spot Ballroom, Ross UK
1964.05.16Soulents, Village Hall, Brampton Abbotts UK
1964.05.18Soulents, Walford Fete, Walford UK[outdoor gig]
1964.05.21Soulents, Youth Club, Tupsley UK
1964.05.29Soulents, Rhythm Club, Ross UKWayne Gibson + Dynamic Sounds, Atoms
1964.06.06Soulents, Alligator Club, Tibberton UKAnne Scott and the Voids [per R. Welch]
1964.06.17Soulents, Rhythm Club, Ross UK
1964.06.27Canceled: Soulents, Rock Park, Llandrindod Wells WalesThe Conchords
1964.07.04Soulents, Village Hall, Brampton Abbotts UK
1964.07.10Soulents, Honey Cavern, Bronllys Wales
1964.07.11Soulents, Ribstone School for Girls, Gloucester UKThe Beathovens
1964.07.21Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1964.07.25Soulents, Alligator Club, Tibberton UKAnne Scott and the Voids
1964.07.29Soulents, New Inn, Ross UK
1964.08.03Soulents, Maddresfield Show, Worcester UK[outdoor gig]
1964.08.04Soulents, Honey Cavern, Bronllys Wales
1964.08.06Silence, village fete, Village Hall, Westbury-On-Severn UKBeatniks [per R. Welch]
1964.08.08Soulents, Guild Hall, Gloucester UK
1964.08.11Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1964.08.14Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UKThe Beatniks
1964.08.22Soulents, RAF, Credenhill UK
1964.09.05Soulents, Village Hall, Linton UK
1964.09.10Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1964.09.11Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UKGroup 4
1964.09.18Soulents, Lister Hall, Dursley UKThe Gophers
1964.09.25Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UKThe Trespassers
1964.09.26Soulents, Alligator Club, Tibberton UK
1964.10.03Soulents, Guild Hall, Gloucester UK
1964.10.10Soulents, RAF, Credenhill UK
1964.10.15Soulents, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK
1964.10.16Soulents, Memorial Hall, Newent UKSaxons
1964.10.28Soulents, Civil Service Club, Gloucester UKBeathovens
1964.10.29Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1964.10.31Soulents, Rising Sun, Maisemore UK
1964.11.13Soulents, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK
1964.11.20Soulents, British Legion Hall, Leominster UK
1964.12.03Soulents, Winter Gardens, Malvern UK
1964.12.05Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UK
1964.12.07Soulents, Hillside Ballroom, Hereford UKTyrants
1964.12.12Soulents, Memorial Hall, Blakeney UKAdvocats
1964.12.17Soulents, Tupsley Y.C. Christmas Party, Percival Hall, Hereford UK
1964.12.19Soulents, Guild Hall, Gloucester UKAndy Grai and the Strangers
1964.12.21Soulents, Youth Club, Ross UK
1964.12.22Soulents, RAF, South Cerney UK
1964.12.24Soulents, Sergeants Mess, Special Air Squadron, Hereford UK
1964.12.26Soulents, Top Spot Ballroom, Ross, Herefordshire UK
1964.12.31Soulents, Oakle Street Hotel, Churcham, Gloucestershire UK
1965Soulents, Hillside Ballroom, Hereford UKLong John Baldry, Julie Driscol, Brian Auger & Trinity, Rod Stewart [per R. Welch]
1965.01.01Soulents, British Legion Hall, Leominster UK
1965.01.08Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UKJohnny Hastings and the Tributes
1965.01.09Soulents, 21st Birthday party, Sandiways Hotel, Weston UK
1965.01.22Soulents, Drake's Broughton, Pershore UK
1965.01.26Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.01.30Soulents, Swan and Falcon, Gloucester UK
1965.02.06Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UK
1965.02.13Soulents, Dolphins Hall, Tetbury, Gloucestershire UKAdvocats (did not appear)
1965.02.20Soulents, B.R.D. Factory Club, Newtown Wales
1965.02.26Soulents, British Nylon Spinners, Gloucester UK
1965.02.27Soulents, Guild Hall, Gloucester UKJohnny Hastings and Tributes
1965.03.06Soulents, Subscription Rooms, Stroud UKTalismen
1965.03.12Soulents, Hillside Ballroom, Hereford UKYardbirds
1965.03.13Soulents, RAF, Credenhill UK
1965.03.19Soulents, British Legion Hall, Leominster UK
1965.03.26Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UK
1965.03.27Soulents, Public Hall, Evesham UK
1965.04.09Soulents, 21st Birthday Party, The Racehorse, Hereford UK
1965.04.17Soulents, Subscription Rooms, Stroud UKAlley Cats
1965.04.19Soulents, Top Spot Ballroom, Ross UKZombies
1965.04.23Soulents, Brockhampton Court Hotel, Brockhampton UK
1965.04.24Soulents, Rising Sun, Maisemore UK
1965.04.27Soulents, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.05.01Soulents, Guild Hall, Gloucester UKDemocrats
1965.05.04Soulents, McIlroys, Swindon UKCannon Brothers and the Shades
1965.05.08Soulents, J Club, Leominster UK
1965.05.13Soulents, RAF, Credenhill UK
1965.05.15Soulents, Regal Cinema, Craven Arms, Shropshire UK
1965.05.16Soulents, British Nylon Spinners, Gloucester UK
1965.05.28Soulents, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UKPhantom 4
1965.05.29Soulents, Alligator Club, Tibberton UK
1965.06.04Soulents, Landsdowne Youth Club, Malvern UK
1965.06.05Soulents, University Hall, Faringdon UK
1965.06.11Soulents, Town Hall, Lydney UK
1965.06.25Soulents, Rugby Club, Hereford UK
1965.07.10Silence, Guild Hall, Gloucester UK
1965.07.17Silence, Brockhampton Court Hotel, Brockhampton UK
1965.07.22Silence, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.07.26Silence, Ross County Secondary School, Ross UK
1965.07.30Silence, Town Hall, Lydney UK
1965.07.31Silence, Public Hall, Evesham UK
1965.08.03Silence, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.08.07Silence, Regal Cinema, Craven Arms, Shropshire UK
1965.08.11Silence, Blue Moon, Cheltenham UKThe Who
1965.08.12Silence, RAF, Credenhill UK
1965.08.13Silence, Glevum Sports Club, Gloucester UK
1965.08.14Silence, Flower Show, Tibberton UK
1965.08.21Silence, Prince's Ballroom, Yeovil UKThe Devils
1965.08.30Silence, Village Hall, Westbury-On-Severn UK
1965.09.11Silence, RAF, Credenhill UK
1965.09.16Silence, RAF Officer's Mess, Credenhill UK
1965.09.24Silence, Town Hall, Welshpool Wales
1965.10.01Silence, Hillside Ballroom, Hereford UK
1965.10.02Silence, Village Hall, Whitburn UK
1965.10.06Canceled: Silence, Stroud UK
1965.10.09Canceled: Silence, Hereford UK
1965.10.16Silence, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.10.17Silence, British Nylon Spinners, Gloucester UK
1965.10.22Silence, Rugby Club, Hereford UK
1965.10.23Silence, Blue Moon, Cheltenham UK
1965.10.30Silence, Guild Hall, Gloucester UK
1965.11.13Silence, Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry UKSorrows, Memphis 5
1965.11.20Silence, 1600 Club, Hereford UK
1965.11.26Silence, Small Hall, British Nylon Spinners, Gloucester UK
1965.11.27Silence, Community Centre, Stonehouse UK
1965.12.11Silence, Memorial Hall, Newent UKRodders
1965.12.13Silence, Arts Ball, Hillside Ballroom, Hereford UK
1965.12.16Silence, High School For Girls, Hereford UK
1965.12.27Silence, Three Countries Hotel, Hereford UK
1965.12.28Silence, 1600 Club, Hereford UK[last gig]
1966.06.??Doc Thomas Group, Gabiano Night Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1966.06.??Doc Thomas Group, Pepper Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1966.06.??Doc Thomas Group, Woodpecker Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.03.??Doc Thomas Group, TV shows, Milan Italy
1967.04.16Doc Thomas Group, Piper Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.05.??Doc Thomas Group, Whiskey Club, Bologna Italy[one month]
1967.06.20Doc Thomas Group, Titan Club, Rome Italy[four weeks]
1967.07.20Doc Thomas Group, Pepper Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.07.23Doc Thomas Group, Pepper Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.08.??Doc Thomas Group, La Panoramica, Riccione Italy
1967.08.??Doc Thomas Group, Pepper Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.08.??Doc Thomas Group, Pineta Club, Milano Marittima Italy
1967.08.13Doc Thomas Group, Bat Caverna, Riccione ItalyChewing Gum, Black Stones [five dates]
1968.04.19Shakedown Sound, Talbot Club, Talbot Hotel, Knightwick UK
1968.06.07Shakedown Sound, Town Hall, Hereford UKModelle Union
1968.12.20Shakedown Sound, Wharf, Tenbury Wells UK
1969.01.03Shakedown Sound, Youth Club, Church Rooms, Dorridge UK
1969.01.07Silence, Grotto, Chateau Imprey UK
1969.01.08Silence, Glanmore Jazz Club, Suransea Wales
1969.02.15Silence, Ritz Entertainment Club, Skewen UKFawn Grass
1969.03.03Silence, Langland Bay Hotel, Langland UKHarverston Apricot
1969.03.10Silence, Langland Bay Hotel, Langland UKHarverston Apricot
1969.06.??Silence, Fillmore North, Sunderland UKFree
1969.07.08Silence, Leys Club, Letchworth UK