Luther Grosvenor - Newspaper & Magazine Articles
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Luther Grosvenor
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

This magazine and newspaper index has been compiled from many different sources, and includes feature articles as well as smaller items like concert reviews, news items, and record and CD reviews. When known, the issue date, type, title, and author are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these articles, or know of any others that are not listed, please feel free to pass the information along.

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1971International Beat (UK)articleSongwriter Of The Month
1971.09.11Melody Maker (UK)articleFilling In On Luther Tooth
1973.02.30Disc (UK)articleLuther's Teething Troubles
1973.12.01Disc (UK)articleGoin' On A Bender
1973.12.29Melody Maker (UK)articleMind Bender
1974.04.06New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Private Revolution Of Mott The Hoople
1974.05.18Music Star (UK)articlePop Loves: Ariel and Githa
1974.07.06Sounds (UK)articleAriel Wants To be A Star
1974.08.10Music Star (UK)articleMottled Moments
1974.09.28New Musical Express (UK)articleA Martin Luther Grosvenor Square Deal For Ariel?
1974.10.05Melody Maker (UK)articleHot Ariel
1974.10.05Sounds (UK)articleMott's It All About?
1974.11Circus Raves (US)news itemBender Pounds On Maestro
1976Trouser Press (US)articleLuther On A. Bender [by Laul]
1976.07Beat Instrumental (UK)articleunknown
1976.09Beat Instrumental (UK)articleunknown
1977.06Album Tracking (UK)LP reviewToo Late To Cry [by Linnet Evans]
1977.12.16Disco Expres (Spain)articleunknown
1996.11Record Collector (UK)articleAlias Ariel Bender [by Devine]
2001.05Record Buyer (UK)articleWhat Ever Happened To?