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Ian Hunter
Audio Recordings

Welcome to my audio recordings list. Shows in this list are available on a trade-only basis. I do not sell tapes or CDRs. The shows are listed in chronological order, showing the date, artist, event, venue, city, length, source, and sound quality as best I know them. If the same show is listed more than once, this means that I have different recording sources for the show.

I am interested in any scrap of audio or video related to Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, or Mott The Hoople, regardless of the length or quality. If you have a trade list, send it along to me and I am sure we can work something out. The sound quality grades I use: A = excellent (approaching commercial quality); B = very good (minor tape hiss, distortion, or muddiness); C = average (prominent tape hiss, distance, distortion, muddiness); D = poor (for completists only, and only slightly better than a blank tape). Sound source abbreviations I use: SBD = studio or soundboard recording; FM (or AM) = radio broadcast; TV = TV recorded from TV or videotape; AUD = audience recording; WEB = internet webcast or MP3 file.

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1974.01IHInterview (John Peel), BBC, London UK (interview)14m, FM, B-
1974.01IHInterview (Rosko), BBC, London UK (interview)5m, FM, B-
1974.04IHRadio show (Chip Monck), Speakeasy, New York NY (interview)23m, TV, B-
1975IHRadio show (Brian Matthew), BBC My Top 12, London UK (interview)60m, FM, B
1975IHRadio show (Dick Clark), Music Machine (artist profile)9m, FM, A
1975.03.23IH/MRApollo, Glasgow Scotland75m, AUD, C-
1975.03.26IH/MRCity Hall, Newcastle UK52m, AUD, C-
1975.03.27IH/MRCity Hall, Leeds UK80m, AUD, C-
1975.04.18IH/MRUptown Theatre, Milwaukee WI36m, AUD, C
1975.04.22IH/MRCivic Center, St. Paul MN77m, AUD, C-
1975.04.28IH/MRFord Auditorium, Detroit MI78m, AUD, C+
1975.05.01IH/MRFelt Forum, New York NY77m, AUD, C
1975.05.01IH/MRFelt Forum, New York NY65m, AUD, B-
1976.08.08IHInsight (interview)9m, FM, C-
1977.06OAGrona Lund, Stockholm Sweden59m, AUD, C-
1977.06.03OATop Rank, Cardiff South Wales UK60m, AUD, C-
1977.06.08OAFree Trade Hall, Manchester UK67m, AUD, C-
1977.06.12OAHammersmith Odeon, London UK77m, AUD, D+
1977.06.15OAScandinavium, Gothenburg Sweden93m, AUD, C
1977.06.17OAFolkets Park, Malmo Sweden60m, AUD, C
1977.06.18OABrunnsparken, Orebro Sweden60m, AUD, B-
1978.10.13IHInterview (Kid Leo), WMMS, Cleveland OH (interview)11m, FM, B
1978.10.13IH/MRThe Boyzz, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH45m, FM, B-
1979.06IHTV show, PM Magazine (interview)7m, TV, B-
1979.06.04IHRadio show (Candy Tuskin), Star Trak (interview)5m, FM, A
1979.06.04IHRadio show (Lew Irwin), Earth News Radio (interview)12m, FM, A
1979.06.10IH/MRToad's Place, New Haven CT57m, FM, B-
1979.06.12IH/MRMy Father's Place, Long Island NY78m, FM, B+
1979.06.18IH/MRAgora Ballroom, Cleveland OH62m, FM, A-
1979.06.22IH/MRPark West, Chicago IL90m, FM, A-
1979.06.27IH/MRPine Crest Country Club, Shelton CT52m, AUD, B-
1979.07.07IH/MRCommunity Theater, Berkeley CA54m, FM, B+
1979.07.11IH/MRCelebrity Theater, Phoenix AZ70m, AUD, C
1979.07.28IH/MRSpectrum, Philadelphia PA52m, AUD, C
1979.08.06IHRadio show, Off The Record (interview)5m, FM, A
1979.08.10IH/MRCobo Hall, Detroit MI51m, AUD, C
1979.08.19IHRadio show (Jim Ladd), Innerview (interview)48m, FM, A
1979.09.19IH/MRRyerson Theater, Toronto Canada50m, TV, B+
1979.10.15IHRadio show (Scott Muni), Direct News (interview)4m, FM, A
1979.10.19IH/MRFairfield University, Fairfield CT85m, AUD, C+
1979.11IHInterview, Capitol Radio, London UK (interview)5m, FM, B
1979.11IHInterview (Sarah Smith), Capitol Radio, London UK (interview)14m, FM, B
1979.11IHRadio show, Jukebox, Sweden (interview)15m, FM, B
1979.11.03IH/MROld Waldorf, San Francisco CA113m, AUD, B+
1979.11.07IH/MRRoxy, Los Angeles CA87m, AUD, B
1979.11.16IHTV show, The Midnight Special, Los Angeles CA5m, TV, B
1979.11.22IH/MRBBC In Concert (UK), Hammersmith Odeon, London UK60m, LP, A
1979.11.22IH/MRBBC In Concert (EU), Hammersmith Odeon, London UK60m, FM, B
1979.11.22IH/MRBBC Rock Hour #119 (USA), Hammersmith Odeon, London UK60m, FM, B
1980IHRadio show, BBC Roundtable, London UK (interview)90m, FM, B
1980IHRadio show, BBC Star Special, London UK (interview)110m, FM, B
1980IHRadio show (Rex Rawsthorne), Rex Rawsthorne Reports (interview)FM
1980.01.13IHRadio show (Robert Klein), Robert Klein Hour (interview)17m, FM, B+
1980.02.18IHStar Trak, radio show w/Candy Tuskin (interview)5m, FM, B
1980.04.20IH/MRRockpalast, Grugahalle, Essen Germany72m, FM, A
1980.04.22IH/MREmpire Theater, Paris France30m, TV, B-
1980.05.29IH/MRRoxy, Los Angeles CA92m, FM, A-
1980.05.30IH/MRTV show, Fridays, Los Angeles CA10m, TV, B
1980.06.08IHInterview, WWWW Radio, Detroit MI (interview)18m, FM, B
1980.06.13IHInterview, WCMF Radio, Rochester NY (interview)10m, FM, B
1980.06.18IH/MRWar Memorial, Syracuse NY42m, AUD, B-
1980.07.11IH/MRWollman Rink, Central Park, New York NY99m, AUD, C+
1980.10.09IH/RundgenOntario Theater, Washington DC90m, AUD, C+
1980.10.09IH/RundgenOntario Theater, Washington DC90m, AUD, C+
1980.10.11IH/RundgenAgora, Atlanta GA65m, AUD, B-
1980.10.12IH/RundgenAgora, Tampa FL39m, AUD, C-
1980.10.15IH/RundgenOrpheum Theater, Boston MA90m, AUD, C
1980.10.16IH/RundgenWBRU Radio, Providence RI (interview)FM
1980.10.19IH/RundgenInterview (Kid Leo), WMMS Radio, Cleveland OH (interview)14m, FM, B-
1980.10.20IH/RundgenAgora Ballroom, Akron OH91m, AUD, B
1981.08.08IHMilton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes UK45m, AUD, C-
1981.08.10IHGota Lejon, Stockholm Sweden90m, AUD, C+
1981.08.13IHRadio show (Robert Klein), Robert Klein Radio Show, New York NY (interview)20m, FM, A
1981.08.16IHNew Pop Festival, Zuiderpark, Rotterdam Holland63m, AUD/FM, B
1981.08.31IHRadio show (B Mitchel Reed), Rockline, Hollywood CA (interview)22m, FM, B-
1981.09.06IHFastlane, Asbury Park NJ78m, AUD, B-
1981.09.11IHDr. Pepper Festival, Pier 84, New York NY60m, SBD, A
1981.09.16IHBayou, Washington DC89m, AUD, B-
1981.09.19IHPanzer Gym, Upper Montclair NJ100m, AUD, C+
1981.10.21IHDon Kirschner's Rock Concert, Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles CA36m, TV, B
1981.10.22IHCountry Club, Reseda CA90m, AUD, B-
1981.10.25IHOld Waldorf, San Francisco CA29m, FM, A
1981.10.25IHRadio show (Sheila Renee), Backstage, San Francisco CA (interview)19m, FM, B-
1982IHTV show (Bill Boggs), Off The Set, New York NY (interview)20m, TV, B
1982.01.21IHHitsville, Passaic NJ88m, AUD, B
1982.04.19IHradio show (Lisa Robinson), The Inside Track (interview)20m, FM, A
1982.07.30IH/RundgenAgent Orange Benefit, Pier 84, New York NY45m, AUD, B
1983IHTV show, We're Dancing, New York NY (interview)5m, TV, B
1983IHTV show (Lisa Robinson), NBC Friday Night Private Reels, New York NY (interview)10m, TV, B
1983.07.30IHInterview (Mark Goodman), MTV, New York NY (interview)TV
1983.08.14IHTV show, USA Night Flight, New York NY (interview)TV
1986.10.25IH/YoungLost Horizon, Syracuse NY60m, AUD, B
1986.11.30IH/YoungBayou, Washington DC60m, AUD, B
1986.12.01IH/YoungTrocadero, Philadelphia PA85m, AUD, C+
1986.12.05IH/YoungPalace, Hollywood CA90m, AUD, B-
1986.12.06IH/YoungCoach House, San Juan Capistrano CA88m, AUD, B-
1986.12.10IH/Younginterview, KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA (interview)15m, FM, B
1986.12.10IH/Younginterview, KSJS, San Jose CA (interview)24m, FM, B
1987.02.02IHClassic Cuts #6, radio show (interview)10m, FM, A
1987.03.30IHClassic Cuts #14, radio show (interview)10m, FM, A
1987.07.13IHClassic Cuts #29, radio show (interview)10m, FM, A
1988.06.02IH/MREntex, Mississaugua Ontario Canada80m, AUD, B
1988.10.06IH/MRNew George's, San Rafael CA90m, AUD, B-
1988.10.07IH/MRPalace, Hollywood CA101m, AUD, A-
1988.10.11IH/MRCoach House, San Juan Capistrano CA98m, AUD, B-
1988.10.12IHinterview, KOME, San Diego CA (interview)18m, FM, A
1988.10.12IH/MRBacchanal, San Diego CA90m, AUD, B-
1988.10.17IHinterview, KLBJ, Austin TX (interview)24m, FM, B
1988.11.04IH/MRPeppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VA75m, AUD, C
1988.11.08IH/MR9:30 Club, Washington DCAUD, B
1988.11.09IH/MRChestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA88m, AUD, B-
1988.11.12IH/MRChannel, Boston MA90m, AUD, B
1988.11.13IH/MRLiving Room, Providence RI90m, AUD, B
1988.11.17IHinterview, WCMF, Rochester NY (interview)15m, FM, B
1988.11.17IH/MRRenaissance Theater Club, Rochester NY90m, AUD, C+
1988.11.22IH/MRNewport Music Hall, Columbus OH75m, AUD, B-
1988.11.23IH/MRRoyal Oak Theater, Detroit MI90m, AUD, B+
1988.11.30IH/MRVogue, Indianapolis IN77m, AUD, A-
1988.12.01IH/MRClub Soda, Kalamazoo MI93m, SBD, A
1988.12.03IH/MRMilwaukee WI90m, AUD
1989.01.26IH/MRMaxime, Bergen Norway120m, AUD, C-
1989.01.29IH/MRSardines, Oslo Norway90m, AUD, B-
1989.02.01IH/MRTavastia Club, Helsinki Finland90m, AUD, B-
1989.02.02IH/MRMelody, Stockholm Sweden75m, AUD, B+
1989.02.03IH/MRGothenburg Sweden120m, AUD, B+
1989.02.07IH/MRMusic Hall, Frankfurt Germany100m, AUD, B
1989.02.08IH/MRGrosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany100m, AUD, B
1989.02.09IH/MRAlter Wartessal, Cologne Germany100m, AUD, B+
1989.02.13IH/MRParadiso, Amsterdam Holland98m, AUD, C+/C
1989.02.15IH/MRDominion Theater, London UK100m, TV, B
1989.02.15IH/MRBBC In Concert, Dominion Theater, London UK60m, FM, A
1989.02.16IH/MRDominion Theater, London UK80m, AUD, C-
1989.06.15IHPower Station, New York NY (interview)75m, AUD, B
1989.07.02IHNRK Riff 89, Oslo Norway (interview)15m, TV, B
1989.10.25IHScott Muni, WNEW, New York NY (interview)30m, FM, A
1989.11.02IH/MRRitz, Roseville MI100m, AUD, B+
1989.11.03IH/MRRitz, Indianapolis IN30m, AUD, C+
1989.11.04IH/MRMusic Hall, Cleveland OH135m, AUD, C
1989.11.05IH/MRNewport Theater, Columbus OH120m, AUD, B-
1989.11.07IH/MRGraffitti's, Pittsburgh PA90m, AUD, B
1989.11.08IH/MRChestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA120m, AUD, B
1989.11.09IH/MRToad's Place, New Haven CT90m, AUD, B
1989.11.11IH/MRChannel, Boston MA120m, AUD, B
1989.11.12IH/MRRitz, New York NY120m, AUD, B-
1989.11.17IH/MRLiving Room, Providence RI135m, AUD, B
1989.11.21IH/MRClub Soda, Montreal Canada135m, AUD, B
1989.11.24IH/MRStone Balloon, Newark Delaware120m, AUD, B-
1989.11.29IH/MRMississippi Nights, St. Louis MO120m, AUD, B
1989.12.02IH/MRDoc's, Oklahoma City OK109m, AUD, B+
1989.12.05IH/MRJimmy's, New Orleans LA125m, AUD, B-
1989.12.10IH/MRAnderson's Fifth Estate, Scottsdale AZ88m, AUD, B+
1989.12.13IH/MRPalace, Hollywood CA135m, AUD, C
1989.12.16IH/MRCabaret, San Jose CA120m, FM, A-
1989.12.16IH/MRWorld Of Rock, radio show w/Scott Muni, New York NY (interview)45m, FM, A
1989.12.18IH/MRForge, Victoria BC Canada91m, AUD, B
1989.12.19IH/MR86th Street Music Hall, Vancouver Canada120m, AUD, B-
1990.01IH/MRradio show, Oslo Norway (interview)3m, TV, B
1990.01.18IH/MRMaxime, Bergen Norway135m, AUD, B-
1990.01.22IH/MRMelody, Stockholm Sweden120m, AUD, B-
1990.01.24IH/MRNRK Etter Skoletid, radio show, Oslo Norway (interview)13m, TV, B
1990.01.24IH/MRNRK Rock 90, radio show, Oslo Norway (interview)11m, TV, B
1990.01.26IH/MRKaven, Gothenburg Sweden125m, AUD, B-
1990.01.27IH/MRMejeriet, Lund Sweden125m, AUD, A-
1990.02.01IH/MRAlter Wartesaal, Cologne Germany120m, AUD, B
1990.02.02IH/MRKulturzentrum, Hannover Germany120m, AUD, B
1990.02.04IH/MRGhent Belgium100m, AUD
1990.02.05IH/MRElysee-Montmarte, Paris France135m, AUD, B
1990.02.07IH/MRNachtwerk, Munich Germany120m, AUD, B
1990.02.08IH/MRMusic Hall, Frankfurt Germany120m, AUD, B
1990.02.09IH/MRGrosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany120m, AUD, B
1990.02.13IH/MRRock City, Nottingham UK120m, AUD, B
1990.02.14IH/MRInternational 2, Manchester UK120m, AUD, B-
1990.02.16IH/MRHammersmith Odeon, London UK90m, AUD, B-
1990.02.18IHDesert Island Discs, radio show, New York NY (interview)45m, FM, A
1990.02.19IH/MRLeas Cliff Hall, Folkestone UK40m, AUD, C+
1990.02.20IH/MRAssembly Halls, Worthing UK90m, AUD, B
1991.05.28IH/MRStromsborg Park, Stockholm Sweden90m, AUD, B
1992.04.20IH/MRConcert For Life, Wembley Stadium, Wembley UK10m, FM, A+
1992.07.25IHFregatten, Akersberga Sweden67m, AUD, B
1993.08.06IHWater Festival, Stockholm Sweden10m, TV, B+
1993.08.08IHMelody, Stockholm Sweden77m, AUD, C
1993.08.12IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK75m, AUD, C
1993.08.12IHinterview, BBC Bob Harris, London UK (interview)10m, FM, A-
1993.08.12IHinterview, Yorkshire Television, Leeds UK (interview)4m, TV, A-
1993.08.13IHKentish Town Forum, London UK78m, AUD, B-/C-
1993.08.14IHRobin R'n'B Club, Dudley UK75m, AUD, C+
1994.04.29IHMRMC, Hammersmith Apollo, London UK120m, FM, A+
1994.04.29IHMRMC, Hammersmith Apollo, London UK180m, FM, A-
1995.03.10IHRondo, NRK TV show, Oslo Norway5m, TV, A-
1995.06.02IHWMMR, Philadelphia PA (interview)19m, FM, A-
1997.04.23IHTalk Radio, radio show w/Lorraine Kelly, London UK (interview)26m, FM, B
1997.04.26IHinterview, BBC Steven Wright, London UK (interview)6m, FM, A-
1997.05.09IHLeas Cliff Hall, Folkstone UK90m, AUD, B+
1997.05.10IHTake It To The Bridge, VH1 TV show, London UK5m, TV, A-
1997.05.13IHThe Brook, Southampton UK78m, AUD, B
1997.05.14IHShepherds Bush Empire, London UK73m, AUD, C+
1997.05.15IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK75m, AUD, C+
1997.05.16IHCellar Club, South Shields UK90m, AUD, B-
1997.05.17IHRobin R'n'B Club, Dudley UK incomplete75m, AUD, B-
1997.05.17IHTake It To The Bridge, VH1 TV show, London UK5m, TV, A-
1997.05.18IHWyvern Theater, Swindon UK110m, AUD, C+
1997.05.18IHWyvern Theater, Swindon UK incomplete60m, AUD, B
1997.05.21IHIrish Centre, Liverpool UK90m, AUD, C-
1997.05.22IHPowerhouse, Barry UK
1997.05.23IHZodiac Club, Oxford UK90m, AUD, C+
1997.05.26IHAlley Cat, Reading UK107m, AUD, C+
1997.05.28IHJilly's, Manchester UK90m, AUD, C+
1997.06.04IHWhelan's Bar, Dublin Ireland110m, AUD, C+
1997.08.09IHMRMC II, Hull Arena, Hull UK210m, AUD, B-
1997.09.01IHinterview, BBC Richard Allinson, London UK (interview)13m, FM, B+
1997.09.07IHPavillion, Glasgow Scotland UK90m, AUD, B-
1997.09.10IHMartel, Falkirk UK110m, AUD, A-
1997.09.12IHArts Centre, Salisbury UK110m, AUD, D+/C-
1997.09.18IHAssembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells UK110m, AUD
1997.09.24IHRoom, Hull UK150m, AUD
1997.09.25IHBoardwalk, Sheffield UK110m, AUD, C+
1997.09.28IHWhite Rock Theatre, Hastings UK110m, AUD, C+
1997.09.30IHPublic Hall, Haslingden UK110m, AUD, C+
1997.10.01IHFibbers, York UK110m, AUD, C+
1997.10.02IHWinter Gardens, Cleesthorpe UK150m, AUD, C+
1997.10.05IHArnham Gallery, Croydon UK125m, AUD, B
1997.10.09IHCine Bar, Rayners Lane UK135m, AUD, C+
1997.10.10IHRobin R'n'B Club, Dudley UK110m, AUD, A-
1997.11.10IHHot FM Radio, Hof Germany16m, FM, A-
1997.11.11IHRock Haus, Vienna Austria114m, AUD, B+
1997.11.18IHColos Saal, Aschaffenburg Germany10m, TV, B+
1997.11.21IHQuasimodo, Berlin Germany114m, AUD, B+
1997.11.21IH(incomplete), Quasimodo, Berlin Germany60m, AUD, C
1998.03.31IHYou and Yours, BBC Radio, London UK (interview)11m, FM, A-
1998.09.15IHCarlton TV, London UK (interview)25m, TV, B+
1998.09.15IHGLR Radio, London UK (interview)3m, FM, B+
1998.09.27IHTalk Radio (Nicky Horne), BBC Radio, London UK (interview)51m, FM, B+
1999.01.09IHinterview (Johnny Walker), BBC Radio, London UK (interview)27m, FM, A-
1999.04.09IHAshcrofte Theater, Croydon UK120m, AUD, B+
1999.04.10IHVillage Hall, Wilbarston UK47m, AUD, B
1999.04.12IHPark Hotel, Tynemouth UK111m, AUD, B
1999.04.14IHBoardwalk, Sheffield UK121m, AUD, B
1999.04.15IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK110m, AUD, B
1999.04.16IHRobin 2, Bilston UK122m, AUD, A-
1999.04.17IHRobin 2, Bilston UK143m, AUD, A-
1999.04.22IHWyvern Theatre, Swindon UK127m, AUD, A-
1999.04.23IHAstoria, London UK121m, AUD, A-
1999.04.24IHKings Hall, Stoke UK122m, AUD, B
1999.04.25IHPowerhouse, Ayr Scotland UK101m, AUD, C+
1999.04.26IHLiquid Room, Edinburgh Scotland UK135m, AUD, A-
1999.04.27IHG2, Glasgow Scotland UK55m, AUD, B
1999.04.28IHThe Forum, Aberdeen Scotland UK135m, AUD, A-
2000.05.08IHinterview (Johnny Walker), BBC Radio, London UK (interview)21m, FM, A-
2000.05.12IHLondon Live, BBC Radio, London UK (interview)9m, FM, B+
2000.05.15IHCentral Station, Wrexham Wales UK105m, AUD, B-
2000.05.16IHLiquid Room, Edinburgh Scotland UK130m, AUD, A-
2000.05.17IHOpera House, Newcastle UK112m, AUD, A-
2000.05.18IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK120m, AUD, B-
2000.05.19IHRobin 2, Bilston UK129m, AUD, A-
2000.05.20IHThe Astoria, London UK111m, AUD, B+
2000.06.02IHThe Bowery Ballroom, New York NY118m, AUD, A-
2000.07.26IHinterview (Bill Loius), WNCX Classic Cafe, Cleveland OH (interview)25m, FM, A-
2001.04.30IHMorning Show, WAXQ Radio, New York NY (interview/live)26m, FM, A-
2001.05.03IHRock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland OH (interview/live)100m, WEB, C-
2001.05.03IHNews Net 5, Cleveland OH (interview)2m, FM, B
2001.05.03IHR&R Hall of Fame interview, WNCX Radio, Cleveland OH (interview)11m, FM, A-
2001.05.05IHinterview (Vin Scelsa), WFUV Radio, New York NY (interview/live)125m, FM, A-
2001.05.05IHinterview (Willy Wilson), WDET Radio, Detroit MI (interview/live)54m, FM, A-
2001.05.07IHBob and Tom Show, radio show, Indianapolis IN (interview/live)45m, FM, A-
2001.05.08IHMartyr's, Chicago IL56m, AUD, A-
2001.05.08IHSound Opinions, WXRT Radio, Chicago IL (interview/live)54m, FM, A-
2001.05.15IHRockline, radio show, New York NY (interview/live)45m, FM, A-
2001.05.22IHinterview (Johnny Walker), BBC Radio, London UK (interview)30m, FM, A-
2001.06.03IHLimelight Club, Crewe UK111m, AUD, A-
2001.06.04IHCathouse, Glasgow Scotland UK115m, AUD, B+
2001.06.05IHManchester University, Manchester UK111m, AUD, B+
2001.06.06IHTyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle UK115m, AUD, B+
2001.06.07IHRobin, Brierley Hill UK115m, AUD, B+
2001.06.08IHAstoria, London UK119m, AUD, B
2001.06.10IHConcorde 2, Brighton UK121m, AUD, B/A
2001.06.11IHRoadmenders, Northampton UK118m, AUD, A-
2001.06.12IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK115m, AUD, B+
2001.06.13IHPicture Playhouse, Beverley UK120m, AUD, B
2001.06.14IHCavern, Liverpool UK126m, AUD, A-
2001.06.15IHWorld Cafe Radio Show, WXPN Radio, Philadelphia PA (interview/live)27m, FM, B
2001.06.16IHinterview (Jonathan Ross), BBC Radio, London UK (interview)28m, FM, A
2001.06.22IHBradford Rocks, WCB Radio, West Yorkshire UK (interview)29m, FM, A-
2001.06.25IHHoward Stern Show, WNEW Radio, New York NY (interview/live)20m, FM, B
2001.06.27IHLate Late Show (Craig Kilborn), CBS TV, Los Angeles CA10m, TV, A-
2001.07.01IHAcoustic Cafe, radio show, Ann Arbor MI (interview/live)29m, FM, A+
2001.07.24All-Starr BandCasino Rama, Rama ONT (interview/live)40m, WEB, C
2001.07.29All-Starr BandHarv Arena, Chester WV145m, AUD, B-
2001.08.01All-Starr BandJones Beach, Wantaugh NY145m, AUD, B+
2001.08.04All-Starr BandFleet Pavillion, Boston MA140m, AUD, B+
2001.08.10All-Starr BandTrump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City NJ135m, AUD, B
2001.08.18All-Starr BandBilly Bob's, Fort Worth TX140m, AUD, A-
2001.08.22All-Starr BandRosemont Theater, Chicago IL140m, AUD, B-
2001.08.30All-Starr BandUniversal Amphitheater, Los Angeles CA135m, AUD, A-
2001.10.15IHWRAT Electric Ballroom, South Belmar NJ (interview)52m, FM, A-
2001.10.19IHParadise Rock Club, Boston MA115m, AUD, B+
2001.10.20IHLupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI106m, AUD, B+
2001.10.21IHIrving Plaza, New York NY113m, AUD, A-
2001.10.22IHRecher Theater, Towson MD107m, AUD, A-
2001.10.23IHCrocodile Rock Club, Allentown PA115m, AUD, B+
2001.10.26IHTradewinds, Sea Bright NJ108m, AUD, A-
2001.10.27IHMulcahy's, Wantaugh NY111m, AUD, A-
2001.10.28IHTheater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia PA114m, AUD, B+
2001.10.30IHWater Street Music Hall, Rochester NY105m, AUD, A-
2001.11.02IHAgora, Cleveland OH111m, AUD, B+
2001.11.03IHSt. Andrews Hall, Detroit MI104m, AUD, B+
2001.11.04IHPark West, Chicago IL113m, AUD, B+
2001.11.09IHHeadliner's, Louisville KY112m, AUD, A-
2001.11.09IHHeadliner's, Louisville KY80m, AUD, B
2001.11.30IHVillage Underground, New York NY117m, AUD, A-
2002.03.22IHAmoeba Music, Hollywood CA53m, AUD, A-
2002.05.07IHFleece and Firkin, Bristol UK125m, AUD, B+
2002.05.07IHFleece and Firkin, Bristol UK122m, AUD, B+
2002.05.08IHPacific Road, Birkenhead UK123m, AUD, A-
2002.05.09IHLeadmill, Sheffield UK125m, AUD, B
2002.05.10IHAstoria, London UK130m, AUD, B+
2002.05.11IHCoal Exchange, Cardiff UK69m, AUD, B
2002.05.12IHRoadmender, Northampton UK135m, AUD, A-
2002.05.13IHLimelight Club, Crewe UK136m, AUD, B+
2002.05.16IHMechanics, Burnley UK128m, AUD, B-
2002.05.17IHGarage, Glasgow Scotland UK130m, AUD, B
2002.05.18IHOpera House, Newcastle UK140m, AUD, A-
2002.05.18IHOpera House, Newcastle UK137m, AUD, B+
2002.05.19IHLife Cafe, Manchester UK137m, AUD, B+
2002.05.20IHRock City, Nottingham UK128m, AUD, B+
2002.05.21IHJunction, Cambridge UK117m, AUD, B+
2002.05.21IHJunction, Cambridge UK120m, AUD, B
2002.05.22IHWolfrun Hall, Wolverhampton UK135m, AUD, B+
2003.09.03IHMercury Lounge, New York NY58m, AUD, A-
2003.11.30IHinterview (Mark Deren), Radio Heemskerk, Heemskerk, Holland (interview)12m, FM, A-
2004.02.23IHinterview (Glen Jones), WFMU Radio, New York NY (interview)59m, FM, B+
2004.02.26IHinterview (Ken Dashow), WAXQ Live at 5, New York NY (interview/live)17m, FM, A-
2004.03.01IHBB King's, New York NY115m, AUD, B-
2004.03.01IHBB King's, New York NY115m, AUD, B+
2004.03.01IHGuest DJ (Scott Muni), WAXQ, New York NY (interview)60m, FM, A-
2004.03.03IHCrocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown PA121m, AUD, B
2004.03.03IHCrocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown PA121m, AUD, B+
2004.03.04IHDowntown, Farmingdale NY119m, AUD, B+
2004.03.05IHChance, Poughkeepsie NY113m, AUD, B+
2004.05.15IHEngine Rooms, Cardiff Wales115m, AUD, A-
2004.05.16IHCharlotte, Leicester UK102m, AUD, C+
2004.05.21IHBierkeller, Manchester UK118m, AUD, C
2004.05.22IHGarage, Glasgow Scotland119m, AUD, B
2004.05.23IHVenue, Edinburgh Scotland119m, AUD, B+
2004.05.24IHMill, Preston UK30m, AUD
2004.05.25IHIrish Centre, Leeds UK120m, AUD, B
2004.05.27IHFleece and Firkin, Bristol UK120m, AUD, B
2004.05.28IHAstoria, London UK124m, AUD, B-
2004.05.28IHAstoria, London UK125m, AUD, B-
2004.05.29IHVillage Hall, Worthen UK120m, AUD, B-
2004.06.01IHSpirit of '66, Verviers Belgium120m, AUD, B
2004.06.12IHBikini, Barcelona Spain115m, AUD, B
2004.10.05IHMaxwell's, Hoboken NJ112m, AUD, A-
2004.10.05IHMaxwell's, Hoboken NJ110m, AUD, B
2004.10.06IHCellar, Struther OH106m, AUD, B
2004.10.07IHBeachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH124m, AUD, B
2004.10.08IHPiere's, Ft. Wayne IN113m, AUD, B+
2004.10.09IHDurty Nellie's, Palatine IL123m, AUD, B+/B-
2004.10.10IHMagic Bag, Ferndale MI135m, AUD, B+
2004.12.11IHDowntown, Farmingdale NY123m, AUD, A-
2004.12.12IHStone Pony, Asbury Park NJ58m, AUD, C+
2005.03.01IHJoe's Pub, New York NY105m, AUD, B+
2005.03.06IHinterview (Marc Riley), BBC Radio Marc Riley's Mint, London UK (interview)23m, FM, A-
2005.03.10IHGalaxy Theater, Santa Ana CA122m, AUD, B+
2005.03.11IHKey Club, Los Angeles CA120m, AUD, A-
2005.03.12IHLive!, Las Vegas NV120m, AUD, B+
2005.03.12IHLive!, Las Vegas NV126m, AUD, B
2005.03.18IHSxSW (Hunter), Town Lake Stage, Austin TX91m, XM, A
2005.03.18IHSxSW (Hunter, Escovedo), Town Lake Stage, Austin TX155m, AUD, B+
2005.03.21IHinterview (Glen Jones), WFMU Radio, New York NY (interview)58m, FM, A-
2005.03.23IHFinnegan's Wake, Philadelphia PA130m, AUD, B+
2005.04.23IHPepinster Music Festival, Route 66, Verviers Belgium111m, AUD, B+
2005.04.25IHCasino, Basel SwitzerlandAUD
2005.04.27IHRockefeller Music Hall, Oslo NorwayAUD
2005.04.29IHNidaros Blues Festival, Kongressal, Trondheim NorwayAUD
2005.04.30IHBergenfest, Rick's Theater, Bergen Norway
2005.04.30IHBergenfest, Rick's Theater, Bergen Norway45m, FM, B+
2005.05.03IHTradgam, Gothenburg Sweden
2005.05.10IHMorning Show (Danny Baker), BBC Radio, London England (interview)21m, FM, A-
2005.05.13IHGuildhall, Gloucester England105m, AUD, B+
2005.05.14IHRobin 2, Bilston England
2005.05.14IHinterview (Gary Crowley), BBC Radio, London England (interview)53m, FM, B+
2005.05.16IHWoughton Centre, Milton Keynes England
2005.05.18IHVenue, Edinburgh Scotland107m, AUD, B+
2005.05.20IHGarage, Glasgow Scotland102m, AUD, B+
2005.05.26IHFleece, Bristol England116m, AUD, B+
2005.05.27IHAstoria, London England110m, AUD, B+
2005.05.29IHButtermarket, Shrewsbury UK107m, AUD, B+
2005.08.22IHNPR Fresh Air, WHYY Radio, Philadelphia PA (artist profile)9m, FM, B+
2006.05.13IHTrump Taj Mahal Xanadu Theater, Atlantic City NJ70m, AUD, B+
2006.06.23IHFor The Love of Arthur, Beacon Theater, New York NY40m, AUD, B
2006.06.23IHFor The Love of Arthur, Beacon Theater, New York NY47m, AUD, B
2006.06.23IHinterview, Beacon Theater, New York NY (interview)4m, WEB, B
2007.03.15IHFillmore, San Francisco CA80m, AUD, B
2007.03.15IHFillmore, San Francisco CA72m, AUD, B+
2007.03.16IHMusic Box, Hollywood CA67m, AUD, B
2007.05.02IHRockline (Bob Coburn), radio show, Los Angeles CA (interview)62m, FM, A-
2007.05.13IH/AcousticKing Tut's, Glasgow Scotland95m, AUD, B+
2007.05.14IH/AcousticGlee Club, Birmingham EnglandAUD
2007.05.17IHinterview, France Inter Radio, Paris France (interview)54m, FM, B+
2007.05.19IH/AcousticLA2, Barcelona Spain91m, AUD, B
2007.05.22IHinterview (Finn Bjeke), NRK Herre Avdelingen, Oslo, Norway (interview)18m, FM, A-
2007.06.01IH/RantWychwood Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham England60m, AUD, A
2007.06.09IHinterview, CoolCleveland.com, Cleveland OH (interview)10m, WEB, B+
2007.06.13IHJonesy's Jukebox, KLOS, Los Angeles CA (interview)59m, FM, B+
2007.06.14IHRock The Mike (Mike Mitchell), BCB, Bradford UK (interview)27m, FM, A-
2007.06.20IH/RantFinnigan's Wake, Philadelphia PA109m, AUD, B+
2007.06.22IHinterview (Larry Kirwan), Sirius Disorder, New York NY (interview)56m, FM, A-
2007.06.23IH/RantHighline Ballroom, New York NY108m, AUD, B+
2007.07.21IHinterview, My Planet Rocks, London England (interview)3m, WEB, A-
2007.10.20IHinterview (Janice Forsyth), BBC Scotland, Glasgow Scotland (interview/live)24m, WEB, B+
2007.10.20IH/RantFruitmarket, Glasgow Scotland102m, AUD, B+
2007.10.23IH/RantZodiac, Oxford EnglandAUD
2007.12.15IH/RantTrocadero, Philadelphia PAAUD
2008.02IHinterview (Claire Robinson), What's On Show, Plymouth England (interview)6m, WEB, B-
2008.02.19IH/AcousticCabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh Scotland113m, AUD, B
2008.02.20IH/AcousticTunnel Club, Aberdeen Scotland74m, AUD, B+
2008.02.23IH/AcousticLowry, Salford England74m, AUD, B+
2008.02.29IH/AcousticManor Ballroom, Ipswich England107m, AUD, B
2008.03.01IH/AcousticLeisure Centre, Market Harborough England113m, AUD, B
2009.05.06IHinterview (Radcliffe & Maconi), BBC Radio 2, London England (interview)25m, AUD, A-
2009.06.24IH/RantRiver 2 River Festival, Rockefeller Park, New York NY89m, AUD, B+
2009.07IHPodcast, Q104, New York NY (interview)6m, FM, A-
2009.07.21IHHere and Now, WBUR, Boston MA (interview)10m, FM, A-
2009.07.23IH/RantCity Winery, New York NY?, AUD, B+
2009.07.24IHinterview (Matt Pinfield), WRXP The Rock Show, New York NY (interview)26m, FM, A-
2009.07.31IHinterview (Greg Gattine), WDST Radio Woodstock, Woodstock NY (interview)11m, FM, A-
2009.08.19IHinterview (Bob Coburn), Rockline, Danbury CT (interview)40m, FM, A-
2009.10.15IHinterview (David Dye), World Cafe, Philadelphia PA (interview)15m, FM, A-
2009.10.17IH/AcousticNew Yorker Festival, Le Poisson Rouge, New York NY26m, AUD, B-
2010.04.23IH/RantCity Winery, New York NY137m, AUD, B+
2010.04.24IH/RantCity Winery, New York NY140m, AUD, B
2010.04.25IH/RantSellersville Theater, Sellersville PA112m, AUD, A-
2010.05.05IH/RantAlcatraz, Milano Italy101m, AUD, A-
2010.06.04IH/RantMizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton FL42m, AUD, B+
2010.06.09IH(1 song w/Alejandro Escovedo), City Winery, New York NY5m, FM, A-
2010.07.25IH(2 songs w/Down & Outz), High Voltage, Victoria Park, London England10m, AUD, A-
2010.10.03IH/RantFruitmarket, Glasgow Scotland118m, AUD, B+
2010.11.04IHinterview (Nicky Horne), Planet Rock, London England (interview)18m, WEB, A-
2010.11.12IH/RantHavana, New Hope PA109m, AUD, A-
2011.10.11IHNew York Film Festival Q&A, Walter Reader Theatre, New York NY (interview)16m, WEB, B
2011.10.15IH/RantTarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown NY103m, AUD, B
2011.10.27IH/RantCarnegie Carnegie, Pittsburgh PA95m, AUD, B
2011.10.27IH/RantCarnegie Carnegie, Pittsburgh PA103m, AUD, A-
2011.10.28IH/RantBeachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH59m, AUD, B
2011.11.04IH/RantParadise Rock Club, Boston MA100m, AUD, B+
2012.07IHPodcast #46, Proper Music, London England (interview)30m, WEB, A-
2012.07.27IHinterview (Iris Harrison), KGON Radio, Portland OR (interview)8m, FM, A-
2012.09IHinterview (Greg Roth), SMI Radio, Seattle WA (interview)36m, FM, A-
2012.09.04IHreview (Ken Tucker), Fresh Air, WHYY Radio, Philadelphia PA (artist profile)7m, WEB, A-
2012.09.07IH/RantSettembre Al Parco Festival, Catanzaro ItalyAUD
2012.09.13IH/RantWorld Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA102m, AUD, B+
2012.09.13IH/RantWorld Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA102m, AUD, A-
2012.09.15IHinterview (Kid Congo Powers), Vinyl District / Som Records, Washington DC (interview)9m, WEB, B+
2012.09.21IHAcme Studios Peak Performance, 107.1 The Peak, Mamaroneck NY (interview/live)29m, FM, A-
2012.09.21IHTake Five, WFUV Radio, New York NY (interview/live)6m, WEB, A-
2012.09.21IHWords & Music From Studio A, WFUV Radio, New York NY (interview/live)35m, WEB, A-
2012.09.27IHinterview, CoolCleveland.com, Cleveland OH (interview)9m, WEB, B+
2012.09.27IH/RantBeachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH106m, AUD, B-
2012.09.30IHinterview (Johnnie Walker), BBC Radio, London England (interview)8m, WEB, A-
2012.10.01IHinterview (Joe Viglione), Visual Radio, Medford MA (interview)8m, SBD, A-
2012.10.01IHinterview (Joe Viglione), The Demo That Got The Deal, Medford MA (interview)3m, SBD, A-
2012.10.08IH/RantJohn Dee, Oslo Norway54m, FM, A-
2012.10.11IHinterview, BBC Breakfast, London England (interview)8m, WEB, B+
2012.10.12IHinterview (Steven Wright), BBC Radio, London England (interview)21m, AUD, A-
2012.11.08IH/RantWorld Cafe Radio Show, WXPN Radio, Philadelphia PA (interview/live)30m, WEB, A-
2012.11.21IHinterview (Otis Gibbs), Thanks For Giving a Damn #7, Wanamaker IN (interview)37m, WEB, A-
2012.11.24IH/RantHavana, New Hope PA72m, WEB, B-
2012.12IHinterview (Tom Jennings), Backstage Axxess, Buffalo NY (interview)17m, WEB, B+
2012.12.02IH/RantParamount, Huntington NY107m, AUD, A-
2012.12.07IH/RantLee's Palace, Toronto ONT107m, AUD, B+
2012.12.24IHinterview (Ron Bennington), Sirius XM Radio, New York NY (interview)42m, WEB, A-
2013.01.27IHinterview, Morning Dew, WBAI Radio, New York NY (interview)102m, WEB, A-
2013.01.31IH/RantCanyon Club, Agoura Hills CA101m, AUD, A-
2013.02.01IH/RantThe Fillmore, San Francisco CA104m, AUD, B+
2013.02.23IHSat. Live Inheritance Tracks, BBC Radio, London England (interview)7m, WEB, A-
2013.02.27IHInterview, Radio Dot Com, Unknown (interview)2m, WEB, A-
2013.03.10IHinterview (Dennis The Menace), KUSF Radio, San Francisco CA (interview)60m, WEB, B+
2013.03.10IH/AcousticSpirit of '66, Verviers, Belgium107m, AUD, B+
2013.03.26IH/AcousticArc, Stockton England116m, AUD, B
2013.03.29IH/AcousticStables, Wavendon England114m, AUD, A-
2013.06.15IH/RantIsle of Wight Festival, Newport England61m, AUD, A-
2013.06.19IHinterview (Simon Mayo), Drive Time, BBC Radio 2, London England (interview)15m, AUD, A-
2013.06.21IHinterview (Radcliffe & Maconi), BBC Radio 6, London England (interview)15m, AUD, A-
2013.06.23IHBeginner's Guide to IH & MTH, Legends of Classic Rock #414, Toronto ONT (artist profile)55m, AUD, A
2013.07.11IH/RantWorld Cafe Live, The Queen, Wilmington DE100m, AUD, B
2013.07.12IH/RantSellersville Theater, Sellersville PA103m, AUD, B+
2013.10.05IH/RantKent Stage, Kent OH108m, AUD, B+
2013.11.19IHIn The Studio with Redbeard, Dallas TX (interview)80m, WEB, A-
2014.07.12IH/RantPleasantville Music Festival, Pleasantville NY78m, AUD, A-
2014.09.28IH/RantSage 2, Gateshead England122m, AUD, A-
2014.10.15IH/Rantinterview (Chris Doliber), Malmo Sweden (interview)9m, WEB, B+
2014.11.02IH/RantThe Hamilton, Washington DC114m, AUD, B+
2014.11.07IH/RantVariety Playhouse, Atlanta GA124m, AUD, B+
2014.11.09IH/RantCity Winery, Nashville TN117m, AUD, B+
2015.01.09IH/RantThe Fillmore, San Francisco CA107m, AUD, B
2015.06.03IH/RantCity Winery, New York NY109m, AUD, B+
2015.06.06IH/RantSellersville Theater, Sellersville PA104m, AUD, B+
2015.08.29IH/RantClub Helsinki, Hudson NY96m, AUD, B+
2015.09.03IH/RantMaine State Pier, Portland ME40m, AUD, B
2015.09.07IH/RantArtpark, Lewiston NY47m, AUD, B
2016.06.12IH/RantMusic and Arts Fair, Hoboken NJ72m, AUD, B+
2016.06.19IH/RantSellersville Theater, Sellersville PA102m, AUD, B+
2016.09.09IHinterview (Mighty Manfred), Underground Garage, New York NY (interview)14m, WEB, B+
2016.09.16IHinterview (Howard Thompson), Pure, WPKN Radio, Bridgeport CT (interview)120m, WEB, B+
2016.10.02IH/RantNarrows Center, Fall River MA103m, AUD, B+
2016.10.08IH/RantArdmore, Philadelphia PA101m, AUD, B
2016.10.14IH/RantBeachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH104m, AUD, B-
2016.10.15IH/RantTown Ballroom, Buffalo NY106m, AUD, B+
2016.10.24IH/RantHamilton, Washington DC108m, AUD, B
2016.11.07IH/RantSage 2, Gateshead England113m, AUD, A-
2016.11.18IH/RantUnion Scene, Drammen Norway109m, AUD, B+
2016.11.23IHinterview (Robert Elms), BBC Radio, London England (interview)14m, WEB, A-
2016.12.15IHinterview (Johnny Walker), Sounds of the Seventies BBC, London England (interview)34m, WEB, A-
2016.12.15IHinterview (Tony Tone), KMCS Radio, Muscatine IA (interview)10m, WEB, A-
2016.12.16IHinterview (Orlando Alzugaray), The Big O Show, CBS Miami, Miami FL (interview)10m, WEB, B+
2016.12.26IHinterview (Russell Davies), The Art of Artists, BBC Radio, London England (interview)37m, WEB, A-
2017.04.07IHinterview (Nicky Horne), The Friday Night Rock Show, Neptune NJ (interview)17m, WEB, A-
2017.05.15IHinterview (Michele Amabile), The Boss 107.1, London England (interview)6m, WEB, A-
2017.06.09IH/RantLiseberg Taubescenen, Gothenburg SwedenAUD
2017.06.17IHinterview (Gagan Grewal), Saturday Night, BBC, Birmingham England (interview)17m, WEB, A-
2017.06.21IH/RantStables, Wavendon England97m, AUD, B
2017.06.26IHinterview (Danny Baker), Danny Baker Show, BBC, London England (interview)27m, WEB, A-
2017.06.26IHinterview (Mick Burgess), Metal Express Radio, Oslo Norway (interview)20m, WEB, A-
2017.07.03IH/RantMouth of the Tyne Festival, Playhouse, Whitley Bay England119m, AUD, A-
2017.10.02IH/RantDowntown Blues Club, Hamburg Germany112m, AUD, B+
2017.10.05IH/RantPiano, Dortmund Germany110m, AUD, B+
2017.10.12IH/RantRex, Bensheim Germany122m, AUD, A-