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Ian Hunter
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This magazine and newspaper index has been compiled from many different sources, and includes feature articles as well as smaller items like concert reviews, news items, and record and CD reviews. When known, the issue date, type, title, and author are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these articles, or know of any others that are not listed, please feel free to pass the information along.

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1974Hit Parader Annual (US)article(Winter 1974/75 issue)
1974.10Hit Parader (US)book reviewDiary Of A Rock And Roll Star [by Robinson]
1974.12.14New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott's Ian Hunter Recording Solo Set [by n/a]
1975Bravo (Germany)posterHunter/Ronson pinup on back cover (issue #347)
1975Hit Parader (US)articleIan Hunter [by Robinson]
1975 (unknown)gig reviewJust Like The Good Old Days (1975.03.19 Friar's, Aylesbury UK) [by Kris Needs]
1975 (unknown)articleHow Mr. Hunter Set Mr. Ronson Alight [by Bob Hart]
1975Vitva (Sweden)unknownunknown
1975Billboard (US)gig review1975.05.01 Felt Forum, New York NY [by Jim Stephens]
1975Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewIan Hunter [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1975.01Extra (France)article(Hunter/Ronson article)
1975.01.04New Musical Express (UK)articleHunter: I Have Nothing To Say - Exclusive
1975.01.11Sounds (UK)news itemHunter / Ronson Plan Roadwork [by n/a]
1975.01.18Sounds (UK)articleThe Last Ballad of Mott The Hoople [by Bill Henderson]
1975.01.25New Musical Express (UK)articleIan Hunter Is Not As Rich As We Said He Was [by Richard & Lisa Robinson]
1975.02.08Pettcoat (UK)articleTreat This Guy With Respect - He Make Have Just Sold a Million Records
1975.02.22Melody Maker (UK)news itemonson/Hunter Gigs [by n/a]
1975.03Rock Scene (US)news itemRock Scene Goes To A Brunch
1975.03New Musical Express (UK)gig review(1975.03.15 Exeter University, Exeter UK) [by Steve Clarke]
1975.03.01Melody Maker (UK)news item(Photo and information about tour and band lineup) [by n/a]
1975.03.08Melody Maker (UK)news itemHunter/Ronson (tour dates) [by n/a]
1975.03.08Melody Maker (UK)news itemTaxman Hits Hunter Tour (tour dates) [by n/a]
1975.03.08Sounds (UK)news itemBoy! We Know Who It's About [by n/a]
1975.03.15New Musical Express (UK)news itemHunter-Ronson Tour Starting [by n/a]
1975.03.22Disc (UK)LP reviewHunter - Terminal Rock 'n' Roller [by David Fudger]
1975.03.22Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewHeartful Hunter (Ian Hunter) [by Chris Welch]
1975.03.22New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewA Bunch Of Songs Looking For A Sound (Ian Hunter) [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1975.03.22Sounds (UK)LP reviewHunter Turns Killer (Ian Hunter) [by Bill Henderson]
1975.03.29Disc (UK)articleIan and Mick: Just Two Boys In a Rather Spectacular Band [by Rosalind Russell/Lon Goddard]
1975.03.29Disc (UK)gig review1975.03.19 Friars, Aylesbury UK [by Lon Goddard]
1975.03.29Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewHunter Ronson Works (1975.03.19 Friars, Aylesbury UK) [by Chris Welch]
1975.03.29Sounds (UK)articleIan Hunter Talks and Talks and Talks and Talks [by Bill Henderson]
1975.04Circus Raves (US)articleunknown
1975.04ZigZag (UK)posterIan Hunter Family Tree (Issue 51) [by Pete Frame]
1975.04.05Melody Maker (UK)articleHunter: I Wish I'd Split Mott Earlier [by Chris Welch]
1975.04.05New Musical Express (UK)articleAargh! [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1975.04.12New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewunknown
1975.04.17Scene (US)LP reviewIan Hunter LP
1975.04.23Bugle American (US)gig reviewPlaying Like a Royal Flush (1975.04.18 Milwaukee WI) [by Jay Lengnick]
1975.04.23Bugle American (US)LP reviewIan Hunter LP [by Carol Line]
1975.04.24Scene (US)articleIan Hunter: Not The Hoople [by Jim Girard]
1975.05Phonograph Record (US)articleIan Hunter [by Greg Shaw]
1975.05.03Melody Maker (UK)articleCBS Pledge To Push Hunter [by Chris Charlesworth]
1975.05.08Rolling Stone (US)articleHunter/Ronson: Not The Hoople [by Barbara Charone]
1975.05.11Ciao 2001 (Italy)article(two page Hunter/Ronson article)
1975.05.17Record Mirror (UK)articleA Bluffer's Guide To Ian Hunter
1975.05.31Disc (UK)posterIan Hunter poster
1975.06Phonograph Record (US)articleHunter/Ronson: From The Ashes of Mott [by Ken Barnes]
1975.06Jackie (UK)articlePete Meets Ian Hunter: Love Me, Love My Dogs [by Pete]
1975.06Let It Rock (unknown)LP reviewIan Hunter LP
1975.06Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewIan Hunter LP
1975.06.04Oor (Holland)LP reviewIan Hunter LP
1975.06.07Record Mirror (UK)articleHoled Up In a Basement Studio Somewhere Near New York [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1975.06.07Sounds (UK)articleHappy Hoople - Hunter's Hell
1975.06.12Street Life (UK)articleThe Original Mixed Up Kid Grows Up [by Bill Henderson]
1975.06.14Disc (UK)articleOnce Bitten Ian 'Unter Fights Shy Of Tax Man [by David Fudger]
1975.06.14Melody Maker (UK)articleTill Death Do Us Part [by Chris Charlesworth]
1975.07Circus (US)LP reviewIan Hunter LP [by Gordon Fletcher]
1975.07Circus Raves (US)articleHunter-Ronson: Once Bitten, They're Twice Shy [by Ron Ross]
1975.07Creem (US)LP reviewIan Hunter [by Wayne Robins]
1975.08Circus (US)articlePinups: Hunter and Ronson Tie The Knot [by Ron Ross]
1975.08Circus Raves (US)articleIan Hunter: There's Nothing Wrong With Me Now [by Scott Cohen/Ron Ross]
1975.08Creem (US)articleIan Hunter: Through The Glasses Darkly [by John Ingham]
1975.08.15Disco Expres (Spain)articleOtro Vuelo Solitaro
1975.09Concert (US)articlePube Rock Cums of Age
1975.09Hit Parader (US)articleThe Ian Hunter Interview [by Lisa Robinson]
1975.09ZigZag (UK)LP reviewIan Hunter [by Andy Childs]
1975.09.19LA Free Press (US)articleIan Hunter - The Mind of a Young Dude [by Justin Pierce]
1976Los Angeles Times (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy [by Steve Pond]
1976Back Door Man (UK)articleunknown (Issue 8)
1976Way Ahead Nottingham (UK)articleIan Hunter and Itchy Feet (Issue 5)
1976.04.29Scene (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy LP
1976.05.01Billboard (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy [by n/a]
1976.05.01Cashbox (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy [by n/a]
1976.05.01Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewThere Are More Important Things Than Hit Records [by Harvey Kubernik]
1976.05.01Record World (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy LP [by n/a]
1976.05.15Billboard (US)unknownunknown article
1976.05.15Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewHunter Turns Up Trumps [by Allan Jones]
1976.05.15New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewDylan Opts Out Of Plastic Surgery [by Charles Shaar Murray]
1976.05.15Record Mirror (UK)articleHunter HIts His Peak [by David Brown]
1976.05.16Sounds (UK)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy LP [by Barbara Charone]
1976.05.24Village Voice (US)LP reviewIan Hunter: Alien On Main Street [by Paul Nelson]
1976.05.27Scene (US)articleIan Hunter: American, Alien and Happy [by Jim Girard]
1976.05.29Record Mirror (UK)articleWhitey from Blighty Heading West [by David Brown]
1976.06.02Oor (Holland)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy LP [by Kees Baars]
1976.06.05Sounds (UK)articleMade in the Shades [by Barbara Charone]
1976.06.17Circus (US)articleIan Hunter As A Stranger In A Strange Land [by Dave Hickey]
1976.06.17Circus (US)articleLongplayers: Ian Hunter Exiled On Main Street [by Paul Nelson]
1976.07Aylebury Roxette (UK)news itemAylesbury Sets The Trend Says Hunter [by n/a]
1976.07Beat Instrumental (UK)articleunknown
1976.07Creem (US)articleAll American Alien Boy
1976.07International Musician (UK)articleunknown article
1976.07.15Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewAn Exile On Rock + Roll's Main Street [by Dave Marsh]
1976.07.17New Musical Express (UK)articleHunter Opts Out of Suicide Plan [by Charles Shaar Murray]
1976.07.31Sounds (UK)single reviewunknown
1976.08Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewunknown
1976.08Gig (UK)articleunknown
1976.08Music Gig (UK)articleIan Hunter All Grown Up [by Susan Ahrens]
1976.08Rock and Folk (France)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy LP
1976.08ZigZag (UK)articleThat All-American Alien Boy [by Pete Frame]
1976.08Songwriting and Recording (unknown)articleunknown
1976.09Phonograph Record (US)articleIan Hunter: Reflections Of A Rock Star [by Lester Bangs]
1976.11Hit Parader (US)articleThings Are Changing for Ian Hunter [by Jim Girard]
1976.11Hit Parader (US)LP reviewAll American Alien Boy [by James Spina]
1976.12Blast (UK)articleunknown
1976.12Rock and Beat Tranquilizer (Sweden)articleAt Last the 1968 Rock and Roll Revival [by Pintus Von Tell]
1977.04Rock Around The World (US)news itemHot Happenin's (Overnight Angels news) [by n/a]
1977.05Crawdaddy (US)articleIan Hunter's Overnight Demons [by Susan Ahrens]
1977.05.14New Musical Express (UK)articleWhat a Hunter He Turned Out To Be [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1977.05.14Record Mirror (UK)articleOvernight Angel: Exclusive Ian Hunter Interview [by Jim Farber]
1977.05.21Melody Maker (UK)articleOvernight Angels
1977.05.28Sounds (UK)LP reviewOvernight Sensation (Overnight Angels) [by Giovanni Dadomo]
1977.06Creem (US)articleIan Hunter Fights Boredom and Passes For David Byron [by Simon Frith]
1977.06.04New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewOverweight Angels (Overnight Angels) [by Bob Edmands]
1977.06.04New Musical Express (UK)single reviewSingle of the Week: Justice of the Peace [by n/a]
1977.06.11Melody Maker (UK)articleunknown
1977.06.15Oor (Holland)news itemunknown
1977.06.18Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewHunter Loses Track (Hammersmith Odeon, London 1977.06.12) [by Allan Jones]
1977.06.18New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMutton Dressed Up As Lamb (1977.06.12 London UK) [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1977.06.18Record Mirror (UK)articleHunter's New Success Scent [by Jim Evans]
1977.06.18Sounds (UK)articleTales From The Alien Boy: Ian Hunter Talks [by Giovanni Dadomo]
1977.06.18Sounds (UK)gig reviewHunter: It Just Had To Be Special (1977.06.03 Newcastle UK) [by Phil Sutcliffe]
1977.07Album Tracking (US)LP reviewOvernight Angels LP [by John Shearlaw]
1977.07Album Tracking (US)articleThe Controversial Ian Hunter Back in London for the Buzz [by David Redshaw]
1977.07Beat Instrumental (UK)LP reviewOvernight Angels LP
1977.07Gig (UK)articleBack Into The Mainstream With Overnight Angels [by Jim Farber]
1977.07.07Circus (US)articleHunter's Overnight Angels [by Fred Schruers]
1977.07.08Disco Expres (Spain)news itemunknown
1977.09Best (France)LP reviewOvernight Angels LP
1977.09Trouser Press (US)LP reviewOvernight Angels LP (Issue 21)
1977.11Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewIt's Now Or Never (Overnight Angels) [by Ira Robbins]
1977.12.02National Rock Star (UK)articleHunter House Blaze [by n/a]
1978Rock Scene (US)gig reviewWild Night In Cleveland (Boyzz: 1978.10.13 Agora, Cleveland OH) [by n/a]
1978Fad (Australia)articleunknown
1978Fad (OZ)articleunknown
1978.12.14Rolling Stone (US)articleIan Hunter Meets The E Street Band [by James Henke]
1978.12.28Rolling Stone (US)news itemRandom Notes (Hunter/Ronson at 1978.10.13 Cleveland OH Boyzz gig)
1979Billboard (US)LP reviewCloseup: Schizophrenic [by Jim McCullaugh]
1979Billboard (US)gig reviewTalent In Action (1979.06.28 Palladium New York NY) [by Roman Kozak]
1979Circus (US)articleSchizophrenic Marks The Return Of The Hunter [by David Fricke]
1979Los Angeles Times (US)articleIan Hunter: Bringing It Home [by Richard Cromelin]
1979Rock Scene (US)gig reviewHunter / Ronson Celebrate (1979.11.22 Hammersmith, London UK) [by n/a]
1979Rock Scene (US)articleCleveland Rocks! Ian Hunter Gets A Little Help From His Friends [by n/a]
1979Rock Scene (US)gig reviewIan Hunter Rocks After Dark ( 1979 or 1980 Ritz, New York NY) [by Bob Gruen]
1979Rock Scene (US)gig reviewIan Hunter Isn't Alone At The Palladium (Palladium, New York NY) [by Patti Giordano]
1979 (unknown)news itemYou're Never Alone With Ian Hunter (Schizophrenic news)
1979Aquarian (US)articleIan Hunter Faces the Music
1979.01.13Melody Maker (UK)news itemunknown
1979.02.05Disco Expres (Spain)news itemunknown
1979.03Imagine (US)articleIan Hunter [by Larry Jaffee]
1979.04.07Melody Maker (UK)articleGood News from Nowhere [by Harry Doherty]
1979.04.07Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewHunter Comes Up For a Third Time (Schizophrenic) [by Simon Frith]
1979.04.14New Musical Express (UK)articleunknown
1979.04.14Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewunknown
1979.04.14Sounds (UK)LP reviewSchizophrenic
1979.04.19Scene (US)articleSchizophrenic Separates the Man from the Boys [by Jim Girard]
1979.04.21Sounds (UK)articleThe Dear Hunter
1979.05ZigZag (UK)articleunknown
1979.05.12Cashbox (US)articleIan Hunter Gets New Label and LP
1979.05.16Oor (Holland)LP reviewunknown
1979.05.22Rocky (Germany)articleunknown
1979.06Rock and Folk (France)LP reviewunknown
1979.06Trouser Press (US)articleunknown (Issue 39)
1979.06.14Rolling Stone (US)articleThe Changing Moods Of Ian Hunter [by Scott Isler]
1979.06.15Oor (Holland)unknownunknown
1979.06.28Scene (US)gig reviewLive In Concert (1979.06.19 Palace, Cleveland OH) [by Mark Holan]
1979.06.28Scene (US)news item(inside photo and item about Ian receiving key to city of Cleveland) [by n/a]
1979.07Musiek Expres (Holland)article(2-page Ian Hunter article)
1979.07Prairie Sun (US)articleIan Hunter Interviewed [by Bruce Hughes]
1979.07.07Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (Palladium, New York NY) [by Harry Doherty]
1979.07.10Los Angeles Times (US)gig reviewIan Hunter's Smart Boogie (1979.07.08 Santa Monica CA) [by Richard Cromelin]
1979.07.11Variety (US)gig reviewunknown
1979.07.25Drummer (US)articleIan Hunter On His Own [by Fred Trietsch]
1979.07.26Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewIan Hunter, Steve Forbert: Autumn Fire, Spring Fever [by Paul Nelson]
1979.08Subway News (US)gig reviewNo Shades (1979.06 Paradise, Boston MA) [by n/a]
1979.08 (unknown)gig reviewPhilly Rocks and Disco Sucks (1979.07.28 Spectrum, Philadelphia PA) [by Bill Taylor]
1979.08Record Review (US)articleRecord Review Interview: Ian Hunter [by Jeff Tamarkin]
1979.08.23Rolling Stone (US)gig reviewIan Hunter's Rock And Roll Heart (1979.06.28 Palladium, New York NY) [by David Fricke]
1979.09Ampersand (US)gig reviewunknown
1979.09Columbus OH Dispatch (US)gig review6 Man Hunter Band Rocks The Rafters [by Jeff Borden]
1979.09Oor (Holland)articleunknown
1979.09.27Scene (US)gig review(1979.09.22 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland OH) [by Mark Holan]
1979.10Hit Parader (US)articleCleveland Rocks! Ian Hunter Gets A Little Help From His Friends [by Richard Robinson]
1979.10Music Life (Japan)articleunknown
1979.10Pop Rok (Greece)articleunknown
1979.11Creem (US)news itemStar Cars #52: Ian Hunter [by n/a]
1979.11.01Scene (US)news item(cover photo of Ian receiving key to city of Cleveland) [by n/a]
1979.11.17New Musical Express (UK)single reviewCleveland Rocks
1979.11.24Sounds (UK)news itemunknown
1979.12Grooves (USA)articleUltra-Hot and Loaded With Hits [by Balfour]
1979.12International Musician (UK)articleThe Hunter - Ronson Connection
1979.12.01Melody Maker (UK)gig review(1979.11.22 Hammersmith, London UK)
1979.12.15New Musical Express (UK)articleIan Hunter (Vocals) & Mick Ronson (Guitar) [by Nick Kent]
1980Hit Parader Annual (US)articleCleveland Rocks
1980Mesa Republic (US)gig reviewIan Hunter's Rock Gets An Audience On Its Feet (1980 Mesa AZ) [by Andrew Means]
1980Recording World (unknown)articleHunter/Ronson: A Producing Team [by Steve Weitzmann]
1980Rock Scene (US)news itemSeventeen Candles For Roy Thomas Baker
1980 (unknown)articleIan Hunter: Riding The Crest of a Winning Wave [by Len Noel]
1980 (unknown)articleIan Hunter: Zwischen Up and Down
1980Guerin Sportivo (Italy)articleIl 33 Della Settimana (Album of the Week)
1980Musikexpress (Germany)article(2-page Hunter-Ronson article)
1980Musikexpress (Greece)articleunknown
1980New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewShades of Ian Hunter [by Bob Edmands]
1980.01Creem (US)articleDestruction Through Motion [by Jeffrey Morgan]
1980.01International Musician (UK)articleunknown
1980.01Rock Scene (US)articleunknown
1980.02Beat Instrumental (UK)articleTony Horkins Tracks Down The Great White Hunter [by Tony Horkins]
1980.02Trouser Press (US)LP reviewHit and Run: Shades of Ian Hunter (Issue 47)
1980.02.23Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewunknown
1980.03Musician's Industry (US)articleHunter and Ronson: Rock and Roll Reflections [by Steve Caraway]
1980.03Sounds (Germany)articleIan Hunter: Rock 'n' Roll Ist Ein Ziemlich Alberner Beruf [by Ingeborg Schober]
1980.04Beat Instrumental (UK)unknownunknown
1980.04.05New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewWelcome To The Club [by Charles Shaar Murray]
1980.04.12Billboard (US)LP reviewLive/Welcome To The Club [by Jim McCullaugh]
1980.04.12Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewWelcome To The Club, Shades Of Ian Hunter [by Ronnie Gurr]
1980.04.23Oor (Holland)LP reviewunknown
1980.04.26Record Mirror (UK)gig reviewunknown
1980.05Beat Instrumental (UK)unknownunknown
1980.05Orange Rock (US)articleunknown (local Orange County CA magazine)
1980.05Trouser Press (US)LP reviewHit and Run: Welcome ToThe Club (Issue 50)
1980.05Rockerilla (Italy)articleunknown
1980.05.03Billboard (US)articleIan Hunter Closeup
1980.05.29Oakland Tribune (US)gig reviewRock's Ian Hunter Can Still Conjure Up His Own Magic (Old Waldorf, SF CA) [by Larry Kelp]
1980.06 (unknown)gig review1980.06.14 Uncle Sam's, Cheektowaga NY [by Brian Dickman]
1980.06Spectator (Belgium)articleunknown
1980.07Box Office (US)articleunknown
1980.07.10Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewWelcome To The Club [by Swenson]
1980.07.22Circus (US)articleHunter Gets Captured By His Own Game [by Richard Hogan]
1980.08College Media Journal (US)articleAlone Witrh a Schizophrenic: The Ian Hunter Interview [by Maryanne Meyers]
1980.08Relix (US)articleIan Hunter Captures The Game [by Marianne Meyer]
1980.08Trouser Press (US)articleHunter Remembers (Issue 53) [by Jon Young]
1980.08.07Rolling Stone (US)gig reviewIan Hunter Returns To The Club (1980.05.29 Los Angeles CA) [by Barry Alfonso]
1980.09Musiek Expres (Holland)article(Hunter-Ronson article)
1980.09Nuevo Sound (Italy)unknownunknown
1980.10Musician (US)articleIan Hunter Resurrected [by Roy Trakin]
1980.10.02Scene (US)articleHungren? Runter? Todd / Ian To Benefit Anderson [by n/a]
1980.10.18Melody Maker (UK)news itemU.S. News: Hunter On (Hunter/Rundgren tour)
1980.10.22 (unknown)gig reviewTwo Rockers Make Fundraising Fun (1980.10.22 Uncle Sams, Cheektowaga NY) [by Dale Anderson]
1980.11.27Rolling Stone (US)news itemRandom Notes (Ian Hunter/Todd Rundgren tour) [by n/a]
1981Toronto Star (Canada)articleBritish Rocker Should Come Down To Earth [by Henry Mietkiewicz]
1981 (unknown)gig reviewShort Back 'n' Sides Material Goes Unshorn (1981.09.30 Uncle Sam's, Cheektowaga NY) [by Dale Anderson]
1981 (unknown)gig reviewIan Hunter: Captivated By The Game (1981.08.08 101 Club, London UK) [by Paul Tickell]
1981.03Rock Scene (US)articleunknown
1981.03.11Oor (Holland)news itemunknown (Issue 5)
1981.04.02Rolling Stone (US)news itemRandom Notes (Ian Hunter/Mick Jones) [by n/a]
1981.08.26Oor (Holland)gig reviewunknown (Issue 17)
1981.08.29New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewunknown
1981.08.30Oakland Tribune (US)LP reviewIan Hunter Plays Heart Rock (Short Back n' Sides [by Larry Kelp]
1981.09.18Philadelphia Journal (US)news itemIan Hunter (1981.09.18 Brandywine Club, Chadd's Ford PA gig notice) [by Chuck Darrow]
1981.09.24Whitt (Glassboro State) (US)articleHunter Promises High Energy Set [by Laura Ammaturo]
1981.10International Musician (UK)articleHunter Pursued [by Tony Horkins]
1981.10Music Express (Canada)articleRiding Shotgun at Central Park [by Keith Sharp]
1981.10Oakland Tribune (US)gig reviewHunter's Songs All Personal And Powerful (1981.10 Old Waldorf, SF CA) [by Larry Kelp]
1981.10Relix (US)gig review1979.09.11 Dr. Pepper Festival, New York NY [by Stephanie Finnegan]
1981.10Scene (US)articleNew Album, New Band
1981.10ZigZag (UK)articleReturn of the Hunter [by Kris Needs]
1981.10Oor (Holland)articleunknown (Issue 19)
1981.10.01Buscadero (Italy)LP reviewunknown
1981.10.01Whitt (Glassboro State) (US)gig reviewNot Just Another Night (1981.09.27 Glassboro St., Glassboro NJ) [by Laura Ammaturo]
1981.10.11Los Angeles Times (US)LP reviewShort Back n' Sides [by Waller]
1981.10.24Los Angeles Times (US)gig reviewIan Hunter - Nothing Out Of The Category (1981.10.22 Los Angeles CA) [by Terry Atkinson]
1981.10.29Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewShort Back n' Sides [by David Fricke]
1981.11Creem (US)articleCreem's Profiles: Ian Hunter [by n/a]
1981.11Sweet Potato (US)articleIan Hunter [by Carrie B. Cooper]
1981.11.30Circus (US)articleShort Back 'n' Sides LP
1981.12Music Sound Output (US)articleIan Hunter: The Perennial Rocker Rocks On [by Toby Goldstein]
1981.12Rock and Folk (France)articleunknown
1981.12Trouser Press (US)LP reviewShort Back n' Sides (Issue 68)
1981.12Popular (Poland)articleEstrella De Brixton
1981.12.10Rolling Stone (US)news itemRandom Notes (Coalition to Ban Handguns) [by n/a]
1982Billboard (US)news itempicture and short notice about Deerhunter benefit [by n/a]
1982.01Creem (US)articleIan Hunter Likes Rock n Roll [by Bill Holdship]
1982.01Hit Parader (US)articleIan Hunter: A Moveable Feast [by Liz Derringer]
1982.01.01Buscadero (Italy)articleunknown
1982.03Conecte (Mexico)articleEntrevista Con Un Sobreviviente Del Rock [by Wilson Aguilar]
1982.03Trouser Press (US)LP reviewHunter Times Eight Short Back n' Sides (Issue 71) [by n/a]
1982.06On Music & Media (US)gig review(1982.05.?? The Ritz, New York NY) [by Ellen Zoe Golden]
1983Musikexpress (Germany)articleBlind Date (Ian picks top ten singles) [by n/a]
1983.06Island Ear (US)articleIan Hunter: The Island Ear Interview [by Alvin Eng]
1983.07.02Billboard (US)LP reviewAll of the Good Ones Are Taken LP
1983.08Creem (US)LP reviewAll The Good Ones Are Taken [by Laura Fissinger]
1983.08Kerrang (UK)articleDie Hard The Hunter (Issue #49) [by Neil Jeffries]
1983.08.13Oor (Holland)news itemunknown
1983.08.14Los Angeles Times (US)LP reviewAll The Good Ones Are Taken [by Steve Pond]
1983.09Tiger Beat Star (US)articleunknown
1983.09Music Paper (US)articleAt Least One Good One Is Left: Ian Hunter [by Jennifer Shields]
1983.09.01Buscadero (Italy)LP reviewunknown
1983.09.29Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewAll of the Good Ones Are Taken [by Parke Puterbaugh]
1983.11International Musician (UK)articleIan Hunter: Soul Searcher Thinks For Himself [by Bill Flanagan]
1983.12Creem (US)articleIan Hunter: Some Of The Good Ones Are Still Kicking [by Iman Lababedi]
1983.12Hit Parader (US)articleIan Hunter: Made In The Shades [by Jodi Summers]
1986.10.10Ottawa Citizen (Canada)articleMott The Hoople Star Back On Tour [by Tim O'Connor]
1987.12.12New Musical Express (UK)news itemMorrissey And Noddy Join Mott-ly Crew (Ian Hunter TV documentary)
1988 (unknown)gig reviewAll The (Not So) Young Dudes (1989.11.01 Cannery, Nashville TN) [by Derek Oliver]
1988.11Scene (US)articleMr. Cleveland Rocks
1988.11.19New Musical Express (UK)articleRecall The Young Dude [by Paul O'Mahoney]
1988.12.01Scene (US)gig review1988.11.25 Agora Cleveland OH
1989Rave-Up (US)articleHunter-Ronson Band Interview (issue #16) [by Liz London]
1989 (unknown)articleIan Hunter (Japanese language) [by Gaku Tori]
1989Speed Of Sound (unknown)news itemSpeedTrap (YUI Orta announcement)
1989.02 (unknown)gig reviewAll The Old Dudes (1989.02.16 Dominion, London UK) [by Arthur Bristow]
1989.09.07Rolling Stone (US)news itemRandom Notes (Just Wanna Hold video) [by n/a]
1989.10.26Scene (US)articleA Conversation With Ian Hunter [by Mark Holan]
1989.11.09Scene (US)gig reviewLive Wire (1989.11.04 Agora, Cleveland OH) [by Lee Barrish]
1989.11.10Philadelphia Enquirer (US)news itemRocker Ian Hunter At The Chestnut (1989.11.08 Philadelphia PA) [by Scott Brodeur]
1989.11.23Music Connection (US)articleVault Management: The Hunter-Ronson Connection
1990.01Kerrang (UK)articleYU ORTA Buy It (YUI ORTA) #273
1990.01.07Los Angeles Times (US)LP reviewCity Boy' Returns To His Roots (YUI ORTA) [by Richard Cromelin]
1990.01.18LA Weekly (US)gig reviewIan Hunter And Mick Ronson (1989.12.13 Palace, Hollywood CA) [by Bill Holdship]
1990.02 (unknown)gig reviewHunter/Ronson (1990.02.16 Hammersmith, London UK) [by Antony Thorncraft]
1990.02 (unknown)gig reviewHunter/Ronson (1990.02.16 Hammersmith, London UK) [by Carol Clerk]
1990.02Metal Hammer (Germany)gig reviewLive On Stage (1990.02.01 Alter Watersaal, Cologne Germany) [by Oliver Klemm]
1990.02.08Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewYUI ORTA [by Paul Evans]
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