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Luther Grosvenor
Luther Grosvenor - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

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Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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Supernatural Fairy Tales

1967 Album by Art

Canada cover 

I Think I'm Going Weird; What's That Sound (For What It's Worth); African Thing; Room With a View; Flying Anchors; Supernatural Fairy Tale; Love Is Real; Come on Up; Brothers, Dads and Mothers; Talkin' to Myself; Alive Not Dead; Rome Take Away Three

Supernatural Fairy Tales19??CANLPIsland WIS 4701-
Supernatural Fairy Tales1967GERLPIsland 88395 ET-
Supernatural Fairy Tales1967OZLPFestival FL 32790-
Supernatural Fairy Tales19??SALPFontana ?-
Supernatural Fairy Tales1967UKLPIsland ILPS 967-
Supernatural Fairy Tales1994UKCDDemon/Drop Out DOCD 1987-
It's All About

1968 Album by Spooky Tooth

Japan cover New Zealand cover UK cover 

Original Album: Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking) (Ian); Love Really Changed Me (Grosvenor, Miller, Wright); Here I Lived So Well (Grosvenor, Harrison, Miller); Too Much of Nothing (Dylan); Sunshine Help Me (Wright); It's All About a Roundabout (Miller, Wright); Tobacco Road (Loudermilk); It Hurts You So (Miller, Wright); Forget It, I Got It (Miller, Wright); Bubbles (Grosvenor, Wright )

2005 Bonus Tracks: Sunshine Help Me; Weird; Love Really Changed Me [mono]; Luger's Groove; The Weight; Do Right People; Bubbles [mono]

It's All About1968CANLPIsland/Stone WIS 4704-
It's All About2005.07.04EUCDRepertoire REPUK 1073bonus tracks-
It's All About1968GERLPFontana 885 444-
It's All About1968GERLPIsland 85682IT-
It's All About1968JAPLPFontana FOX 7003gfc, ins-
It's All About1968JAPLP PRIsland/King ICL22gfc, ins, obi-
It's All About1975JAPLP PRIsland ILS-80342gfc, ins, obi-
It's All About1968NZLPFestival SFL933049-
It's All About1968UKLPIsland ILPS 9080-
It's All About1996.02.20UKCDEdsel-
It's All About1968USALPBell 6019-
It's All About1968USALP PRBell 6019wlp; mono-
Spooky Two

1969 Album by Spooky Tooth

Germany CD 

Original Album Tracks: Waitin' for the Wind (Grosvenor, Harrison, Wright); Feelin' Bad (Kellie, Wright); I've Got Enough Heartache (Kellie, Wright); Evil Woman (Weiss); Lost in My Dream (Wright); That Was Only Yesterday (Wright); Better by You, Better Than Me (Wright); Hangman Hang My Shell on a Tree (Wright )

2005 Bonus Tracks: That Was Only Yesterday [mono single version]; Oh Pretty Woman; Waiting For The Wind [mono single version]; Feelin' Bad [mono single version]

Spooky Two1969ARGLPPhilips 634 3015-
Spooky Two2005EUCDRepertoirebonus tracks-
Spooky Two1969GERLPIsland 85785-
Spooky Two1969JAPLPIsland ILS-40044-
Spooky Two1969KORLPWorld Record-
Spooky Two1969NZLPFestival SFL933265-
Spooky Two1969OZLPFestival SFL 933265-
Spooky Two1969UKLPIsland ILPS 9098gfc-
Spooky Two1969USALPBell-
Spooky Two1969USALPA+M SP 4194-
Spooky Two1969USALPA+M SP 3124-
Spooky Two / Beach Boys: Close Up1969USALP PRAFRTS RL-9-0*
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass

1970 Album by Spooky Tooth

UK cover 

Have Mercy (Henry, Wright); Jubilation (Henry, Wright); Confession (Henry, Wright); Prayer (Henry, Wright); Offering (Henry, Wright); Hosanna (Henry, Wright )

Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969FRALPPhilips 849 512gfc-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass2006FRACDMinority-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969GERLPFontana 6444540-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969OZLPFestival SFL-933864-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969UKLPIsland LPS 9107gfc-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1998UKCDEdsel 565-
Ceremony / TYA:Cricklewood Green1969USALP PRAFRTS RL-43-0*
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969USA8TA+M 8T 4225-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969USALP PRA+M SP 4225wlp-
Ceremony: An Electronic Mass1969USALPA+M SP 4225-
The Last Puff

1970 Album by Spooky Tooth

UK cover 

Original Album Tracks: I Am The Walrus; Wrong Time; Something To Say; Nobody There At All; Down River; Son Of Your Father; Last Puff

2005 Bonus Tracks: Son Of Your Father [mono single version]; I've Got Enough Heartache [mono single version]; I Am The Walrus [mono single version]; Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree [mono single version ]

It's All About1968CANLPIsland/Stone WIS 4704-
The Last Puff2005EUCDRepertoirebonus tracks-
The Last Puff1975JAPLP PRIsland ILS-80343gfc, ins, obi-
The Last Puff1970UKLPIsland ILPS 9117-
The Last Puff1970USALPA+M SP 4266-
Tobacco Road

1970 Album by Spooky Tooth

Tobacco Road1971KORLP-
Tobacco Road1969OZLPIsland SIL934230-
Tobacco Road1971USALPA+M SP 4300-
Under Open Skies

1971 Album by Luther Grosvenor


Ride On; Here Comes The Queen; When I Met You; Love The Way; Waiting; Rocket; Under Open Skies

Under Open Skies1971CANLPIsland 9312-
Under Open Skies1993EUCDDemon/Edsel CD364*
Under Open Skies2005EUCDx2Gott GOTTCD0192 bonus tracks*
Under Open Skies1971FRALPIsland 6396 008-
Under Open Skies1971GERLPIsland Ariola 85747-
Under Open Skies1972JAPLP PRIsland ICL 24OBI, insert, gfc-
Under Open Skies1972JAPLPIsland ICL 24OBI, insert, gfc*
Under Open Skies1971OZLPIsland SIL 934366gfc, sample stk; pink lbl-
Under Open Skies1971.10.10UKLPIsland ILPS 9169gfc-
Under Open Skies1971USALPIsland SMAS 9312gfc*

1975 Album by Widowmaker

Germany CD 

Such a Shame; Pin a Rose On Me; On the Road; Straight Faced Fighter; Ain't Telling You Nothing; When I Met You; Leave The Kids Alone; Shine a Light On Me; Running Free; Got a Dream

Widowmaker1976.04.04CANLPUA LA642-G-
Widowmaker1976GERLP PRPolydor 2310 432wlp*
Widowmaker1976GERLPPolydor 2310 432-
Widowmaker1990GERCDLine JECD9.00858-
Widowmaker1976.04.04UKLPJet LP15-
Widowmaker1976USA8TUA EA-642-H-
Widowmaker1976.04.04USALPUA LA642-G-
Too Late To Cry

1976 Album by Widowmaker

Germany CD 

Too Late To Cry; The Hustler; What a Way to Fall; Here Comes The Queen; Mean What You Say; Something I Can Do Without; Sign The Papers; Pushin' and Pullin'; Sky Blues

Too Late To Cry1977.04.04CANLPUA LA723-G-
Too Late To Cry1990GERCDLine JECD9.00867-
Too Late To Cry19??JAPCD-
Too Late To Cry1977JAPLP PRJet-UA-King GP-546wlp-
Too Late To Cry1977JAPLPJet-UA-King GP-546obi; insert*
Too Late To Cry (test pressing)1977JAPLP PRJet-UA-King GP-546test pressing-
Too Late To Cry1977OZLPUA L-36 296cis-
Too Late To Cry1977UKCTJet TCK 30038-
Too Late To Cry1977.04.04UKLPJet UAG 30038-
Too Late To Cry1977USA8TUA UA-EA-723-H-
Too Late To Cry1977.04.04USALPUA LA723-Gcis-
Rattlesnake Guitar

1995 Album by Luther Grosvenor


In 1995, Luther got together with Mike Kellie and Jess Roden to contribute a couple tracks to this Peter Green tribute CD. They recorded two songs, Merry Go Round and Crying Won't Bring You Back. Two promo sampler CDs were release to promote the collection, and each contained one of Luther Grosvenor's tracks. The EU releases on the Semaphore label were retitled The Peter Green Songbook and released as two separate volumes.

Peter Green Songbook Volume 11995EUCDSemaphore 324744222-
Peter Green Songbook Volume 21995EUCDSemaphore 324744222-
Rattlesnake Guitar1995UKCDx2Coast to Coast CTC 0205*
Blues Radio Sampler1995USACDS PRViceroy RATTLE1*
Rattlesnake Guitar1995USACDx2Viceroy 32473/74*
Special Advance Sampler1995USACDS PRViceroy SNAKE1*
Man Of The World Reflections On Peter Green2003.11.04USALPAudio Fidelity AFLP011audiophile-
Man Of The World Reflections On Peter Green2003.11.04USASACDAudio Fidelity AFZ011audiophile-

1996 Album by Luther Grosvenor

USA CD USA promo CD 

Evesham Boy; Best Years of My Life; Floodgates [(studio version)]; Fullness of Time; I Wanna Be Free; Ninsky Prospect; Loneliest Boy in Town; Fire Down Below; Cathy; Floodgates [(live version)]

Floodgates1996.08.15USACDRuf/Brilliant RBCD 1007-2*
Floodgates Sampler1996.08.15USACDS PRRuf/Brilliant BRITE1 AAA*
Cross Purpose

1999 Album by Spooky Tooth

USA cover European cover 

That Was Only Yesterday (Wright); Tears (Reed); Throw Me A Line (Grosvenor; Dolan); It's You Girl (Message To Deborah) (Ridley); Love Is Real (Harrison); Sunshine (Wallinger); How (Kellie); Send Me Some Lovin' (Price; Marascalco); I Can't Believe (traditional); Kiss It Better (Grosvenor; Harrison; Kellie; Ridley)

Plans for a Spooky Tooth reunion album were initiated in 1997. Luther Grosvenor, Mike Harrison , Greg Ridley, and Mike Kellie went into FFG Studios in Gloucester in July, and three tracks were finished: Mike Kellie's How, the group composition Kiss It Better, and Sunshine (written by Karl Wallinger of World Party). Additional sessions were planned for October 1997, but the physical distance between the group members made rehearsals difficult and the plans fell apart.

With no new material in sight, plans were laid for a 1998 album called Sunshine, which would combine the three new studio tracks with a 1968 BBC live concert and an unreleased Deep Feeling track. But when the Ruf organization heard the new material, they asked asked the band to record more material, and agreed to shoulder the cost of bringing the band to Adapoe Sound in Weimar, Germany. Grosvenor, Harrison, Ridley, and Kellie spent September 12-20, 1998 recording seven new tracks for the album. The disc album finally surfaced in February 1999 as Cross Purpose, released in both the USA and Europe.

Cross Purpose1999.02.23GERCDRuf 1030*
Cross Purpose1999.02.23USACDRuf 5146 1445-2*
Live In Europe

2001 Album by Spooky Tooth


Sunshine Help Me (Wright); Too Much Of Nothing (Dylan); Feelin' Bad (Kellie; Wright); The Weight (Robertson); I Can't Quit Her (Kooper; Levine); Blues Town (Harrison; King; Wright) - Spooky Tooth [1968 BBC live tracks]; Pretty Colours (unknown) - Deep Feeling [previously unreleased]; Sunshine (Wallinger); How (Kellie) - Spooky Tooth [early mixes from Cross Purpose sessions]; Better By You, Better Than Me; Soulful Lady [Unidentified live bonus tracks]

The aborted 1998 album Sunshine finally surfaced in 2001 with a change in title. The two tracks from Cross Purpose are original mixes, before overdubs. The Deep Feeling track is previously unreleased, and is an interesting pseudo-psychedelic artifact.

Live In Europe2001USACDBlue Storm 670211-3002-2*
Floodgates Anthology

2001 Album by Luther Grosvenor


Evesham Boy (Grosvenor; Ledsome); Best Years Of My Life (Grosvenor; Ledsome); Floodgates (Grosvenor; Ledsome); Fullness Of Time (Kellie); I Wanna Be Free (Tex); Ninsky Prospect (Grosvenor; Ledsome); Loneliest Man In Town (Grosvenor; Ledsome); Fire Down Below (Seger); Cathy (Moore); Floodgates (acoustic) (Grosvenor; Ledsome) [Solo tracks from Floodgates]; Crying Won't Bring You Back (Green); Merry Go Round (Green) [Solo tracks from Rattlesnake Guitar]; Sunshine (Wallinger); Kiss It Better (Grosvenor; Harrison; Kellie; Ridley); How (Kellie) [Spooky Tooth tracks from Cross Purpose]; Pretty Colours (unknown) [Deep Feeling track]; Here Comes The Queen (live) (Grosvenor) [Mott The Hoople live track]

Floodgates Anthology2001UKCDAngel Air SJPCD088*
StraightFaced Fighters

2002 Album by Widowmaker


Disc One: Such a Shame; Pin a Rose On Me; On the Road; Straight Faced Fighter; Ain't Telling You Nothing; When I Met You; Leave The Kids Alone; Shine a Light On Me; Running Free; Got a Dream [Tracks from Widowmaker allbum ]

Disc Two: Come On Up; Such A Shame; Too Late; El Doomo; Ain't Telling You Nothing; When I Met You; Too Late To Cry [BBC In Concert tracks]; The Hustler; Here Comes The Queen; Something I Can Do Without; Sign The Papers; Pushing And Pulling [Tracks from Too Late To Cry]

A nice two-CD compilation of tracks from their two albums, plus a previously unreleased BBC In Concert program. The live set was recorded with the original Steve Ellis lineup at the Paris Theatre, London UK in 1976, and hosted by Brian Matthew. El Doomo is a song from Steve Ellis' prior band, Ellis.