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Audio Recordings

Welcome to my audio recordings list. Shows in this list are available on a trade-only basis. I do not sell tapes or CDRs. The shows are listed in chronological order, showing the date, artist, event, venue, city, length, source, and sound quality as best I know them. If the same show is listed more than once, this means that I have different recording sources for the show.

I am interested in any scrap of audio or video related to Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, or Mott The Hoople, regardless of the length or quality. If you have a trade list, send it along to me and I am sure we can work something out. The sound quality grades I use: A = excellent (approaching commercial quality); B = very good (minor tape hiss, distortion, or muddiness); C = average (prominent tape hiss, distance, distortion, muddiness); D = poor (for completists only, and only slightly better than a blank tape). Sound source abbreviations I use: SBD = studio or soundboard recording; FM (or AM) = radio broadcast; TV = TV recorded from TV or videotape; AUD = audience recording; WEB = internet webcast or MP3 file.

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197?Rolling ThunderIs There Life On Mars?, 12 versions, various locations 1975-7650m, AUD, A/B
1974.03.23MRRainbow, London UK66m, AUD, C
1974.04.22MRColston Hall, Bristol UK60m, AUD, C
1974.04.23MRTown Hall, Birmingham UK85m, AUD, C+
1974.04.29MRCity Hall, Sheffield UK83m, AUD, C+
1975.04.11MROld Grey Whistle Test, London UK10m, TV, C+
1975.11.11Rolling ThunderPalace Theater, Waterbury CT180m, AUD, B-
1975.11.17Rolling ThunderWar Memorial, Rochester NY210m, AUD, C
1976V Morrisonstudio rehearsals180m, SBD, B
1976.05.03Rolling ThunderWarehouse, New Orleans LA225m, AUD, B+
1976.06.24V MorrisonVara Studios, Amsterdam, Holland30m, SBD, B
1976.07.04NY DollsMax's Kansas City, New York NY75m, AUD, D+
1976.07.21J Calew/Patti Smith, Ocean Club, New York NY30m, AUD, C+
1976.11P Rambowdemos10m, SBD, B+
1981.07.25NY YanquisOneida Lake, Sylvan Beach NY60m, AUD, B-
1981.08.07NY YanquisRochester NY60m, AUD, C+
1981.08.09NY YanquisAgora Ballroom, Hartford CT71m, AUD, B-
1981.08.11NY YanquisMy Father's Place, Roslyn NY61m, AUD, B
1982.10.23T BurnettOakland Coliseum, Oakland CA35m, AUD, C+-
1982.10.25T BurnettOakland Coliseum, Oakland CA40m, AUD, B-
1982.10.28T BurnettSan Francisco CA89m, AUD, B
1985S DillonBBC, London UK15m, FM, B+
1985M UreBBC, London UK10m, FM, B
1985.08.30S DillonKings Head, Fulham UK75m, SBD, A-
1985.11.30S DillonFridge, Brixton UK50m, AUD
1986L Dominiquedemos15m, SBD, B+
1988MRBranford CT74m, AUD, C+
1988.02MRChance, Poughkeepsie NY66m, AUD, C
1988.10.24MRClassic Cuts radio show #96 (interview)10m, FM, A
1989.01.30MRClassic Cuts radio show #110 (interview)10m, FM, A
1989.04.03MRClassic Cuts radio show #119 (interview)10m, FM, A
1990.01.25MRRadio City, Helsinki Finland (interview)10m, FM, A
1990.10.12MRw/EC2, Gothenburg Sweden20m, TV, B+
1991.02.03MRNRK Pandora's, Oslo Norway (interview)10m, FM, A
1991.03.12MRw/The Yobs, Melody, Stockholm Sweden120m, AUD, B+
1991.10.17G ParkerMaximes, Bergen Norway90m, AUD, B
1991.10.20G ParkerBerns, Stockholm Sweden90m, AUD, B
1991.10.25G ParkerVictoria, Gavle Sweden30m, FM, A-
1993.01.10MRKROQ Rodney Bingenheimer, Los Angeles CA (interview)30m, FM, A
1993.05.08MRBBC Radio Mick Ronson tribute (interview)20m, FM, B
1994MRAudio Buyways (interview)5m, SBD, A