Mick Ronson - Concert Dates
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Mick Ronson
Concert Dates

This tour date index has been compiled from published sources, itineraries, advertisments, ticket stubs, advertising, and personal recollections. When known, the other artists on the bill are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these dates, please feel free to pass it along.

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1965.06.18Crestas, ABC Regal Ballroom, Beverley UKYe Barons, Gonx
1966.03.18Voice, Top Rank, Brighton UKsupporting The Yardbirds
1967.09.28Rats, Skyline Ballroom, Hull UKPink Floyd, Dimples, Disturbance
1968.05.23Rats, Skyline Ballroom, Hull UKThe Move, Variation, Eric Lee
1968.12.09Rats, Assembly Rooms, Malton UK
1969.09.28Rats, East Park, Hull UKMichael Chapman, Junior's Eyes, David Bowie
1974.02.22MR, The Rainbow, London UK
1974.02.23MR, The Rainbow, London UK
1974.04.10MR, Guildhall, Preston UK
1974.04.11MR, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK
1974.04.12MR, Odeon, Edinburgh Scotland
1974.04.13MR, City Hall, Newcastle Scotland
1974.04.16MR, Caird Hall, Dundee Scotland
1974.04.17MR, The Apollo, Glasgow Scotland
1974.04.19MR, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK
1974.04.22MR, Colston Hall, Bristol UK
1974.04.23MR, Town Hall, Birmingham UK
1974.04.24MR, Winter Gardens, Bournemouth UK
1974.04.27MR, Pavillion, Hemel Hempstead UK
1974.04.28MR, De Monfort Hall, Leicester UK
1974.04.29MR, City Hall, Sheffield UK
1975.10.30Rolling Thunder, War Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth MA
1975.10.31Rolling Thunder, War Memorial Auditorium, Plymouth MA
1975.11.01Rolling Thunder, SE Mass. University, North Dartmouth MA
1975.11.02Rolling Thunder, Technical University, Lowell MA
1975.11.04Rolling Thunder, Civic Center, Providence RI[two shows]
1975.11.06Rolling Thunder, Civic Center, Springfield MA[two shows]
1975.11.08Rolling Thunder, UV Patrick Gymnasium, Burlington VT
1975.11.09Rolling Thunder, University of NH, Durham NH
1975.11.11Rolling Thunder, Palace Theatre, Waterbury CT
1975.11.14Rolling Thunder, Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, New Haven CT[two shows]
1975.11.15Rolling Thunder, Convention Center, Niagara Falls NY[two shows]
1975.11.17Rolling Thunder, War Memorial Coliseum, Rochester NY[two shows]
1975.11.19Rolling Thunder, Memorial Auditorium, Worcester MA
1975.11.20Rolling Thunder, Harvard Square Theater, Cambridge MA
1975.11.21Rolling Thunder, Boston Music Hall, Boston MA[two shows]
1975.11.22Rolling Thunder, Shapiro Gymnasium, Brandeis University, Waltham MA
1975.11.24Rolling Thunder, Civic Center Arena, Hartford CT
1975.11.27Rolling Thunder, Civic Center, Augusta ME
1975.11.28Rolling Thunder, Municipal Auditorium, Bangor ME
1975.11.29Rolling Thunder, Quebec City Coliseum, Quebec PQ
1975.12.01Rolling Thunder, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
1975.12.02Rolling Thunder, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ON
1975.12.04Rolling Thunder, Forum de Montreal, Montreal PQ
1975.12.07Rolling Thunder, Correctional Institution for Women, Clinton NJ
1975.12.08Rolling Thunder, Madison Square Garden, New York NY
1976.04.18Rolling Thunder, Civic Center, Lakeland FL
1976.04.20Rolling Thunder, Bayfront Civic Center Auditorium, St. Petersburg FL
1976.04.21Rolling Thunder, Curtis Hixon Convention Center, Tampa FL
1976.04.22Rolling Thunder, Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater FL[afternoon gig]
1976.04.22Rolling Thunder, Bellevue Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater FL[evening gig]
1976.04.23Rolling Thunder, Sports Stadium, Orlando FL
1976.04.25Rolling Thunder, University Of Florida Field, Gainesville FL
1976.04.27Rolling Thunder, Florida State University, Tallahassee FL
1976.04.28Rolling Thunder, University of West Florida, Pensacola FL
1976.04.29Rolling Thunder, Expo Hall, Municipal Auditorium, Mobile AL[afternoon gig]
1976.04.29Rolling Thunder, Expo Hall, Municipal Auditorium, Mobile AL[evening gig]
1976.05.01Rolling Thunder, Reid Green Coliseum, Hattiesburg MS
1976.05.02Rolling Thunder, The Warehouse, New Orleans LA
1976.05.04Rolling Thunder, LSU Assembly Center, Baton Rouge LA
1976.05.06Rolling Thunder, The Warehouse, New Orleans LA
1976.05.08Rolling Thunder, Hofheinz Pavilion, Houston TX
1976.05.10Rolling Thunder, Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi TX
1976.05.11Rolling Thunder, Municipal Auditorium, n Antonio TX
1976.05.12Rolling Thunder, Municipal Auditorium, Austin TX
1976.05.15Rolling Thunder, Gatesville State School For Boys, Gatesville TX
1976.05.16Rolling Thunder, Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth TX
1976.05.18Rolling Thunder, State Fair Arena, Oklahoma City PA
1976.05.19Rolling Thunder, Henry Levitt Arena, Wichita KS
1976.05.23Rolling Thunder, Highes Stadium, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
1976.05.25Rolling Thunder, Salt Palace, Salt Lake City UT
1976.06.03MR, Albany Calderone Concert Hall, Long Island NYsupporting Gentle Giant
1976.07.21J Cale, Ocean Club, New York NY
1976.11.19Mary Hogan, Max's Kansas City, New York NYSlickee Boys
1976.12.12MR, Albany NYsupporting Rush, Black Oak Arkansas
1976.12.13MR, Rochester NY[date uncertain]
1976.12.14MR, Boardwalk, Syracuse NYheadlining
1976.12.15MR, Century Theatre, Buffalo NYsupporting Rush, James Gang [date uncertain]
1977.06.22V Morrison, Vara Studios, Hilversum Holland[radio broadcast]
1977.11.??P Rambow, Dingwalls, Camden UK[2nd night]
1977.11.??P Rambow, Dingwalls, Camden UK[1st night]
1977.11.??P Rambow, Marquee, London UK
1977.11.??P Rambow, Rochester Castle, Islington UK
1977.11.??P Rambow, Nashville Rooms, London UK
1977.12.13V Morrison, Vara Studios, Hilversum Holland[rebroadcast?]
1981.07.25NY Yanquis, Oneida Lake, Sylvan Beach NYHollywood
1981.08.--NY Yanquis, Hitsville, Pasaic NJ
1981.08.--NY Yanquis, Lupo's, Providence RI
1981.08.--NY Yanquis, J.B. Scott's, Albany NYno support
1981.08.--NY Yanquis, The Savoy, New York NYno support
1981.08.--NY Yanquis, Cinema Lounge, Leominster MAno support
1981.08.07NY Yanquis, Red Creek, Rochester NY
1981.08.09NY Yanquis, Agora Ballroom, Hartford CTno support
1981.08.11NY Yanquis, My Father's Place, Roslyn NYno support
1981.08.13NY Yanquis, Hammerheads, West Islip NYno support
1981.08.15NY Yanquis, Mr. C's, Lowell MA
1982.10.28T Burnett, San Francisco CA[Burnett solo gig]
1985.08.08S Dillon, Ronnie Scott's, London UK
1985.08.15S Dillon, Dingwalls, Camden UK
1985.08.21S Dillon, Roof Garden, Kensington UK
1985.08.30S Dillon, King's Head, Fulmham UK
1985.11.30S Dillon, The Fridge, Brixton UKAngie Bowie Band
1985.12.06Canceled: S Dillon, Dingwalls, Camden UK
1985.12.08S Dillon, Dingwalls, Camden UK[may be the same as 1985.12.06]
1986.02.02S Dillon, Ronnie Scott's, London UK
1988.02.??MR, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1988.02.??MR, Toads Place, New Haven CT[appearance by Ian Hunter]
1988.02.13MR, The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
1991.03.06MR, Nykoping Sweden
1991.03.07MR, Helsingborg Sweden
1991.03.08MR, Hillerstorp Sweden
1991.03.09MR, Falkenberg Sweden
1991.03.10MR, Gothenburg Sweden
1991.03.11MR, Norrkoping Sweden
1991.03.12MR, Melody, Stockholm Sweden
1991.03.13MR, Salen Sweden
1991.03.14MR, Oslo Norway
1991.03.15MR, Uddevalla Sweden
1991.03.16MR, Karlskrona Sweden
1991.03.17MR, Berns, Stockholm Sweden
1991.10.??G Parker, Hamar Norway
1991.10.10G Parker, Lund Sweden
1991.10.11G Parker, Jonkoping Sweden
1991.10.12G Parker, Orebro Sweden
1991.10.13G Parker, Gothenburg Sweden
1991.10.16G Parker, Karlstad Sweden
1991.10.17G Parker, Maxime, Bergen Norway
1991.10.18G Parker, Cosmopolite, Oslo Norway
1991.10.19G Parker, Eskiltuna Sweden
1991.10.20G Parker, Berns, Stockholm Sweden
1991.10.24G Parker, Helsingborg Sweden
1991.10.25G Parker, Gavle Sweden
1991.10.26G Parker, Hillerstorp Sweden
1991.10.27G Parker, Linkoping Sweden