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Silence - Albums

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Doc Thomas Group

1967 Album by Doc Thomas Group

Italy LP UK CD Italy CD 

Original album tracks: I'll Be Doggone; She Was Really Saying Something; Steal Your Heart Away; My Babe; Please Do Something; Shake; I Got You; Harlem Shuffle; Talking About My Baby; Just Can't Go To Sleep; Barefootin'; Rescue Me;

Shotgun Eyes (reunion album) tracks: Leaving Here; Shame, Shame, Shame; See You Tomorrow; You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover; Gunshot; Doctor Feelgood; I Think Of You; Let It Rock; I'm Not Talkin'; I'm Talkin' About You; The Fortune Teller; Don't Start Me To Talkin'; Farmer John; Route 66; We'll Silence You

The Doc Thomas Group album was recorded in Turin in October 1966 album for the Dischi Interrecord label in Italy. The album is representative of the band's live set at the time, and was produced by Stian Giarelli. For the Angel Air CD reissue, the original album was paired with a 1990 silence reunion entitled Shotgun Eyes.

Doc Thomas Group1967.01.01ITALPDischi Interrecord 280original*
Doc Thomas Group198?ITALPDischi Interrecord 280bootleg*
Doc Thomas Group1998ITACDOn Sale Music 52 OSM 029*
Doc Thomas Group200?ITACDAkarma AK 181card slv*
The Italian Job / Shotgun Eyes1998.08.08UKCDAngel Air SJPCD 020*