Luther Grosvenor - Concert Dates
Spooky Tooth, 1968 Stealers Wheel 1973 Mott The Hoople, 1974 Widowmaker, 1977 Blues 92, 1992 Floodgates, 1996 Greg Ridley Memorial, 2004 Ariel Bender Band, 2005 
Luther Grosvenor
Concert Dates

This tour date index has been compiled from published sources, itineraries, advertisments, ticket stubs, advertising, and personal recollections. When known, the other artists on the bill are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these dates, please feel free to pass it along.

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1976Widowmaker, UK dates supporting Nazareth, UK
1976Widowmaker, Marquee, London UK
1976.03Widowmaker, UK dates with Boxer, UKBoxer
1976.04.20Widowmaker, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UKSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.21Widowmaker, City Hall, Newcastle UKSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.22Widowmaker, Odeon, Edinburgh ScotlandSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.23Widowmaker, Apollo, Glasgow ScotlandSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.24Widowmaker, Odeon, Birmingham UKSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.25Widowmaker, Hammersmith Odeon, London UKSupporting Nazareth
1976.04.30Widowmaker, Surrey University, Guildford UK
1976.05.01Widowmaker, Colchester University, Essex UK
1976.05.08Widowmaker, Friars, Maxwell Hall, Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury UKUpp
1976.05.14Widowmaker, College of Further Education, Newcastle-Under-Lyme UK
1976.05.15Widowmaker, Leescliff Hall, Folkstone UK
1976.05.18Widowmaker, Top Rank, Cardiff Wales
1976.05.20Widowmaker, The Court, Tunbridge Wells UK
1976.05.21Widowmaker, Town Hall, High Wycombe UK
1976.05.22Canceled: Widowmaker, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK
1976.05.22Widowmaker, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone UKFastbuck
1976.05.23Canceled: Widowmaker, Davenport Theatre, Stockport UK
1976.05.23Widowmaker, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK
1976.05.28Canceled: Widowmaker, Victoria Hall, Hanley UK
1976.05.28Widowmaker, The Manor, Ipswich UK
1976.05.29Widowmaker, City Hall, St Albans UK
1976.05.31Widowmaker, Charlton Football Ground, London UKsupporting The Who
1976.06.05Widowmaker, Celtic Football Ground, Glasgow Scotlandsupporting The Who
1976.06.12Widowmaker, Vetch Feetball Ground, Swansea Walessupporting The Who
1976.08.23Widowmaker, Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg MBsupporting ELO
1976.09Widowmaker, Universal Amphiteatre, Universal City CAsupporting ELO
1976.09.05Widowmaker, Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NYsupporting ELO
1976.09.10Widowmaker, Indiana State University, Terre Haute INsupporting ELO, also Styx
1976.09.11Widowmaker, New Century Theatre, Buffalo NYsupporting ELO
1976.10.13Widowmaker, The Starwood, Los Angeles CAArtful Dodger
1976.10.14Widowmaker, The Starwood, Los Angeles CAArtful Dodger
1977.03.23Widowmaker, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis MOsupporting ELO
1977.03.25Widowmaker, Rainbow, London UKSupporting Golden Earring
1977.04.01Widowmaker, West Runton Pavillion, Cromer UKQuartz
1977.04.02Widowmaker, Country Club, Northampton UKQuartz
1977.04.09Widowmaker, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkstone UK(Quartz did not appear)
1977.04.13Widowmaker, Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells UKQuartz
1977.04.15Widowmaker, Mayfair, Newcastle UKQuartz
1977.04.16Widowmaker, Casino Club, Wigan UK
1977.04.19Widowmaker, Tiffany's, Scunthorpe UKQuartz
1977.04.20Widowmaker, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham UKQuartz
1977.04.21Widowmaker, Market Hall, Carlisle UKQuartz
1977.04.22Widowmaker, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh UKQuartz
1977.04.23Widowmaker, Strathclyde University, Glasgow UKQuartz
1977.04.24Widowmaker, Coatham Bowl, Redcar UKQuartz
1977.04.26Canceled: Widowmaker, Kent University, Canterbury UKQuartz
1977.04.27Widowmaker, Top Rank, Brighton UKQuartz
1977.04.28Widowmaker, Winter Gardens, Cleethorpes UKQuartz
1977.04.29Widowmaker, Sheffield Polytechnic, Sheffield UKQuartz
1977.04.30Widowmaker, Manchester University, Manchester UKQuartz
1977.05.01Widowmaker, Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds UKQuartz
1977.05.02Widowmaker, Top Of The World, Stafford UKQuartz
1977.05.03Widowmaker, Town Hall, Loughborough UKQuartz
1977.05.04Widowmaker, Southampton University, Southampton UKQuartz
1977.05.05Widowmaker, Plymouth Woods, Plymouth UK
1977.05.06Widowmaker, Bath University, Bath UKQuartz
1977.05.07Widowmaker, Birmingham University, Birmingham UKQuartz
1977.05.10Widowmaker, Brunel University, Uxbridge UKQuartz
1977.05.11Widowmaker, Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester UKQuartz
1977.05.12Widowmaker, Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln UKQuartz
1977.05.13Widowmaker, Sound Circus, London UKQuartz
1977.05.14Canceled: Widowmaker, City Hall, St. Albans UKQuartz
1977.06.12LG, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ONTsupporting Ted Nugent
1977.08Widowmaker, Capital Theater, Passaic NJsupporting Ted Nugent
2000.09.14LG, Steve Dolan Benefit, Marrs Bar, Worcester UK
2004.11.24LG, Greg Ridley Memorial, Carling Academy, London UK
2005.09.24LG, Marrs Bar, Worcester UK[debut gig]
2006.01.28LG, Rock and Blues Festival, Butlin's, Skegness UK
2006.06.03LG, South Shields UK[Paul Nichols on drums]
2006.11.26LG, Brentwood Centre, Brentwood UKMud, T Rextasy, Steve Harley, Slade, Sweet
2007.02.24LG, Springhead, Hull UK
2007.03.02LG, Butlin's, Minehead UK
2007.03.03LG, Butlin's, Skegness UK
2007.05.18LG, Classic Rock Festival, Sandes NorwayBlondie, Dr. Feelgood, Rick Wakeman, Whitesnake
2007.08.26LG, Colne Festival, Colne UK
2008.05.23LG, Classic Rock Festival, Sandes NorwayRod Stewart