Ian Hunter - Concert Dates
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Ian Hunter
Concert Dates

This tour date index has been compiled from published sources, itineraries, advertisments, ticket stubs, advertising, and personal recollections. When known, the other artists on the bill are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these dates, please feel free to pass it along.

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1957.11.08Apex, Old White Harte Inn, Northampton UK
1957.12.26Apex, ITV Roll Back The Carpet, Northampton UK[TV programme]
1958.02.03Apex, Northants Skiffle Competition, Town Hall, Northampton UK
1958.02.03Apex, Pye Skiffle Contest, Grand Hotel, Northampton UK
1958.03.06Apex, Northampton Press Ball, Northampton UK
1958.03.21Apex, Nat'l Skiffle Competition Area, Lyric Cinema, Wellingborough UK
1958.04.29Apex, Nat'l Skiffle Competition Final, Commodore Cinema, Hammersmith UK
1958.04.30Apex, Black Lion, Northampton UK
1958.05.15Apex, Star Sound Studios, Northampton UK
1958.07.13Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.14Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.15Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.16Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.17Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.18Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.07.19Apex, Charlie Chester Pot Luck Show, Regal Theatre, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.08.04Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.05Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.06Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.07Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.08Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.09Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.08.10Apex, New Theatre, Northampton UK
1958.09Apex, Radio Luxembourg Opportunity Knocks!, Collins Music Hall, Great Yarmouth UK
1958.09.08Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.09Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.10Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.11Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.12Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.13Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.14Apex, Skirts and Skiffle, Hippodrome, Aston UKThe Regency Girls
1958.09.17Apex, Skiffle Contest Finals, Radio Luxembourg, UK[Radio programme]
1958.11.06Apex, National Press Ball, The Salon, Northampton UK
1958.12.28Apex, ITV Bid For Fame, Unknown UK
1959.02.11Apex, BBC Melody Maker's Show, Black Lion, Northampton UK[aired 19 Feb]
1959.04.03Apex, Whyte Melville Hall, Northampton UKSupporting John Lever Seven
1959.04.10Apex, Whyte Melville Hall, Northampton UKJohn Lever Seven in support
1959.04.17Apex, Whyte Melville Hall, Northampton UK
1959.04.24Canceled: Apex, Oh Boy! session, Northampton UK
1959.05.01Apex, Grand Carnival Dance, The Salon, Northampton UK
1959.05.13Apex, BBC Woman's Hour, unknown UK[aired 29 June]
1959.06.12Apex, Angel Hotel, Northampton UK
1959.06.12Apex, Oh Boy! Session, Angel Hotel, Northampton UK
1959.06.19Apex, Oh Boy! Session, Exeter Hall, Northampton UKDominoes
1959.06.5Apex, Oh Boy! Session, Exeter Hall, Northampton UK
1963.10.19Henry + Shriekers, St. Mary's Hall, Northampton UKJohnny Kaye & Kossaks
1963.10.31Henry + Shriekers, St. Mary's Hall, Northampton UKJohnny Gold & Mavericks
1963.11.30Henry + Shriekers, St. Mary's Hall, Northampton UKChevraks
1963.12.28Henry + Shriekers, St. Mary's Hall, Northampton UKDrumbeats, Mavericks
1964.01.10Henry + Shriekers, California Ballroom, Dunstable UKThe Undertakers
1964.03.17Lee + Shriekers, Black Lion, Northampton UK
1964.03.19Lee + Shriekers, Town Hall, Northampton UKDrumbeats
1964.06Lee + Shriekers, Drill Hall, Northampton UK
1964.07.31Henry + Shriekers, California Ballroom, Dunstable UKThe Migil Five, The Phantoms
1964.10.30Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UKTony Jackson & Vibrations
1964.10.31Lee + Shriekers, California Ballroom, Dunstable UKThe Hollies, The Chequers
1964.10.31Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1964.11.11Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UKSupporting Manfred Mann
1964.11.23Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1964.11.30Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1964.11.31Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1964.11.31Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1965.01.06Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1965.01.13Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UKQuick & The Dead
1965.02.13Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UKPrimitives
1965.03Lee + Shriekers, Star Club, Hamburg Germany
1965.03Lee + Shriekers, Starpalast, Duisburg Germany
1965.05.08Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1965.05.21Lee + Shriekers, Maple Ballroom, Northampton UK
1968.11.13Charlie Woolfe, City University, London UK The Nice, Cymbaline
1975.03.15IH/MR, Exeter Unversity, Exeter UK
1975.03.19IH/MR, Friars, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury UK Warren Henry + Yum Yum Band [two shows]
1975.03.20IH/MR, City Hall, Sheffield UKJet
1975.03.21IH/MR, Free Trade Hall, Manchester Jet
1975.03.22IH/MR, Empire, Liverpool UKJet
1975.03.23IH/MR, Apollo, Glasgow Scotland Jet
1975.03.24IH/MR, Music Hall, Aberdeen ScotlandJet
1975.03.26IH/MR, City Hall, Newcastle UK Jet
1975.03.27IH/MR, City Hall, Leeds UK Jet
1975.03.29Canceled: IH/MR, Friars, Aylesbury UK[rescheduled for tax purposes, probably as 1975.03.19]
1975.03.29IH/MR, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Jet
1975.03.30IH/MR, Fairfield Hall, Croydon UKJet
1975.03.31IH/MR, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK Jet
1975.04.01IH/MR, Colston Hall, Bristol UK Jet
1975.04.02IH/MR, Granada, East Ham UKJet
1975.04.03Canceled: IH/MR, Town Hall, Birmingham UK[rescheduled to 1975.03.29 for tax purposes]
1975.04.04Canceled: IH/MR, Colston Hall, Bristol UK[rescheduled to 1975.04.01 for tax purposes]
1975.04.05Canceled: IH/MR, Granada, East Ham UK [rescheduled to 1975.04.02]
1975.04.06Canceled: IH/MR, Fairfields Hall, Croyden UK[rescheduled to 1975.03.30 for tax purposes]
1975.04.14Rehearsal: IH/MR, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee WI
1975.04.15Rehearsal: IH/MR, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee WI
1975.04.16Rehearsal: IH/MR, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee WI
1975.04.17IH/MR, Quandt Gymnasium, Stevens Point WI[first USA date]
1975.04.18IH/MR, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee WI Bonaroo
1975.04.19IH/MR, Uptown Theatre, Milwaukee WIAerosmith, Journey
1975.04.20Canceled: IH/MR, Ambassador Theatre, St. Louis MO
1975.04.22IH/MR, Civic Theatre, St. Paul MN
1975.04.24Canceled: IH/MR, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago IL
1975.04.25Canceled: IH/MR, Sports Arena, Toledo OH
1975.04.26IH/MR, Music Hall, Cleveland OHBonaroo
1975.04.27IH/MR, Grand Valley State College Dome, Allendale MI Bob Seger
1975.04.28IH/MR, Ford Auditorium, Detroit MI
1975.05.??IH/MR, LeRoy Theatre, Pawtucket RI[unconfirmed]
1975.05.01IH/MR, Felt Forum, New York NY Bonaroo (not String Driven Thing)
1975.05.02IH/MR, Palace Theater, Waterbury CT
1975.05.05Rehearsal: IH/MR, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY
1975.05.06Rehearsal: IH/MR, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY
1975.05.07Rehearsal: IH/MR, Capitol Theatre, Port Chester NY
1975.05.08IH/MR, Billera Hall, Allentown College, Allentown PA[unconfirmed]
1975.05.09IH/MR, Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
1975.05.10IH/MR, Capitol Theatre, Passaic NJ Journey
1975.05.11IH/MR, Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA Kiss, Journey
1975.05.13IH/MR, Harrisburg PA[unconfirmed]
1975.05.14IH/MR, Syrian Mosque, Pittsburg PADiamond Reo
1975.05.15IH/MR, Charleston SC
1975.05.16Canceled: IH/MR, Civic Coliseum, Knoxville TN
1975.05.16IH/MR, Park Center, Charlotte NC[unconfirmed]
1975.05.17Canceled: IH/MR, Civic Coliseum, Knoxville TN
1975.05.17Canceled: IH/MR, Nashville TN
1975.05.18Canceled: IH/MR, Ellis Auditorium, Memphis TN
1975.05.21IH/MR, Barton Coliseum, Little Rock AR
1975.05.22IH/MR, Independence Hall, Baton Rouge LA
1975.05.23IH/MR, St. Bernard Auditorium, New Orleans LA
1975.05.30Canceled: IH/MR, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix AZ
1975.05.31IH/MR, San Diego CA[unconfirmed]
1975.06IH/MR, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley CA
1975.06.01IH/MR, Los Angeles CA[unconfirmed]
1975.06.06IH/MR, Seattle WA[unconfirmed]
1975.06.07IH/MR, Portland OR[unconfirmed]
1976.09.13IH, Fabulous Poodles, Speakeasy, London UK[Ian and Ritchie Blackmore onstage]
1977.06OA, Grona Lund, Stockholm Sweden
1977.06.03OA, Mayfair, Newcastle UKVibrators
1977.06.04OA, Gaumont, Doncaster UKVibrators
1977.06.07OA, Town Hall, Birmingham UK Vibrators
1977.06.08OA, Free Trade Hall, Manchester UK Vibrators
1977.06.09OA, De Montfort Hall, Leicester UKVibrators
1977.06.10OA, Top Rank, Cardiff South WalesVibrators
1977.06.11OA, Friars, Maxwell Hall, Aylesbury Civic Centre, Aylesbury UK Vibrators
1977.06.12OA, Hammersmith Odeon, London UKVibrators
1977.06.15OA, Gothenburg Sweden
1977.06.17OA, Folkets Park, Malmo Sweden
1977.06.18OA, Brunnsparken, Orebro SwedenJohn Cale
1977.06.20OA, Chateau Neuf, Oslo Norwaysupporting John Cale
1979.06.07IH/MR, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ[midnight show]
1979.06.08IH/MR, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ[midnight show]
1979.06.10IH/MR, Toad's Place, New Haven CT
1979.06.12IH/MR, My Father's Place, Roslyn NY
1979.06.13IH/MR, My Father's Place, Roslyn NY
1979.06.15IH/MR, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie NYsupporting Poco
1979.06.17IH/MR, Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh PATycoon, Iron City Houserockers
1979.06.18IH/MR, Agora, Cleveland OH Iron City Houserockers [appearance by Ellen Foley]
1979.06.19IH/MR, Palace Theater, Cleveland OH Iron City Houserockers
1979.06.20IH/MR, Peaches, Cleveland OH[in-store appearance]
1979.06.20IH/MR, Palace Theater, Cleveland OHIron City Houserockers
1979.06.22IH/MR, Park West, Chicago IL
1979.06.23IH/MR, Uptown Theater, Milwaukee WIOff Broadway
1979.06.25IH/MR, Paradise Theater, Boston MA
1979.06.27IH/MR, Pinecrest Music Center, Shelton CT supporting Blondie
1979.06.28IH/MR, Palladium, New York NY Granati Bros [appearance by Ellen Foley]
1979.06.29IH/MR, Springfield Civic Center, Springfield MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.06.30IH/MR, Cape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.07.01IH/MR, Cape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting J Geils Band
1979.07.04IH/MR, Paramount Theater, Seattle WA Nick Gilder
1979.07.05IH/MR, Paramount Theater, Portland ORNick Gilder
1979.07.07IH/MR, Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley CAThe Screams; Nick Gilder
1979.07.08IH/MR, Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica CAJohn Hiatt
1979.07.09IH/MR, Roxy, Los Angeles CA
1979.07.10IH/MR, Roxy, Los Angeles CA
1979.07.11IH/MR, San Diego State Amphitheater, San Diego CA
1979.07.12IH/MR, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix AZJohn Hiatt [revolving stage]
1979.07.14IH/MR, Music Hall, Omaha NEunknown support
1979.07.15IH/MR, Memorial Hall, Kansas City KSunknown support
1979.07.17IH/MR, Checkerdome, St. Louis MOSupporting Ted Nugent; Blackfoot
1979.07.19IH/MR, Palladium, Dallas TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.20IH/MR, Cullen Auditorium, Houston TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.21IH/MR, Opry House, Austin TXJohn Hiatt
1979.07.24IH/MR, Agora, Atlanta GAJohn Hiatt
1979.07.27IH/MR, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NYsupporting The Kinks
1979.07.28IH/MR, Spectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting The Kinks
1979.07.29IH/MR, Coliseum, New Haven CT supporting The Kinks
1979.08.01IH/MR, Paramount Theater, Asbury Park NJNantucket [appearance by E Street Band]
1979.08.02IH/MR, Civic Center, Glens Falls NYsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.03IH/MR, Cumberland County Coliseum, Portland MEsupporting The Kinks
1979.08.05IH/MR, Lenox Music Inn, Lenox MAsupporting The Kinks [outdoor gig]
1979.08.07IH/MR, Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo NY supporting The Kinks
1979.08.10IH/MR, Cobo Hall, Detroit MIShooting Star; supporting The Kinks
1979.08.11IH/MR, Winnebago State Fair, Rockford IL Rockets; Ian Hunter; Cars; REO Speedwagon
1979.08.31IH/MR, Sportatorium, Miami FL supporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.01IH/MR, Coliseum, Jacksonville FLsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.02IH/MR, Civic Center, Lakeland FLsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.04IH/MR, Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham AL supporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.05IH/MR, Township Auditorium, Columbia SC supporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.06IH/MR, Memorial Auditorium, Greenville SCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.07IH/MR, Omni, Atlanta GAsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.08IH/MR, Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium, Fayetteville NCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.09IH/MR, Civic Center, Ashville NCsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.13IH/MR, Farm Show Arena, Harrisburg PABlue Oyster Cult, IH, Fly By Night
1979.09.14IH/MR, Boston Garden, Boston MA supporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.15IH/MR, Forum, Presque Isle MEsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.16IH/MR, Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland MEsupporting Blue Oyster Cult
1979.09.18IH/MR, Ryerson College Theatre, Toronto ONSegarini
1979.09.19IH/MR, Ryerson College Theatre, Toronto ON Segarini [filmed for broadcast by CHUM-FM]
1979.09.21IH/MR, Veteran's Memorial, Columbus OHMichael Stanley Band
1979.09.22IH/MR, Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland OHDavid Johansen Group
1979.09.23IH/MR, Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati OHsupporting Cheap Trick
1979.09.26IH/MR, Center Stage, Detroit MIJohn Cougar
1979.09.27IH/MR, Center Stage, Detroit MIJohn Cougar
1979.09.28IH/MR, Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo OH John Cougar; Mitch Ryder
1979.09.29IH/MR, Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, Muskegon MIJohn Cougar
1979.10.03IH/MR, Fort Wayne Coliseum, Fort Wayne INsupporting Styx
1979.10.04IH/MR, Convention Center, Notre Dame University, South Bend INsupporting Styx
1979.10.05IH/MR, Aragon, Chicago ILBoyzz; Pez Band; Romantics
1979.10.07IH/MR, Northrup Auditorium, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN unknown support
1979.10.10IH/MR, Capital Center, Largo MDsupporting Styx
1979.10.12IH/MR, Market Square Arena, Indianapolis INsupporting Styx
1979.10.13IH/MR, Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA David Johansen
1979.10.15IH/MR, Capitol Theater, Flint MIHal Beverage Band
1979.10.16IH/MR, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit MI The Shirts
1979.10.17IH/MR, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit MIThe Shirts
1979.10.19IH/MR, Fairfield University, Fairfield CTSteve Forbert [co-billing; Ian plays last]
1979.10.20IH/MR, Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester MAunknown support
1979.10.21IH/MR, Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ City Boy
1979.10.25IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.26IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.27IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.28IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.29IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.30IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.10.31IH/MR, Rehearsal, San Diego CA
1979.11.02IH/MR, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1979.11.03IH/MR, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA
1979.11.05IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.06IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.07IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.08IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.09IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.10IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.11IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[recorded for live album]
1979.11.20Canceled: IH/MR, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK[rescheduled to 1979.11.22]
1979.11.22IH/MR, Hammersmith Odeon, London UK[appearance by Ellen Foley]
1980.04.19IH/MR, Rockpalast TV Show, Grugahalle, Essen Germany ZZ Top, Joan Armatrading
1980.04.21IH/MR, Pavillon Baltard, Paris FranceZZ Top
1980.04.22IH/MR, Empire Theatre, Paris France
1980.05.22IH/MR, Rainbow Room, Denver CORussia
1980.05.24IH/MR, Mesa Community Center Amphitheater, Mesa AZBlue Shoes [confirmed by review]
1980.05.26IH/MR, Freeborn Hall, U.C. Davis, Davis CA Motion Pictures
1980.05.27IH/MR, Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA Motion Pictures [confirmed by review]
1980.05.28Canceled: IH/MR, Civic Center, Santa Cruz CAMotion Pictures
1980.05.28IH/MR, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CAMotion Pictures [confirmed by review]
1980.05.29IH/MR, midnight show, The Roxy, Los Angeles CA[confirmed by review]
1980.05.29IH/MR, Rehearsal, ABC Studios, Los Angeles CA
1980.05.30IH/MR, Fridays TV show, ABC Studios, Los Angeles CA
1980.05.31IH/MR, Long Beach Arena, Long Beach CA no support [confirmed by review]
1980.06.01Canceled: IH/MR, Amphitheater, San Diego CA
1980.06.01IH/MR, The Roxy, Los Angeles CAunknown support [two shows]
1980.06.05IH/MR, Chicago Amphitheatre, Chicago ILsupporting Heart
1980.06.06IH/MR, Richfield Coliseum, Richfield OH supporting Heart
1980.06.07IH/MR, Richfield Coliseum, Richfield OHsupporting Heart
1980.06.08IH/MR, Cobo Hall, Detroit MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.09IH/MR, Cobo Hall, Detroit MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.10IH/MR, Wendler Arena, Saginaw MIsupporting Heart
1980.06.12IH/MR, Broome County Arena, Binghampton NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.13IH/MR, War Memorial Stadium, Rochester NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.14IH/MR, Uncle Sams, Cheektowaga NYAlyn Syms Group
1980.06.15IH/MR, Agora, Youngstown OH unknown support
1980.06.17IH/MR, Saragota Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY supporting Heart
1980.06.18IH/MR, War Memorial Stadium, Syracuse NYsupporting Heart
1980.06.19IH/MR, Allentown Fairgrounds, Allentown PAsupporting Heart [4PM outdoor show]
1980.06.20IH/MR, Wicomico Civic Center, Salisbury MDsupporting Heart
1980.06.21IH/MR, Cape Cod Coliseum, Yarmouth MAsupporting Heart
1980.06.22IH/MR, Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland MEsupporting Heart
1980.06.24IH/MR, Civic Center, Baltimore MDsupporting Heart
1980.06.25Canceled: IH/MR, unknown, Johnstown PAsupporting Heart [unconfirmed]
1980.06.25IH/MR, Spectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting Heart
1980.06.26IH/MR, Spectrum, Philadelphia PAsupporting Heart
1980.06.29IH/MR, Rock Cirkus, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton ABChuck Berry, Prism, Toronto, Foreigner, Warren Zevon
1980.07.06IH/MR, Detroit's, Port Chester NYunknown support
1980.07.11IH/MR, Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Wollman Rink, Central Park, New York NYIron City Houserockers
1980.07.12IH/MR, Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ Iron City Houserockers
1980.10.07Canceled: IH/Rundgen, Orpheum Theater, Boston MAno support [one show]
1980.10.08IH/Rundgen, Ocean State Performing Arts Center, Providence RIno support [one show]
1980.10.09IH/Rundgen, Ontario Theater, Washington DCno support [two shows]
1980.10.11IH/Rundgen, Agora, Atlanta GA no support [two shows]
1980.10.12IH/Rundgen, Agora, Tampa FL no support [two shows]
1980.10.13IH/Rundgen, Agora, Hallandale FLno support [two shows]
1980.10.15IH/Rundgen, Orpheum Theater, Boston MAno support [two shows]
1980.10.16IH/Rundgen, Agora, Youngstown OH no support [one show]
1980.10.17IH/Rundgen, Filthy McNasty's, Canton OHno support [two shows]
1980.10.19IH/Rundgen, Agora, Cleveland OHno support [two shows, appearance by Mick Ronson]
1980.10.20IH/Rundgen, Agora, Akron OHno support [two shows, appearance by Mick Ronson]
1980.10.22IH/Rundgen, Uncle Sams, Cheektowaga NY no support [two shows]
1981.08.02IH, Royal Manor North, New Brunswick NJ
1981.08.07IH, soundcheck, Milton Keynes Bowl, Milton Keynes UK
1981.08.08IH, Milton Keynes Festival, Milton Keynes UK Trimmer Jenkins, Q Tips, Judie Tzuke, Ian Hunter, Thin Lizzy
1981.08.08IH, 101 Club, London UK[after Milton Keynes gig]
1981.08.10IH, Gota Lejon, Stockholm Swedenno support
1981.08.15IH, Bilzen Festival, Brussels BelgiumBet, Polecats, Jango Edwards, Scooter, Slade, Ian Hunter
1981.08.16IH, New Pop Festival, Zuiderpark, Rotterdam HollandFreeze, Scars, Comsat Angels, Johnny Worman, Peter Gabriel, Ian Hunter
1981.09.05IH, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJunknown support
1981.09.06IH, Fastlane, Asbury Park NJ unknown support
1981.09.10IH, Haas Auditorium, Bloomsburg State College, Bloomsburg PAGary U.S. Bonds
1981.09.11IH, Rock and Roll Marathon, Savoy, New York NY Rick Derringer
1981.09.11IH, Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Pier 84, New York NYLeslie West and Corky Laing
1981.09.12IH, 2001 Club, West Islip NYAny Trouble
1981.09.15IH, Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VAAny Trouble
1981.09.16IH, The Bayou, Washington DCAny Trouble [two shows]
1981.09.18IH, Brandywine Club, Chadds Ford PAAny Trouble [sponsored by WYSP]
1981.09.19IH, Paramount Theater, Pasaic NJAny Trouble
1981.09.20IH, Panzer Gym, Montclair State College, Upper Montclair NJAny Trouble
1981.09.21IH, Rutgers Gym, Rutgers University, North Brunswick NJAny Trouble
1981.09.22IH, Agora, New Haven CTAny Trouble
1981.09.24IH, The Metro, Boston MA unknown support
1981.09.25IH, Uncle Sam's, Hull MAunknown support
1981.09.26IH, Center Stage, Providence RIAny Trouble
1981.09.27IH, Esby Gymnasium, Glassboro State College, Glassboro NJAny Trouble
1981.09.29IH, J.B. Scott's, Albany NYunknown support
1981.09.30IH, Uncle Sam's, Cheektowaga NY Any Trouble
1981.10.02IH, Le Club Montreal, Montreal PQThe Dice
1981.10.03IH, Alumni Hall, London ONThe Dice
1981.10.04IH, O'Keefe Center, Toronto ON unknown support
1981.10.05IH, Michigan State University Auditorium, East Lansing MIAny Trouble
1981.10.06IH, Vets Memorial, Columbus OHunknown support
1981.10.06IH, Vets Memorial, Columbus OHunknown support
1981.10.08IH, Richfield Coleseum, Richfield OH Norman Nardini and the Tigers; Rockets
1981.10.09IH, Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern University, Evanston ILunknown support
1981.10.10IH, Cobo Hall, Detroit MI Shooting Star
1981.10.11IH, Agora, Youngstown OHno support
1981.10.13IH, Ole Man River, New Orleans LAno support
1981.10.14IH, Cardi's, Houston TXVan Wilks
1981.10.15IH, Cardi's, Houston TXVan Wilks
1981.10.17IH, MTV Ian Hunter Rocks broadcast, New York NY
1981.10.17IH, Club Foot, Austin TX The Lift
1981.10.19IH, Dooley's, Phoenix AZunknown support
1981.10.20IH, University of San Diego, La Jolla CAunknown support
1981.10.22IH, Country Club, Reseda CAunknown support
1981.10.23IH, Perkins Palace, Pasadena CA unknown support
1981.10.24IH, Perkins Palace, Pasadena CA unknown support
1981.10.25Canceled: IH, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CAJo Baker
1981.10.26IH, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CAJo Baker
1981.10.27IH, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CAJo Baker
1981.10.28IH, Old Waldorf, San Francisco CAJo Baker
1981.12.17IH, Savoy, New York NY [WNEW Christmas Concert, Tom Mandel's first gig back]
1981.12.26IH, Palladium, New York NYMink DeVille
1982.01.13IH, Northstage Theater, Glen Cove NY
1982.01.15IH, The Ritz, New York NY
1982.01.16IH, The Ritz, New York NY
1982.01.22IH, Brandywine Club, Chadds Ford PA
1982.02.06IH, MTV Ian Hunter Rocks broadcast, New York NY
1982.04.23IH, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit MI[two shows; sold out]
1982.04.25IH, Agora, Youngstown OH
1982.04.26IH, Agora, Akron OHPerfect Affair, Jonah Koslen And The Heroes
1982.04.27IH, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OH
1982.05.??IH, Hammerheads, West Islip NY
1982.05.05IH, Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove NJ
1982.05.06IH, Uncle Sam's, Boston MA
1982.05.07IH, Mr. C's, Lowell MA
1982.07.31IH/Rundgen, Agent Orange Benefit, Pier 84, New York NY[Deerhunter]
1983.07.23IH, Special Olympics Tennis Rock Benefit, Pier 84, New York NY[one song w/Clarence Clemmons]
1986.??.??IH/Young, Agora, Hartford CT
1986.??.??IH/Young, Asbury Park NJ
1986.09.30Rehearsal: IH/Young, Rock n' Roll Heaven, Toronto ON
1986.10.01IH/Young, Rock n' Roll Heaven, Toronto ON
1986.10.02IH/Young, Rock n' Roll Heaven, Toronto ON
1986.10.03IH/Young, Coronet, Kitchener ON
1986.10.04IH/Young, Mingles, London ON
1986.10.05IH/Young, California's Musical Roadhouse, Windsor ON
1986.10.06IH/Young, California's Musical Roadhouse, Windsor ON
1986.10.08IH/Young, Elusions, Oshawa ON
1986.10.10IH/Young, Barrymore's, Ottawa ON
1986.10.11IH/Young, 20 Grand West, Downsview ON
1986.10.14IH/Young, The Diamond, Toronto ON
1986.10.15IH/Young, Mingles, London ON
1986.10.20IH/Young, Harpo's, Detroit MI
1986.10.21IH/Young, The Inferno, Buffalo NY
1986.10.28IH/Young, Tripper's Night Club, Canton OH
1986.10.29IH/Young, Alrosa Villa, Columbus OH
1986.11.27IH/Young, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1986.11.29IH/Young, L'Amour East, Queens NY
1986.11.30IH/Young, Bayou, Washington DC
1986.12.01IH/Young, Trocadero, Philadelphia PA
1986.12.05IH/Young, Palace, Hollywood CA
1986.12.06IH/Young, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA
1986.12.09IH/Young, FM Station, Hollywood CADV8, Metropolis
1986.12.10IH/Young, One Step Beyond, Santa Clara CA
1986.12.11IH/Young, One Step Beyond, Santa Clara CA
1986.12.12IH/Young, Stone, San Francisco CA
1986.12.13IH/Young, Stone, San Francisco CA[unconfirmed]
1986.12.14IH/Young, Stone, San Francisco CA[unconfirmed]
1986.12.20IH, Ritz, New York NY[appearance by Tom Mandel]
1987.11.??IH/Young, Infernal, Cheektowaga NY[formerly Uncle Sam's]
1987.11.11IH/Young, Rock and Roll Heaven, Toronto ON
1987.11.12IH/Young, Lakeview Manor, Kingston ON
1987.11.13IH/Young, Barrymore's, Ottawa ON
1987.11.14IH/Young, Bannister's, Hamilton ON
1987.11.15IH/Young, Kipling's, London ON
1987.11.16IH/Young, California's Musical Roadhouse, Windsor ON
1987.12.19IH, The Ritz, New York NY[benefit for Musician's Assistance Program]
1988.05.30IH/Young, unknown, Kitchener ON
1988.06.??IH/Young, London ON
1988.06.02IH/Young, Entex, Missisaugua ON
1988.06.03IH/Young, Barrymore's, Ottawa ON
1988.06.04IH/Young, Bannister's, Hamilton ON
1988.06.07IH/Young, California's Musical Roadhouse, Windsor ON
1988.06.09IH/Young, unknown venue, Trenton ON
1988.06.10IH/Young, Elusions, Ottawa ON[attended by Joe Elliott]
1988.06.11IH/Young, Rock and Roll Heaven, Toronto ON[attended by Joe Elliott]
1988.09.27IH/MR, Entex, Missisaugua ONRomance At Eleven
1988.09.29IH/MR, Forge, Victoria BC
1988.09.30IH/MR, 86th St. Music Hall, Vancouver BC
1988.10.01IH/MR, 99 Club, Seattle WAVariant Cause
1988.10.02IH/MR, Starry Nights, Portland OR
1988.10.04IH/MR, Oasis, San Jose CA
1988.10.05IH/MR, Oasis, San Francisco CAForgotten Rebels
1988.10.06IH/MR, New George's, San Rafael CA
1988.10.07IH/MR, Palace, Hollywood CA
1988.10.08Canceled: IH/MR, Deanza Theater, Riverside CA
1988.10.08IH/MR, The FM Station, North Hollywood CA
1988.10.09IH/MR, Terrace Theatre, Ventura CA
1988.10.10IH/MR, Bogart's, Long Beach CAScarecrows
1988.10.11IH/MR, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CAForgotten Rebels
1988.10.12IH/MR, Bacchanal, San Diego CA
1988.10.13IH/MR, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CAForgotten Rebels
1988.10.14IH/MR, Tucson Gardens, Tucson AZ
1988.10.14Canceled: IH/MR, Phoenix AZ
1988.10.16IH/MR, Tommie's, Dallas TX
1988.10.17IH/MR, The Back Room, Austin TX
1988.10.18IH/MR, Vogue Theater, Indianapolis INGrayson Hugh
1988.10.19IH/MR, Rockerfeller's, Houston TX
1988.10.20IH/MR, Tipitina's, New Orleans LA
1988.10.21IH/MR, W.C. Don's, Jackson MI
1988.10.22IH/MR, Metroplex, Atlanta GA
1988.10.23IH/MR, Old Post Office, Hilton Head SC
1988.10.25IH/MR, Sweeney's, Orlando FL
1988.10.27IH/MR, Summers, Ft. Lauderdale FLBulletboys
1988.10.28IH/MR, Jannus Landing, Tampa/St. Petersburg FL
1988.10.29IH/MR, The Moon, Tallahassee FL
1988.10.30IH/MR, Margaritaville, Gulf Shores AL
1988.10.31IH/MR, University Of Florida, Gainesville FLBulletboys?
1988.10.31Canceled: IH/MR, Memphis TNScreaming Blue Messiahs
1988.11.01IH/MR, Cannery, Nashville TN
1988.11.02IH/MR, Winston-Salem NC
1988.11.03IH/MR, Goldsboro NC
1988.11.04IH/MR, Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VA
1988.11.05IH/MR, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1988.11.06IH/MR, Baltimore MD
1988.11.07IH/MR, Dover DE
1988.11.08IH/MR, The Bayou, Washington DC
1988.11.09IH/MR, Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA
1988.11.10IH/MR, Morgan NJ
1988.11.11IH/MR, Sundance, Bay Shore NYEddie Havoc Group
1988.11.12IH/MR, The Channel, Boston MANor'Easters, Threats
1988.11.13IH/MR, Living Room, Providence RIGrayson Hugh
1988.11.14IH/MR, City Gardens, Trenton NJAviator
1988.11.15IH/MR, Albany NY
1988.11.16IH/MR, The Ritz, New York NY
1988.11.17IH/MR, House Of Guitars, Rochester NY[in store appearance]
1988.11.17IH/MR, Renaissance Theater Club, Rochester NYGrayson Hugh
1988.11.18IH/MR, Asbury Park NJ
1988.11.19IH/MR, Graffiti's, Pittsburgh PA
1988.11.20IH/MR, Bogart's, Cincinnati OH
1988.11.21IH/MR, Kent OH
1988.11.22IH/MR, Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH
1988.11.23IH/MR, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit MIGrayson Hugh, Jack Bruce
1988.11.25IH/MR, Agora Ballroom, Cleveland OHJack Bruce, Raven Slaughter, Zaza
1988.11.26IH/MR, Riviera Theater, Chicago ILGrayson Hugh, Jack Bruce
1988.11.27IH/MR, Westport Playhouse, St. Louis MOGrayson Hugh
1988.11.27Canceled: IH/MR, Milwaukee WI
1988.11.28IH/MR, First Avenue, Minneapolis MN Grayson Hugh, Funhouse
1988.11.28IH/MR, Royal Oak Theater, Detroit MI
1988.11.30IH/MR, Vogue Theater, Indianapolis IN Grayson Hugh
1988.12.01IH/MR, Club Soda, Kalamazoo MI
1988.12.02IH/MR, Uptown Theater, Kansas City MO
1988.12.03IH/MR, Zivkos, Hartford WI
1988.12.04IH/MR, Phoenix Hall, Louisville KY
1989.01.26IH/MR, Maxime, Bergen Norway
1989.01.29IH/MR, Sardines, Oslo Norway
1989.02.01IH/MR, Tavastia Club, Helsinki Finland
1989.02.02IH/MR, Melody, Stockholm Sweden
1989.02.03IH/MR, Yaki-Da, Gothenburg Sweden
1989.02.07IH/MR, Music Hall, Frankfurt Germany
1989.02.08IH/MR, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany
1989.02.09IH/MR, Alter Wartessal, Cologne Germany
1989.02.11IH/MR, Schutzenhaus Albisguetli, Zurich SwitzerlandDogs D'Amour
1989.02.15IH/MR, Dominion Theater, London UKDogs D'Amour [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1989.02.16IH/MR, Dominion Theater, London UKDogs D'Amour
1989.10.30IH/MR, Grand Rapids MI
1989.10.31IH/MR, City Center Theater, Green Bay WI
1989.10.31IH/MR, Riviera Theater, Chicago IL
1989.11.01IH/MR, Holiday Star Theater, Merrillville IN
1989.11.02Canceled: IH/MR, MetroPlex, Detroit MI
1989.11.02IH/MR, Ritz, Roseville MISteve Jones
1989.11.03IH/MR, Ritz, Indianapolis INSteve Jones
1989.11.04IH/MR, Music Hall, Cleveland OHSteve Jones [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1989.11.05IH/MR, Newport Theater, Columbus OHSteve Jones
1989.11.06IH/MR, Bogart's, Cincinnati OH[unconfirmed]
1989.11.07IH/MR, Graffitti's, Pittsburg PA
1989.11.08IH/MR, Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PASteve Jones
1989.11.08Canceled: IH/MR, Tracardo's, Philiadelphia PA
1989.11.09Canceled: IH/MR, Tent, Albany NY
1989.11.09IH/MR, Toad's Place, New Haven CT
1989.11.10IH/MR, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
1989.11.11IH/MR, Channel, Boston MA
1989.11.11Canceled: IH/MR, The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY[rescheduled to 1989.11.10]
1989.11.12IH/MR, New Ritz, New York NY
1989.11.13Canceled: IH/MR, Spits, Long Island NY
1989.11.14Canceled: IH/MR, Catina's, Hadley MA
1989.11.15IH/MR, Rochester NY
1989.11.16IH/MR, Albany NY
1989.11.17IH/MR, Living Room, Providence RI
1989.11.18IH/MR, Catina's, Hadley MA
1989.11.18Canceled: IH/MR, Channel, Boston MA[rescheduled to 1989.11.11]
1989.11.19IH/MR, Toad's Place, New Haven[may have been rescheduled to 1989.11.09]
1989.11.20IH/MR, Barrymore's, Ottawa ON
1989.11.21IH/MR, Club Soda, Montreal PQ
1989.11.21Canceled: IH/MR, The Diamond, Toronto ON[rescheduled to 1989.11.22]
1989.11.22Canceled: IH/MR, Barrymore's, Ottawa ON
1989.11.22IH/MR, The Diamond, Toronto ONSteve Jones [appearance by Joe Elliott?]
1989.11.23Canceled: IH/MR, The Spectrum, Montreal PQ
1989.11.23IH/MR, Syracuse NY
1989.11.24IH/MR, Stone Balloon, Newark Delaware
1989.11.25IH/MR, Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
1989.11.26IH/MR, Hammerjack's, Baltimore MD
1989.11.27IH/MR, Greenstreets, Columbia SC
1989.11.27Canceled: IH/MR, Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach VA
1989.11.29Canceled: IH/MR, Westport Playhouse, St Louis MOSteve Jones
1989.11.29IH/MR, Mississippi Nights, St Louis MODavid Surkamp (replaced Steve Jones)
1989.11.30IH/MR, Kansas City KS
1989.12.01IH/MR, Witchita KS
1989.12.02IH/MR, Doc's, Oklahoma City OK
1989.12.04IH/MR, Dallas TX
1989.12.05IH/MR, Jimmy's, New Orleans LA
1989.12.05Canceled: IH/MR, Houston TX
1989.12.06IH/MR, Curfew, Austin TXSolid Senders
1989.12.09IH/MR, Calamity Jane's, Las Vegas NV
1989.12.09Canceled: IH/MR, Phoenix AZ
1989.12.10IH/MR, Anderson's Fifth Estate, Scottsdale AZ
1989.12.11IH/MR, Bacchanal, San Diego CA
1989.12.12IH/MR, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CASteve Jones
1989.12.13IH/MR, Palace, Hollywood CASteve Jones [appearance by Axl Rose and Slash]
1989.12.14IH/MR, Ventura Theater, Ventura CASteve Jones
1989.12.15IH/MR, San Fancisco CA
1989.12.16IH/MR, Cabaret, San Jose CA
1989.12.18IH/MR, The Forge, Victoria BC
1989.12.18Canceled: IH/MR, Seattle WA
1989.12.19IH/MR, 86th Street Music Hall, Vancouver BC
1989.12.20Canceled: IH/MR, The Forge, Victoria BC[rescheduled to 1989.12.18]
1990.01.18IH/MR, Maxime, Bergen Norway
1990.01.19IH/MR, Student Center, Trondheim Norway
1990.01.20IH/MR, Rockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1990.01.21IH/MR, Rockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1990.01.22IH/MR, Melody, Stockholm Sweden
1990.01.23IH/MR, Melody, Stockholm Sweden
1990.01.24IH/MR, Tavastia, Helsinki Finland
1990.01.25IH/MR, Tavastia, Helsinki Finland
1990.01.26IH/MR, Nya Vagen, Gothenberg Swededn
1990.01.27IH/MR, Mejeriet, Lund Sweden
1990.01.29IH/MR, Stakladen, Ahus Sweden
1990.01.30IH/MR, Pumphuset, Copenhagen Denmark
1990.02.01IH/MR, Alter Wartesaal, Cologne Germany
1990.02.02IH/MR, Kulturzentrum, Hannover Germany
1990.02.02Canceled: IH/MR, Schlachthuf, Bremem Germany
1990.02.04IH/MR, Ghent Belguim
1990.02.05IH/MR, Elysees Montmarte, Paris France
1990.02.07IH/MR, Nachtwerk, Munich Germany
1990.02.08IH/MR, Music Hall, Frankfurt Germany
1990.02.09IH/MR, Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg Germany
1990.02.13IH/MR, Rock City, Nottingham UKShy
1990.02.14IH/MR, International 2, Manchester UKShy
1990.02.15IH/MR, Octagon, Sheffield University, Sheffield UKShy
1990.02.16IH/MR, Hammersmith Odeon, London UKShy [appearance by Brian May]
1990.02.18IH/MR, UEA, Norwich University, Norwich UKShy
1990.02.19IH/MR, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkstone UKShy
1990.02.20IH/MR, Assembly Halls, Worthing UKShy
1990.05.14Canceled: IH/MR, Melpark Hall, Tokyo Japan
1990.05.15Canceled: IH/MR, Melpark Hall, Tokyo Japan
1991.05.18IH/MR, Laholm Sweden
1991.05.19IH/MR, Olofstrom Sweden
1991.05.23IH/MR, Sundsvall Sweden
1991.05.24IH/MR, Umea Sweden
1991.05.25IH/MR, Lulea Sweden
1991.05.28IH/MR, Stromsborg Park, Stockholm Sweden
1991.05.29IH/MR, Galaxy, Stockholm Sweden
1991.05.31IH/MR, Grangesberg Sweden
1991.06.??IH/MR, Vanersborg Sweden
1991.06.01IH/MR, Avesta Sweden
1991.06.05IH/MR, Vasteras Sweden
1991.06.07IH/MR, Rockerfeller, Oslo Norway
1991.06.08IH/MR, Stromstad Sweden
1991.06.11IH/MR, Cafe Adlonin, Helsinki Finland
1991.06.12IH/MR, Eskiltuna Sweden
1991.06.14IH/MR, Sandviken Sweden
1991.06.15IH/MR, Hultsfred Sweden
1991.06.19IH/MR, Societ┌n, Varberg Sweden
1991.06.20IH/MR, Smogen Sweden
1991.06.21IH/MR, Ahus Sweden
1991.06.22IH/MR, Marstrand Sweden
1992.06.23IH, The Few, Tylosand Sweden
1992.06.24IH, The Few, Tylosand Sweden
1992.06.25IH, The Few, Tylosand Sweden
1992.06.26IH, The Few, Tylosand Sweden
1992.06.27IH, The Few, Tylosand Sweden
1992.07.03IH, Mariehamn Sweden
1992.07.04IH, Skara Sweden
1992.07.05IH, Stockholm Sweden
1992.07.06IH, Borgholm Sweden
1992.07.07IH, Visby Sweden
1992.07.10IH, Vaxjo Sweden
1992.07.14IH, Sveg Sweden
1992.07.15IH, Pitea Sweden
1992.07.16IH, Ornskoldsvik Sweden
1992.07.17IH, Skelleftea Sweden
1992.07.18IH, Ostersund Sweden
1992.07.22IH, Eskiltuna Sweden
1992.07.23IH, Kungshamn Sweden
1992.07.24IH, Helsingborg Sweden
1992.07.25IH, Fregatten, Akersberga Sweden
1992.07.27IH, Stromstad Sweden
1992.07.28IH, Goteborg Sweden
1992.07.29IH, Vanersborg Sweden
1992.07.30IH, Stenungsund Sweden
1993.07.02IH, Gothenburg Sweden
1993.07.04IH, Lysekil Sweden
1993.07.07Canceled: IH, Visby Sweden
1993.07.09Canceled: IH, Oskarshamn Sweden
1993.07.10Canceled: IH, Kalmar Sweden
1993.07.11Canceled: IH, Karlskrona Sweden
1993.07.15Canceled: IH, Malmo Sweden
1993.07.16Canceled: IH, Helsingborg Sweden
1993.07.17Canceled: IH, Halmstrad Sweden
1993.07.21Canceled: IH, Falkenberg Sweden
1993.07.23Canceled: IH, Varberg Sweden
1993.07.24Canceled: IH, Stromstad Sweden
1993.07.25Canceled: IH, Kungshamn Sweden
1993.07.28Canceled: IH, Ystad Sweden
1993.07.30Canceled: IH, Vastervik Sweden
1993.07.31Canceled: IH, Norrkoping Sweden
1993.08.??IH, Trollhattan Sweden
1993.08.06IH, Water Festival, Stockholm Sweden
1993.08.06IH, Uppsala Sweden
1993.08.08IH, Melody, Stockholm SwedenPelle Almgren
1993.08.11Canceled: IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UK
1993.08.12IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UKSarajevo
1993.08.12Canceled: IH, Robin R'n'B Club, Dudley UK
1993.08.13IH, Kentish Town Forum, London UKSarajevo
1993.08.14IH, Robin R'n'B Club, Dudley UKSarajevo
1994.04.29IH, Mick Ronson Memorial Concert, Hammersmith Apollo, London UK[Mick Ronson Memorial Concert]
1997.04.29IH, Milky Way, Amsterdam Hollandno support
1997.04.30Canceled: IH, Rock Club, Vervirs Belgium
1997.04.30IH, Twilight Cafe, Nidrum BelgiumGive Buzze
1997.05.03IH, Mechanics, Burnley UK no support
1997.05.04IH, Alexis Koerner Memorial Concert, Opera House, Buxton UK
1997.05.06IH, Junction, Cambridge UKMixer
1997.05.07IH, Waterfront Club, Norwich UK
1997.05.08IH, Spa Pavilion, Felixtowe UKTRextasy
1997.05.09IH, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkstone UKTRextasy
1997.05.10IH, Wilbarston, Market Harborough UKPhil Holbourne Band did not appear
1997.05.13IH, The Brook, Southampton UKno support
1997.05.14IH, Empire, Shepherds Bush UKunknown support [appearance by Roger Taylor]
1997.05.15IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UKCube [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1997.05.16IH, Cellar Club, South Shields UKno support
1997.05.17IH, Robin R'n'B Club, Dudley UKHarlan The Jester did not appear
1997.05.18IH, Wyvern Theater, Swindon UK
1997.05.20IH, Beirkeller, Bristol UKCrazy Bones
1997.05.21IH, Irish Centre, Liverpool UKno support
1997.05.22IH, Powerhouse, Barry UK[attended by Verden Allen]
1997.05.23IH, Zodiac Club, Oxford UK[attended by Dicken of Mr. Big]
1997.05.24IH, Cooperage, Plymouth UK
1997.05.25Canceled: IH, Paradox, Brighton UK
1997.05.26IH, Alley Cat, Reading UKCat Scratch Band
1997.05.28IH, Jilly's, Manchester UK
1997.05.29IH, Cellar Club, South Shields UKno support
1997.05.30IH, Cat House, Glasgow Scotland
1997.05.31IH, Venue, Edinburgh Scotlandno support
1997.06.01IH, Wheatsheaf, Stoke UKHarlan The Jester did not appear
1997.06.02Canceled: IH, Kenmare Ireland
1997.06.02IH, Kerry Ireland
1997.06.03IH, Roisin Dubh, Galway Irelandunknown [appearance by Joe Elliott]
1997.06.04IH, Whelan's Bar, Dublin IrelandUrsula Burns
1997.06.04Canceled: IH, Gothenburg Sweden
1997.06.05IH, The Old Oak, Cork Irelandunknown
1997.06.05Canceled: IH, Malmoe Sweden
1997.06.06Canceled: IH, Boras Sweden
1997.06.07Canceled: IH, Belfast Ireland
1997.06.07Canceled: IH, Skara Sweden
1997.08.09IH, City Hall, Hull UK[Mick Ronson Memorial Concert II]
1997.08.10IH, Queen's Gardens, Hull UK[Mick Ronson Memorial Stage dedication]
1997.09.06IH, Running Horse, Nottingham UK
1997.09.07IH, Pavilion, Glasgow UK
1997.09.08IH, Alexander's, Chester UK
1997.09.09IH, New Pavilion, Rhyl UK
1997.09.10IH, Martell, Falkirk UK
1997.09.12IH, Arts Center, Salisbury UK
1997.09.17IH, Customs House, South Shields UK
1997.09.18IH, Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells UK
1997.09.24IH, The Room, Hull UK
1997.09.25IH, The Boardwalk, Sheffield UK
1997.09.26IH, The Prince of Wales Centre, Cannock UK
1997.09.28IH, White Rock Theatre, Hastings UK
1997.09.30IH, Public Hall, Haslingden UK
1997.10.01IH, Fibbers, York UKBreathe
1997.10.02IH, Winter Garden, Cleethorpes UKSpitzfulz
1997.10.03IH, Lucky Break, Bury St. Edmunds UK
1997.10.04Canceled: IH, Liscombe Park, Soulbury UK
1997.10.05IH, Arnham Gallery at Fairfield Halls, Croydon UKThe Ank, Stray
1997.10.06Canceled: IH, Orchard Theatre, Dartford UK
1997.10.09IH, Cine Bar, Rayners Lane UK
1997.10.10IH, Robin R'n'B Club, Dudley UK
1997.10.11Canceled: IH, Liverpool UK
1997.10.12IH, The Wheatsheaf, Stoke UK
1997.10.16Canceled: IH, Keys, Galway UK
1997.10.17Canceled: IH, Mean Fiddler, Dublin UK
1997.10.19Canceled: IH, Rialto Centre, Derry UK
1997.11.??IH, unknown Germany[radio session for Hot FM]
1997.11.07IH, Fabrik, Hamburg Germany
1997.11.08Canceled: IH, Moritbastei, Leipzig Germany
1997.11.09IH, Hirsch, Nuremburg GermanyRam Rods
1997.11.10IH, Fernverkehr, Hof Germany
1997.11.10Canceled: IH, Rock Club, Munich Germany
1997.11.11IH, Rock Haus, Vienna Austria
1997.11.13IH, Frederica Theater, Frederica Denmark
1997.11.14IH, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmarkno support
1997.11.15IH, Henriks Bar, Gothenburg Swedenno support
1997.11.16IH, Fredmans, Uppsala Swedenno support
1997.11.17Canceled: IH, Zeche, Bochum Germany[rescheduled to 1997.11.26]
1997.11.18IH, Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg Germanyunknown support [filmed by Offener Kanal Frankfurt TV]
1997.11.19Canceled: IH, Jovel, Munster Germany
1997.11.19IH, Mors, Norrkoping Sweden
1997.11.20IH, K.B. Club, Malmo Sweden
1997.11.21IH, Quasimodo, Berlin Germany
1997.11.22Canceled: IH, Spirit of '66, Verviers Belgium
1997.11.22Canceled: IH, Werkstaat, Dresden Germany
1997.11.23Canceled: IH, Duc Saal, Freudenburg Germany
1997.11.24Canceled: IH, Manufactur, Schorndorf Germany
1997.11.25Canceled: IH, Rittergarten, Tuttlingen Germany
1997.11.25Canceled: IH, Wiley Club, Ulm Germany
1997.11.26Canceled: IH, Zeche, Bochum Germany
1997.11.27Canceled: IH, Smuget, Oslo Norway
1997.11.28Canceled: IH, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark
1997.11.29Canceled: IH, Club Esta, Angelholm Sweden
1997.12.02Canceled: IH, Rotplomboe, Erfurt Germany
1999.01.08IH, Bruce Henderson Charity Ball, Bowery Ballroom, New York NY
1999.04.06Canceled: IH, Ireland[tentative date, never materialized]
1999.04.07Canceled: IH, Ireland[tentative date, never materialized]
1999.04.08Canceled: IH, Liverpool UK[tentative date, never materialized]
1999.04.09IH, Ashcrofte Theatre, Croydon UKDiesel Park West
1999.04.09Canceled: IH, Pavilion Leisure Centre, Bromley UK
1999.04.10IH, Village Hall, Wilbarston UKMonty Turnbull
1999.04.11IH, Half Time Orange, Leicester UKSlipstream
1999.04.12IH, Park Hotel, Tynemouth UKno support
1999.04.14IH, Boardwalk, Sheffield UKno support
1999.04.15IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UKunknown support
1999.04.16IH, Robin 2, Wolverhampton UKTracie Hunter Band
1999.04.17IH, Robin 2, Wolverhampton UKTracie Hunter Band
1999.04.18IH, L2, Liverpool UKno support [with Blue Weaver]
1999.04.21Canceled: IH, Westgate Hall, Canterbury UK
1999.04.22IH, Wyvern Theatre, Swindon UKTracie Hunter Band
1999.04.23IH, The Astoria Theatre, London UKTracie Hunter Band
1999.04.24IH, King's Hall, Stoke UK[moved from Riddles Music Bar]
1999.04.25Canceled: IH, Forum, Aberdeen Scotland[rescheduled to 1999.04.28]
1999.04.25IH, Powerhouse, Ayr ScotlandThe Dirty Old Men
1999.04.26IH, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh ScotlandCruyff, Smiler
1999.04.27IH, G2, Glasgow ScotlandLiar's Edge
1999.04.28IH, Forum, Aberdeen Scotlandno support
1999.06.03IH, Picturedrome, Northampton UKw/Miller Anderson and Scenery
2000.03.31Canceled: IH, The Astoria, London UK
2000.04.01Canceled: IH, The Robin 2, Bilston UK
2000.04.02Canceled: IH, The Robin 2, Bilston UK
2000.05.15IH, Central Station, Wrexham Walesno support
2000.05.16IH, Liquid Room, Edinburgh Scotland Tracie Hunter Band
2000.05.17IH, Newcastle Opera House, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UKTracie Hunter Band
2000.05.18IH, The Irish Centre, Leeds UKTracie Hunter Band
2000.05.19IH, The Robin 2, Bilston UKTracie Hunter Band
2000.05.20IH, The Astoria, London UKTracie Hunter Band
2000.06.02IH, The Bowery Ballroom, New York NYno support
2001.04.08Canceled: IH, The Coal Exchange, Cardiff UK
2001.04.09Canceled: IH, The Astoria, London UK
2001.04.11Canceled: IH, The Picture Playhouse, Beverley UK
2001.04.14Canceled: IH, Robin 2, Bilston UK
2001.04.15Canceled: IH, Robin 2, Bilston UK
2001.04.30IH, radio show, WAXQ FM, New York NY[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.02IH, radio show, WCSX FM, Detroit MI[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.03IH, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland OH[with James Mastro]
2001.05.05IH, radio show, WFUV FM, New York NY[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.05IH, radio show, WDET FM, Detroit MI[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.07IH, radio show, Bob and Tom, Indianapolis IN[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.08IH, radio show, WXRT FM, Chicago IL[live appearance/interview]
2001.05.08IH, Martyr's, Chicago IL[daytime promotional appearance]
2001.05.15IH, radio show, Rockline, New York NY[live appearance/interview]
2001.06.03IH, Limelight Club, Crewe UK
2001.06.04IH, Cathouse, Glasgow Scotland
2001.06.05IH, Manchester University, Manchester UK
2001.06.06IH, Tyne Theatre and Opera House, Newcastle UK
2001.06.07IH, Robin, Brierley Hill UKTracie Hunter Band
2001.06.08IH, Astoria Theatre, London UKTracie Hunter Band
2001.06.10IH, Concorde 2, Brighton UKTracie Hunter Band
2001.06.11IH, Road Mender, Northampton UKno support
2001.06.12IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UKTracie Hunter Band
2001.06.13IH, Picture Playhouse, Beverley UKno support
2001.06.14IH, Cavern, Liverpool UKunknown support
2001.06.25IH, radio show, Acoustic Cafe, Ann Arbor MI[live appearance/interview]
2001.06.25IH, radio show, Howard Stern Show, New York NY[live appearance/interview]
2001.07.26All-Starr Band, Casino Rama, Rama ONT
2001.07.27All-Starr Band, Molson Center, Montreal QUE
2001.07.28All-Starr Band, Freedom Hill, Sterling Heights MI
2001.07.29All-Starr Band, Harv, Mountaineer Racetrack, Chester WV
2001.08.01All-Starr Band, Jones Beach, Long Island NY
2001.08.02All-Starr Band, Mohegan Sun, Uncasville CT
2001.08.03All-Starr Band, TV appearance, Today Show, New York NY
2001.08.04All-Starr Band, Fleet Boston Pavilion, Boston MA
2001.08.05All-Starr Band, Riley Park, Manchester VA
2001.08.07All-Starr Band, Meadowbrook Park, Gilford NH
2001.08.09All-Starr Band, P.N.C. Bank Arts Center, Holmdel NJ
2001.08.10All-Starr Band, Taj Mahal, Atlantic City NJ
2001.08.11All-Starr Band, Harbor Center, Portsmouth VA
2001.08.13All-Starr Band, Chastain Park, Atlanta GA
2001.08.14All-Starr Band, Broward Park Arts Center, Fort Lauderdale FL
2001.08.15All-Starr Band, USF Sundome, Tampa FL
2001.08.16All-Starr Band, Horseshoe Casino, Robinsville MS
2001.08.18All-Starr Band, Billy Bobs, Fort Worth TX
2001.08.19All-Starr Band, Six Flags, Oklahoma City OK
2001.08.21All-Starr Band, Fox Theater, Sy. Louis MO
2001.08.22All-Starr Band, Rosemont Theater, Chicago IL
2001.08.23All-Starr Band, Minnesota State Fair, Minneapolis MN
2001.08.25All-Starr Band, Fiddler's Green, Englewood CO
2001.08.27All-Starr Band, Schnitzer Hall, Portland OR
2001.08.28All-Starr Band, Chateau Saint Michelle Winery, Woodinville WA
2001.08.30All-Starr Band, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles CA
2001.08.31All-Starr Band, Chronicle Pavilion, Concord CA
2001.09.01All-Starr Band, Rio Hotel, Las Vegas NV
2001.09.02All-Starr Band, Open Air Theater, San Diego State, San Diego CA
2001.10.19IH, Paradise Rock Club, Boston MAThe Pills
2001.10.20IH, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RIJohn Eddie
2001.10.21IH, Irving Plaza, New York NYJohn Eddie
2001.10.22IH, Recher Theater, Towson MDJohn Eddie
2001.10.23IH, Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown PAJohn Eddie
2001.10.26IH, Tradewinds, Sea Bright NJJohn Eddie
2001.10.27IH, Mulcahy's, Wantagh NYJohn Eddie
2001.10.28IH, Threater of the Living Arts, Philadelphia PAJohn Eddie
2001.10.30IH, Water Street Music Hall, Rochester NYJohn Eddie
2001.10.31IH, Kool Haus, Toronto ONTJohn Eddie
2001.11.02IH, Agora, Cleveland OHJohn Eddie
2001.11.03IH, St. Andrews Hall, Detroit MIJohn Eddie
2001.11.04IH, Park West, Chicago ILJohn Eddie
2001.11.06IH, First Avenue, Minneapolis MN John Eddie
2001.11.07IH, Shank Hall, Milwaukee WIJohn Eddie
2001.11.09IH, Headliners, Louisville KYJohn Eddie
2001.11.30IH, Village Underground, New York NYWillie Nile
2002.01.29IH, Sentrum Scene, Oslo Norway no support
2002.01.30IH, Sentrum Scene, Oslo Norway no support
2002.03.22IH, in-store, Amoeba Music, Hollywood CA
2002.05.07IH, Fleece And Firkin, Bristol UK no support
2002.05.08IH, Pacific Road, Birkenhead UK no support
2002.05.09IH, Leadmill, Sheffield UK no support
2002.05.10IH, Astoria, London UK no support
2002.05.11IH, Coal Exchange, Cardiff, South Wales UK no support
2002.05.12IH, Roadmender, Northampton UK
2002.05.13IH, Limelight Club, Crewe UK
2002.05.14IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UK
2002.05.16IH, Mechanics, Burnley UKStrange Days
2002.05.17IH, Garage, Glasgow Scotland
2002.05.18IH, Opera House, Newcastle UK
2002.05.19IH, Life Cafe, Manchester UKStrange Days
2002.05.20IH, Rock City, Nottingham UK
2002.05.21IH, Junction, Cambridge UK
2002.05.22IH, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton UK
2003.03.08IH, Waltz V, Cabaret Metro, Chicago ILGraham Parker and others
2003.09.03IH, Alejandro Escovedo benefit, Mercury Lounge, New York NYWillie Nile, Levon Helm, Los Lonely Boys, Cindy Bullens
2004.03.01IH, BB King's Blues Club, New York NYGlen Burtnick
2004.03.03IH, Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown PALive Wire
2004.03.04IH, Downtown, Farmingdale NYDavid Kolker Band, Jake Incao
2004.03.05IH, Chance, Poughkeepsie NYTuff Darts
2004.04.06IH, Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJJody Joseph and the Average Joes, Danny White
2004.05.15IH, Engine Room, Cardiff, Walesno support
2004.05.16IH, Charlotte, Leicester UKno support
2004.05.17IH, Roadmender, Northampton UKno support
2004.05.18IH, Robin 2, Bilston UKno support
2004.05.20IH, Carling Academy, Liverpool UKno support
2004.05.21IH, Bierkeller, Manchester UKno support
2004.05.22IH, Garage, Glasgow Scotlandno support
2004.05.23IH, Venue, Edinburgh Scotland no support
2004.05.24IH, Mill, Preston UKno support
2004.05.25IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UK no support
2004.05.27IH, Fleece and Firkin, Bristol UKno support
2004.05.28IH, Astoria, London UKTracie Hunter Band [filmed for DVD; appearance by Brian May]
2004.05.29IH, Village Hall, Worthen UKno support
2004.06.01IH, Spirit of '66, Verviers Belgium
2004.06.02IH, M│hle Hunziken, Bern Switzerland
2004.06.03IH, Moods, Zurich Switzerland
2004.06.04IH, Le Plan, Paris France
2004.06.06IH, Hell Festival, Hell Norway
2004.06.06IH, Rockstore, Montpelier France
2004.06.09IH, Sala Caracol, Madrid Spain
2004.06.10IH, Sala Capitol, Santiago De Compostela Spain
2004.06.11IH, Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao Spain
2004.06.12IH, Bikini, Barcelona Spain
2004.06.13Canceled: IH, Aspin, Moscow Russia
2004.10.05IH, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJRadio Nationals
2004.10.06IH, The Cellar, Struthers OH
2004.10.07IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
2004.10.08IH, Piere's, Fort Wayne INBrown Bottle Duo
2004.10.09IH, Durty Nellie's, Palatine ILThe Visual
2004.10.10IH, Magic Bag, Ferndale MI
2004.12.10IH, Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
2004.12.11IH, Downtown, Farmingdale NYSoozie Tyrell
2004.12.12IH, BB King's Blues Club, New York NYSoozie Tyrell
2005.03.01IH, Joe's Pub, New York NY no support
2005.03.10IH, Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana CA
2005.03.11IH, Key Club, Los Angeles CATeenage Frames
2005.03.12IH, Live!, Las Vegas NV
2005.03.13Canceled: IH, Pound, San Francisco CA
2005.03.18IH, SxSW, Town Lake Stage, Austin TXAlejandro Escovedo
2005.03.23IH, Finnegan's Wake, Philadelphia PA
2005.04.23IH, Pepinster Festival, Verviers BelgiumIan Parker Band, Two-Timers, Mike Sanchez
2005.04.25IH, The Casino, Basel Switzerlandno support
2005.04.27IH, Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo NorwayThe Lizzards
2005.04.29IH, Nidaros Blues Festival, Kongressal, Trondheim NorwayBlues Caravan, Ladies Night
2005.04.30IH, BergenFest, Rick's Theater, Bergen NorwayDrive By Truckers, CC Adcock
2005.05.02IH, Nalen, Stockholm SwedenThe Lizzards
2005.05.03IH, Tradgarn, Gothenberg SwedenThe Lizzards
2005.05.04IH, KB, Malmo Sweden The Lizzards
2005.05.05IH, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen DenmarkThe Lizzards
2005.05.07IH, Tobakken, Esberg Denmarkno support
2005.05.08IH, Blues Garage, Hannover Germanyno support
2005.05.11IH, Carling Academy, Liverpool UK
2005.05.12IH, Academy 3, Manchester UK
2005.05.13IH, Guildhall, Gloucester UK
2005.05.14IH, Robin 2, Bilston UK
2005.05.16IH, Woughton Centre, Milton Keynes UK
2005.05.17IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UK
2005.05.18IH, Venue, Edinburgh Scotland
2005.05.19IH, Moshulu, Aberdeen UK
2005.05.20IH, Garage, Glasgow Scotland
2005.05.21IH, Boardwalk, Sheffield UKTracie Hunter Band
2005.05.23IH, Mill, Preston UK
2005.05.24IH, Central Station, Wrexham Wales
2005.05.25IH, Limelight, Crewe UK
2005.05.26IH, Fleece, Bristol UKno support
2005.05.27IH, Astoria, London UKThe Measures
2005.05.28IH, Village Hall, Worthen UKTracie Hunter Band
2005.05.29IH, Buttermarket, Shrewsbury UKTracie Hunter Band
2005.05.31IH, Brook, Southampton UKTracie Hunter Band
2005.07.29Canceled: IH, Clay's Park Resort, Canal Fulton OHJoan Jett
2005.08.04Canceled: IH, Lafayette Square, Buffalo NYWillie Nile
2005.08.06Canceled: IH, Ohio State Fair, Columbus OHThe Zombies
2005.08.19Canceled: IH, DTE Energy Music Theater, Clarkston MIsupporting Steve Miller
2006.05.13IH, Xanadu Theater, Taj Mahal, Atlantic City NJ supporting Dave Mason
2006.06.23IH, For the Love of Arthur, Beacon Theater, New York NY Robert Plant, Nils Lofgren, Ryan Adams,Yo La Tengo
2006.11.01Canceled: IH, Robin 2, Bilston UK[tentative date]
2006.11.01Canceled: IH, Irish Centre, Leeds UK[tentative date]
2007.03.14IH, Raven Theater, Healdsburg CAThe Zombies, The Charms
2007.03.15IH, The Fillmore, San Francisco CAThe Zombies, The Charms
2007.03.16IH, Music Box at Fonda, Los Angeles CAThe Zombies, The Charms
2007.03.17IH, The Grove, Anaheim CAThe Zombies, The Charms
2007.05.12IH, New Morning, Paris France Leanne Harte
2007.05.13IH, King Tut's, Glasgow ScotlandDiamond Dogs
2007.05.14IH, Glee Club, Birmingham UKDiamond Dogs
2007.05.15IH, Pigalle Club, London UKDiamond Dogs
2007.05.17IH, The Loco Club, Valencia, Spain
2007.05.18IH, El Sol, Madrid, Spain
2007.05.19IH, La2, Barcelona, Spain
2007.05.22IH, Byscenen, Haugesund Norway
2007.05.23IH, Concerthouse, Stavanger Norway
2007.05.24IH, Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim Norway
2007.05.25IH, Rock Weekend Festival, Lillehammer Norway
2007.05.26IH, Rockefellers, Oslo Norway
2007.05.27IH, Sodra Teatern, Stockholm SwedenDiamond Dogs
2007.05.29IH, Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg SwedenDiamond Dogs
2007.05.30IH, Amager Bio, Copenhagen Denmark
2007.06.01IH, Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham UK
2007.06.07IH, House of Blues, Chicago ILThe Chamber Strings
2007.06.08IH, Magic Bag, Ferndale MI
2007.06.09IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH
2007.06.14IH, Four Queens Hotel, Las Vegas NV
2007.06.15IH, The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills CA
2007.06.16IH, The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA
2007.06.17IH, The Key Club, Los Angeles CA
2007.06.20IH, Finnegan's Wake, Philadelphia PA
2007.06.21IH, Starland Ballroom, Sayreville NJ
2007.06.22IH, WXPN Free At Noon, Philadelphia PA
2007.06.23IH, Highline Ballroom, New York NYThe Silos
2007.06.24IH, Cleveland Grand Prix, Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland OH
2007.06.26IH, Ram's Head, Annapolis MD
2007.07.27IH, Vastervik Festival, Vastervick Sweden
2007.10.12IH, Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee WI
2007.10.20IH, Fruitmarket, Glasgow ScotlandJesse Malin
2007.10.21IH, Carling Academy, Newcastle EnglandJesse Malin
2007.10.23IH, The Zodiac, Oxford EnglandJesse Malin [Mick Ralphs guested]
2007.10.24IH, Carling Academy 2, Liverpool EnglandJesse Malin
2007.10.25IH, The Robin 2, Bilston EnglandJesse Malin
2007.10.26IH, The Brook, Southampton EnglandJesse Malin
2007.10.28IH, Sheperds Bush Empire, London EnglandJesse Malin
2007.10.30IH, Komedia, Brighton EnglandJesse Malin
2007.12.14IH, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYno support
2007.12.15IH, Trocadero, Philadelphia PAIllinois
2008.02.19IH, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh ScotlandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.20IH, Tunnel Club, Aberdeen ScotlandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.22IH, Varieties Club, Leeds EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.23IH, Lowry Theatre, Manchester EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.24IH, The Point, Cardiff WalesAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.26IH, The Hub, Plymouth EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.27IH, The Stables, Milton Keynes EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.02.29IH, Manor Ballroom, Ipswich EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.03.01IH, Leisure Centre, Market Harborough EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve]
2008.03.02IH, Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford EnglandAmy Speace [Ian, James, Steve; Phally encore]
2009.06.24IH, River 2 River Festival, Rockefeller Park, New York NYno support
2009.07.23IH, City Winery, New York NYAmy Speace
2009.10.17IH, New Yorker Festival, Le Poisson Rouge, New York NYco-biilling with Graham Parker
2010.04.21IH, City Winery, New York NY
2010.04.23IH, City Winery, New York NY
2010.04.24IH, City Winery, New York NY
2010.04.25IH, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville PA
2010.04.29IH, The Musician Pub, Leicester England
2010.05.01IH, HMV Picture House, Edinburgh Scotland
2010.05.02IH, Barbican Hall, London EnglandThree Bonzos and a Piano
2010.05.04Canceled: IH, Crossroads Live Club, Roma Italy
2010.05.05IH, Alcatraz, Milano Italy
2010.05.07IH, Silja Rock, Stockholm Sweden
2010.05.08IH, House Of Culture, Helsinki Finland
2010.06.04Canceled: IH, Bayfront Amphitheatre, Miami FLsupporting Jethro Tull
2010.06.04IH, Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton FLsupporting Jethro Tull
2010.06.06IH, Chastain Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta GAsupporting Jethro Tull
2010.07.25IH, High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park, London Englandplaying w/Joe Elliott
2010.09.17IH, Palace Theater, Danbury CTThe Doug Wahlberg Band [Andy York encore]
2010.10.01IH, Ocean Room, Scarborough England
2010.10.02IH, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester England
2010.10.03IH, The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow Scotland
2010.10.05IH, Komedia, Brighton England
2010.10.07IH, OWG Centre, Dartford EnglandMamushka
2010.10.08IH, The Stables, Wavendon England Mamushka
2010.10.10IH, Union Chapel, London England Mamushka
2010.10.11IH, The Journal Tyne Theatre, Newcastle England Richard McMahon
2010.10.12IH, Town Hall, Birmingham England [Mick Ralphs encore]
2010.10.14IH, 02 Academy, Bristol England
2010.11.11IH, Highline Ballroom, New York NYJoe Hurley w/Lenny Kaye [Andy York encore]
2010.11.12IH, Havana, New Hope PAJoe Hurley
2010.11.13IH, At The Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor NJ David Johansen
2010.12.10IH, Towne Crier, Pawling NYno support [Ian, Andy, Steve]
2010.12.11IH, The Narrows Center, Fall River MA unknown support [Ian, Andy, Steve]
2010.12.19IH, Towne Crier, Pawling NYTracie Hunter
2011.01.28IH, The Fillmore, San Francisco CA unknown support
2011.01.29IH, The El Ray, Los Angeles CA
2011.01.30IH, The Galaxy, Santa Ana CA
2011.05.01IH, Hoboken Music and Arts Festival, Washington Street, Hoboken NJBaseball Project
2011.09.08IH, The City Winery, New York NYGlen Matlock [Andy York encore]
2011.09.09IH, The City Winery, New York NYGlen Matlock [Andy York encore]
2011.09.11Canceled: IH, Havana, New Hope PAno support
2011.09.15IH, The City Winery, New York NYTracie Hunter [Andy York encore]
2011.09.16IH, The City Winery, New York NYTracie Hunter [Andy York encore]
2011.09.17IH, Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville PA
2011.09.23IH, South Milwaukee Performance Arts Center, Milwaukee WIacoustic
2011.09.24IH, Old Town School of Folk, Chicago ILSally Timms
2011.09.25IH, Old Town School of Folk, Chicago IL Nick Tremulus
2011.10.15IH, Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown NY
2011.10.27IH, Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh PAJoe Grushecky and the Houserockers
2011.10.28IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OHJoe Grushecky and the Houserockers
2011.10.29IH, Magic Bag, Ferndale MI[w/o Andy Burton]
2011.11.03IH, Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton PA no support
2011.11.04IH, Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA no support
2011.11.05IH, Flying Monkey, Plymouth NH no support
2011.11.18IH, Havana, New Hope PA no support
2012.03.30IH, Bell House, Brooklyn NYGraham Parker
2012.09.01IH, Aladdin Theater, Portland ORThe Minus 5
2012.09.02IH, Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle WA
2012.09.07IH, Settembre Al Parco Festival, Catanzaro, Italy
2012.09.13IH, World Cafe Live, Philadelphia PA
2012.09.14IH, Highline Ballroom, New York NY[Andy York, Christine Ohlman encore]
2012.09.15IH, The Howard Theatre, Washington DC
2012.09.27IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OHThe Kidney Brothers
2012.09.28IH, City Winery, Chicago ILNick Tremulis
2012.09.29IH, City Winery, Chicago ILNick Tremulis
2012.10.05IH, Nalen, Stockholm Sweden
2012.10.06IH, Falkenhallen, Falkenberg SwedenAnna-Lena Winter
2012.10.08IH, John Dee, Oslo Norway
2012.10.09IH, Kulturbolaget, Malmo SwedenRag-And-Bone
2012.10.12IH, Journal Tyne Theatre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.13IH, 02 ABC, Glasgow ScotlandOtis Gibbs
2012.10.14IH, Picturedrome, Holmfirth England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.16IH, Y Theatre, Leicester England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.18IH, HMV Ritz, Manchester EnglandOtis Gibbs
2012.10.19IH, 02 Shepherds Bush Empire, London EnglandOtis Gibbs
2012.10.20IH, Town Hall, Birmingham England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.23IH, Komedia, Bath England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.25IH, Royal Hall, Harrogate EnglandOtis Gibbs
2012.10.26IH, Concorde 2, Brighton England Otis Gibbs
2012.10.27IH, Roadmender, Northampton England Otis Gibbs
2012.11.23IH, At The Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor NJ
2012.11.24IH, Havana, New Hope PA
2012.12.01IH, Paradise Rock Club, Boston MAno support
2012.12.02IH, Paramount, Huntington NY Graham Parker and the Rumour
2012.12.07IH, Lee's Palace, Toronto ONTDevin Cuddy
2012.12.08IH, Feed The City Benefit, Town Ballroom, Buffalo NYPillagers, Ruby Spirit, Breckenwood
2013.01.30IH, Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CA Waldo Bliss
2013.01.31IH, Canyon Club, Canyon Club, Agoura Hills CAIdle Hands
2013.02.01IH, Fillmore, San Francisco CAno support
2013.02.02IH, El Rey, Los Angeles CAno support
2013.02.08Canceled: IH, Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT no support
2013.02.09IH, City Winery, New York NY no support
2013.02.10IH, City Winery, New York NY no support
2013.02.13IH, Infinity Hall, Norfolk CT no support
2013.03.05IH, Teatro Miela, Trieste Italy acoustic trio
2013.03.06IH, Club Retr˛, Vicenza Italy acoustic trio
2013.03.07IH, Cineteatro Parrocchiale, Cologne Italy acoustic trio
2013.03.09IH, Muhle Hunziken, Rubigen Switzerland acoustic trio
2013.03.10IH, Spirit of 66, Verviers Belguim acoustic trio
2013.03.12IH, Wharf, Tavistock England acoustic trio
2013.03.13IH, Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea UK acoustic trio
2013.03.15IH, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton UK acoustic trio
2013.03.16IH, Mick Jagger Centre, Dartford England acoustic trio
2013.03.17IH, The Corn Exchange, Stamford England acoustic trio
2013.03.19IH, Waterside Arts Centre, Sale England acoustic trio
2013.03.20IH, Memorial Hall, Sheffield England acoustic trio
2013.03.22IH, The Green Hotel, Kinross Scotland acoustic trio
2013.03.23IH, The Green Hotel, Kinross Scotland acoustic trio
2013.03.24IH, Liquid Room, Edinburgh Scotland acoustic trio
2013.03.26IH, The Arc, Stockton England acoustic trio
2013.03.27IH, City Varieties Music Hall, Leeds England acoustic trio
2013.03.29IH, The Stables, Wavendon England acoustic trio
2013.03.30IH, Bloomsbury Theatre, London England acoustic trio
2013.06.13IH, Picturedrome, Holmfirth EnglandFederal Charm
2013.06.14IH, Assembly, Leamington Spa England Colin Brown
2013.06.15IH, Isle of Wight Festival, Newport Englandoutdoor festival [main stage]
2013.07.02IH, Maxwell's, Hoboken NJ Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2013.07.11IH, World CafÚ Live At The Queen, Wilmington DEWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2013.07.12IH, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville PAEdward Rogers
2013.07.13IH, Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett NYno support
2013.09.20IH, City Winery, New York NY James Maddock
2013.09.21IH, City Winery, New York NY Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2013.10.01IH, City Winery, Chicago ILJon Langford
2013.10.02IH, City Winery, Chicago ILWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2013.10.03IH, Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee WI
2013.10.05IH, Kent Stage, Kent OH Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.06.03IH, Diamond Jubilee Bash, City Winery, New York NY Alejandro Escovedo, Jesse Malin, Ellen Foley, etc.
2014.07.12IH, Pleasantville Music Festival, Pleasantville NY
2014.09.05IH, Stage One, Fairfield CT James Maddock
2014.09.06IH, Bell House, Brooklyn NYWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.09.19IH, Portsmouth Pyramids, Portsmouth England
2014.09.20IH, Assembly, Leamington Spa England
2014.09.21IH, Drill Hall, Lincoln England Federal Charm
2014.09.23IH, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Scotland Federal Charm
2014.09.24IH, Garage, Glasgow Scotland
2014.09.26IH, Picturedrome, HolmfirthEngland Federal Charm
2014.09.27IH, RCNM, Manchester England Federal Charm
2014.09.28IH, Sage 2, Gateshead England Federal Charm
2014.09.30IH, Stables, Milton Keynes England
2014.10.02IH, City Hall, Sheffield England Federal Charm
2014.10.03IH, Concorde 2, Brighton England
2014.10.04IH, Shepherds Bush Empire, London England Federal Charm
2014.10.07IH, Festiviteten, Haugesund Norway
2014.10.08IH, USF R°keriet, Bergen Norway
2014.10.09IH, Union Scene, Drammen Norway
2014.10.11IH, Byscenen, Trondheim Norway
2014.10.12IH, Storstuu Winsnes, Singsas, Norway
2014.10.16IH, KB, Malm° Sweden
2014.10.17IH, Falkenhallen, Falkenberg Sweden
2014.10.18IH, Nalen, Stockholm Sweden
2014.11.01IH, Havana, New Hope PAno support
2014.11.02IH, Hamilton, Washington DCWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.11.04IH, Motorco, Durham NCWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.11.05IH, Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte NCWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.11.07IH, Variety Playhouse, Atlanta GAWreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.11.08IH, City Winery, Nashville TN Amy Speace
2014.11.09IH, City Winery, Nashville TN Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
2014.11.11IH, Minglewood Hall, Memphis TN Freedy Johnston
2014.11.14IH, Park West, Chicago ILFreedy Johnston
2014.11.15IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OHFreedy Johnston
2014.11.28IH, At The Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor NJ
2014.11.29IH, Infinity Hall, Norfolk CTn/a
2015.01.09IH, The Fillmore, San Francisco CASteve Wynn
2015.01.10IH, The Roxy, Los Angeles CASteve Wynn
2015.01.11IH, The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CASteve Wynn
2015.01.16IH, Garden Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan
2015.01.17IH, Garden Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan
2015.01.18IH, Garden Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan
2015.06.03IH, City Winery, New York NYSteve Wynn
2015.06.04IH, City Winery, New York NYJeff Caldwell
2015.06.05IH, Bell House, Brooklyn NYA Thousand Mothers
2015.06.06IH, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville PAKaryn Kuhl
2015.08.23IH, Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach NHSupporting J. Geils Band
2015.08.26IH, Beacon Theatre, New York NYSupporting J. Geils Band
2015.08.27IH, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston MASupporting J. Geils Band
2015.08.30IH, The Paramount, Huntington NYSupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.03IH, Waterfront Concerts, Maine State Pier, Portland MESupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.05IH, India Point Park, Providence RISupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.08IH, Artpark, Lewiston NYSupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.10IH, Hard Rock Live Northfield Park, Northfield OHSupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.11IH, DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston MISupporting J. Geils Band
2015.09.13Canceled: IH, Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus OHSupporting J. Geils Band
2016.01.29IH, University of Warwick Student Union, Coventry EnglandDavid R. Black
2016.01.30IH, William Aston Hall, Wrexham Wales
2016.01.31IH, Giants of Rock, Butlins, Minehead England
2016.05.04IH, Ivan Julian Benefit, City Winery, New York NY
2016.06.11IH, City Winery, New York NY
2016.06.12IH, Hoboken Music and Arts Festival, Washington Street, Hoboken NJ
2016.06.18IH, City Winery, New York NYKaryn Kuhl
2016.06.19IH, Sellersville Theater, Sellersville PAAngela Burns
2016.06.25IH, City Winery, New York NY
2016.09.30IH, Helsinki, Hudson NYn/a
2016.10.01IH, Infinity Music Hall, Hartford CTn/a
2016.10.02IH, Narrows Center, Fall River MA
2016.10.04IH, Newton Theatre, Newton NJ
2016.10.06IH, Bell House, Brooklyn NY
2016.10.07IH, City Winery, New York NYMary Lee Cortes
2016.10.08IH, Ardmore, Philiadelphia PATravel Lanes
2016.10.10IH, Ark, Ann Arbor MIVin Dombroski & Jackson Smith
2016.10.11IH, City Winery, Chicago IL
2016.10.12IH, City Winery, Chicago IL
2016.10.14IH, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OHTom Evanchuck
2016.10.15IH, Town Ballroom, Buffalo NY
2016.10.24IH, Hamilton, Washington DCDot Dash
2016.10.26IH, City Winery, Nashville TN
2016.10.27IH, City Winery, Atlanta GAPeter Holsapple
2016.10.28IH, Cats Cradle, Carrboro NCJeffrey Dean Foster
2016.11.04IH, Assembly, Leamington Spa EnglandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.05IH, Garage, Glasgow ScotlandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.07IH, Sage 2, Gateshead EnglandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.08IH, Tramshed, Cardiff WalesSittin' Pretty
2016.11.09IH, RCNM, Manchester EnglandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.11IH, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London EnglandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.12IH, Tivoli, Buckley WalesSittin' Pretty
2016.11.13IH, Picturedrome, Holmfirth EnglandSittin' Pretty
2016.11.15IH, Kulturbolaget, Malmo Sweden
2016.11.16IH, Pustervik, Gothenburg Sweden
2016.11.18IH, Union Scene, Drammen Norway
2016.11.19IH, Byscenen, Trondheim Norway
2016.11.21IH, Nalen, Stockholm Sweden
2017.02.06IH, City Winery, New York NYJames Mastro (spoken)
2017.02.07IH, City Winery, New York NYJames Mastro (spoken)
2017.05.06IH, Boulton Center for Performing Arts, Bay Shore NY
2017.05.07IH, Havana, New Hope PA
2017.05.10IH, Music Box, Cleveland OHMarti Jones
2017.05.12IH, Northern Lights Theater, Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee WI
2017.05.13IH, Park West, Chicago ILJohn San Juan
2017.05.15IH, The Ark, Ann Arbor MI
2017.05.17IH, Jergels Rhythm Grille, Warrendale PAJoe Grushecky & the Houserockers
2017.05.19IH, Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJThe Grip Weeds
2017.05.20IH, FTS Stage One, Fairfield CT
2017.06.02IH, Infinity Music Hall, Norfolk CTn/a
2017.06.03IH, City Winery, New York NYJames Maddock
2017.06.04IH, City Winery, New York NYTammy Faye Starlight
2017.06.08IH, Sweden Rock, Solvsborg Sweden
2017.06.09IH, Liseberg Taubescenen, Gothenburg, Sweden
2017.06.10IH, Rjukan Rock Festival, Rjukan Norway
2017.06.11IH, Oslo Konserthus, Oslo, Norway
2017.06.13IH, Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden EnglandDepartment S
2017.06.14IH, Old Fire Station, Carlisle England
2017.06.16IH, Waterfront, Norwich EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.17IH, Cheese & Grain, Frome EnglandStretch Report, Steve Henderson
2017.06.18IH, Arts Centre, Bingley England
2017.06.20IH, Hangar 34, Liverpool EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.21IH, Stables, Milton Keynes EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.22IH, Welly Club, Hull Englandunknown
2017.06.25IH, Town Hall, Birmingham EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.26IH, Guild Hall, Preston EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.28IH, Student Central, London EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.30IH, Engine Rooms, Southampton EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.06.30IH, Engine Rooms, Southampton EnglandWorry Dolls
2017.07.03IH, Mouth of the Tyne Festival, Playhouse, Whitley Bay EnglandKatie Spencer, Steve Daggett
2017.09.12IH, Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles CAScott McCaughey
2017.09.13IH, The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano CAScott McCaughey
2017.09.15IH, The Fillmore, San Francisco CAChuck Prophet & Mission Express