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This magazine and newspaper index has been compiled from many different sources, and includes feature articles as well as smaller items like concert reviews, news items, and record and CD reviews. When known, the issue date, type, title, and author are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these articles, or know of any others that are not listed, please feel free to pass the information along.

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1969.09Zig Zag (UK)articleThe Amazing World of Guy Stevens [by Pete Frame]
1969.10.10International Times (UK)articleHoopling Furiously [by Sparkly Mark]
1969.11Ross Gazette (UK)news itemGroup's First LP released [by Prospector]
1969.11International Free Press (UK)news itemunknown
1969.11.15Melody Maker (UK)single reviewRock and Roll Queen
1969.11.15Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewMott The Hoople
1969.11.15New Musical Express (UK)single reviewRock and Roll Queen
1969.11.22Disc (UK)LP reviewMott The Hoople
1969.12Zig Zag (UK)articleHow The Hell Do We Get Started? [by Mick Ralphs]
1969.12.06New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewMott The Hoople
1969.12.12Freakwency (UK)articleunknown
197?Imagine (US)articleBack To The Bins
1970.01.10Record Mirror (UK)articleMott & The Name Game [by Rob Partridge]
1970.01.17Melody Maker (UK)articleHappy Hoople [by Richard Williams]
1970.01.31Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewunknown
1970.02Image (Germany)LP reviewMott The Hoople [by n/a]
1970.02Image (Germany)articleMott The Hoople [by Klaus Martens]
1970.02Time Out London (UK)articleMott The Hoople [by Pol]
1970.02.13What's On Where (UK)LP reviewMott The Hoople [by Dave Russell]
1970.05.02Billboard (US)articleTwo Island Acts To Bolster Hold on Music Trade
1970.05.02Record Mirror (UK)gig review(1970.04.20 Pop Proms, Roundhouse London UK)
1970.05.16Disc (UK)articleMott The Hoople - New Big Name? [by n/a]
1970.05.25Rock (US)LP reviewMott The Hoople
1970.05.29Fusion (US)unknownunknown
1970.06.11Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewMott The Hoople [by Ed Ward]
1970.06.12Fusion (US)LP reviewMott The Hoople
1970.06.17Variety (US)unknownunknown
1970.06.20Billboard (US)gig reviewTalent In Action (70.06.10 Fillmore East, NY NY) [by Fred Kirby]
1970.06.27Billboard (US)news itemHeart Assn. Aided by Mott [by n/a]
1970.07Circus (US)LP reviewMott The Hoople: Mott The Hoople Cause Hoopla [by Bud Scoppa]
1970.07Coast FM and Fine Arts (US)LP reviewHoopla For Mott [by John Mendelsohn]
1970.07.01Changes (Canada)articleunknown
1970.07.04Cashbox (US)gig reviewTalent Onstage (Capitol Theater, Port Chester NY)
1970.07.12In Your Ear (US)articleMott The Hoople
1970.07.31LA Free Press (USA)articleunknown
1970.09.05Melody Maker (UK)articleRecording Is So Clinical
1970.09.12Record Mirror (UK)articleThe Seventies Sound - Mick Ralphs Of Mott The Hoople [by Mick Ralphs]
1970.09.16Zygote (UK)gig reviewGrand Funk vs. The Kinks
1970.09.19Melody Maker (UK)gig review1970.09.13 Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK
1970.09.19Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewRecords: Mad Shadows
1970.10Zig Zag (UK)articleMott - Hoopling Vigorously
1970.10.03Disc (UK)news itemPrison Bans MTH
1970.10.03Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewMad Shadows: Youthful Mott Rock [by N.L.]
1970.10.10Disc (UK)news itemDISCussion with IH
1970.10.10Sounds (UK)LP reviewMad Shadows
1970.10.17New Musical Express (UK)articleMott The Hoople - More Than Just An Unusual Name [by Roy Carr]
1970.10.31Disc (UK)articleHumble Hoople Have Happened ... ! [by Roy Shipston]
1970.11Beat Instrumental (UK)articleMott The Hoople
1970.11Rock And Folk (France)articleunknown
1970.11.07Melody Maker (UK)articleHoople Aiming For A Wider Audience
1970.11.07Record Mirror (UK)articleThe Seventies Sound: Mott Are Thinking Big
1970.11.07Sounds (UK)articleMott Ride In On Britiain's New Rock Wave
1970.11.12Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewMad Shadows [by Melissa Mills]
1970.11.16Rock (US)LP reviewMad Shadows
1970.11.27Fusion (US)unknownunknown
1970.11.28Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act Extra
1970.12Creem (USA)news itemunknown
1970.12Mole Express (UK)articleMott The Hoople: Ian Hunter talks to Chris Dixon [by Chris Dixon]
1970.12Musik Express (Germany)LP reviewMad Shadows [by R.V.D.]
1970.12.05Melody Maker (UK)news itemGood Gig Guide
1970.12.12Melody Maker (UK)news itemunknown (possibly: Some Bands Try Harder, Rob Partridge)
1970.12.25Fusion (US)unknownunknown
1971Melody Maker (UK)news itemAny Questions (about: Mick Ralphs' first guitar)
1971.01.16New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott The Hoople In Concert (tour dates) [by n/a]
1971.01.17Sunday Mail (UK)articlePop Profile On Mott The Hoople
1971.02.06Record Mirror (UK)articleThe Seventies Sound - Ian Hunter Of Mott The Hoople [by Ian Hunter]
1971.02.13New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott (1971.02.07 Lyceum, London UK) [by n/a]
1971.03.20Disc (UK)LP reviewWildlife
1971.03.20Sounds (UK)LP reviewWildlife
1971.03.27Disc (UK)articleNo Wildlife For Hoople
1971.03.27Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewNew Albums: Wiildlife [by Chris Charlesworth]
1971.03.27Melody Maker (UK)articleA Good Word For Bon Mott [by Chris Charlesworth]
1971.03.27New Musical Express (UK)articleAmerica's Druggies Scared Mott
1971.04Circus (US)articleA Hoople History
1971.04.03Melody Maker (UK)gig review1971.03.28 Fairfield Halls, Croydon UK
1971.04.03Melody Maker (UK)articleHot For Mott
1971.04.04Record Mirror (UK)single reviewWildlife
1971.04.10Melody Maker (UK)articleBlind Date With Ian Hunter
1971.04.10New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewWildlife Can Win Mott Wider Fame [by Roy Carr]
1971.04.10New Musical Express (UK)news itemDisco 2 [by n/a]
1971.04.17Disc (UK)articleThe Soul Stirrers (MTH, Deep Purple, etc.)
1971.05.16New York Times (US)articleMandrill Shares Fillmore Bill With Mott the Hoople
1971.05.20Sounds (UK)unknownunknown
1971.05.22Melody Maker (UK)news itemAny Questions (about Mott's equipment, answers by Stan Tippins)
1971.05.29Billboard (US)gig reviewTalent In Action
1971.05.29Melody Maker (UK)gig review1971.05.14 Fillmore East, New York NY
1971.06Beat Instrumental (UK)articleMott The Hoople: Ian Hunter [by Steve Turner]
1971.06Music Life (Japan)unknownunknown
1971.06.05Melody Maker (UK)news itemAlbert Hall Debut and Tour For Hoople [by n/a]
1971.06.05Record Mirror (UK)single reviewMott Single Road To Rome [by n/a]
1971.06.10Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewWildlife [by Ben Edmonds]
1971.06.26Melody Maker (UK)single reviewRecords: Midnight Lady
1971.06.26New Musical Express (UK)articleAnd Ahm Just A Rock N Roll Star
1971.07Tiger Beat (USA)LP reviewWildlife review
1971.07.01Changes (Canada)articleMemories Of Years Past [by Allen Levy]
1971.07.01Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewHoople live (1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK)
1971.07.03Record Mirror (UK)single reviewMidnight Lady
1971.07.03Sounds (UK)single reviewMidnight Lady
1971.07.06Oor (Holland)LP reviewunknown
1971.07.10Sounds (UK)articleMott and The Rowdy Rockers
1971.07.17Disc (UK)gig reviewMott Play Hot (1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK) [by R.S.]
1971.07.17Melody Maker (UK)news itemMott: Britain's Grand Funk? [by Chris Charlesworth]
1971.07.17Melody Maker (UK)news itemThis Weeks Ban: Hoople (1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK)
1971.07.17New Musical Express (UK)news itemNow, Albert Hall Imposes Mott Ban [by n/a]
1971.07.17New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott The Hoople (1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK) [by Roy Carr]
1971.07.17Record Mirror (UK)gig reviewMott The Hoople (1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK) [by Val Mabbs]
1971.07.17Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Banned - RAH Cracks Up [by n/a]
1971.07.17Sounds (UK)gig reviewHoople: 1971.07.08 Royal Albert Hall, London UK [by Martin Hayman]
1971.07.24Disc (UK)articleWe Need Respect
1971.07.31Melody Maker (UK)articleHow Mott Made It
1971.08.00Record Mirror (UK)single reviewunknown
1971.08.07Melody Maker (UK)news itemHoople Banned Again (1971.07.30, Town Hall Cheltenham UK) [by n/a]
1971.08.07New Musical Express (UK)news itemMore Bans On Hoople, So Mott Buys Mobile Theatre [by n/a]
1971.08.07Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Banned From Two More Halls [by n/a]
1971.08.07Record Mirror (UK)articleMott - Give The People Rock [by Keith Altham]
1971.08.14Melody Maker (UK)news itemGive Mott a Chance - and Listen! (letter) [by Horace Panter]
1971.08.14Melody Maker (UK)news itemAny Questions (about Ian Hunter's Maltese Cross Guitar)
1971.08.29New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott (1971.08.29 Lyceum, London UK) [by Roy Carr]
1971.09Creem (US)LP reviewBrain Capers
1971.09Zig Zag (UK)articleEngland's Answer To Grand Funk? Bollocks! [by Pete Frame]
1971.09.04Record Mirror (UK)news itemNew Mott Single [by n/a]
1971.09.11Melody Maker (UK)single reviewDowntown [by n/a]
1971.09.11New Musical Express (UK)single reviewDowntown [by n/a]
1971.09.11New Musical Express (UK)articleThis Group Means T-R-O-U-B-L-E [by Roy Carr]
1971.09.18Melody Maker (UK)news itemMott Big Concert Tour [by n/a]
1971.09.18New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott and Steeleye - Big Concert Tours [by n/a]
1971.09.18Record Mirror (UK)news itemDowntown [by n/a]
1971.09.18Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott - New Tour Dates [by n/a]
1971.09.25Jackie (UK)articleOne, Two, Tree ... Face To Face With Ian Hunter [by n/a]
1971.09.25Melody Maker (UK)news itemThe State Of Rock [by n/a]
1971.09.25Sounds (UK)gig review1971.09.18 Kennington Oval, London UK
1971.10Creem (US)articleA Non-Story About Mott The Hoople [by Ed Ward]
1971.10Groove (UK)articleunknown
1971.10Jackie (UK)news itemHunter The Hunter [by n/a]
1971.10.02Jackie (UK)articlePete Meets Ian Hunter: Meet The Mott Man [by n/a]
1971.10.02Melody Maker (UK)news itemThe Raver: Guy Stevens [by Chris Charlesworth]
1971.10.02Record Mirror (UK)articleFrenzied, Frightening [by Val Mabbs]
1971.10.06Daily Planet (Australia)articleMott The Hoople
1971.11Rock & Folk (France)articleActualites (Taverne D'Olympia, Paris 71.09.29) [by n/a]
1971.11.20Disc (UK)articleThe State of Pop (MTH,T Rex, etc.)
1971.12Pop Music Superhebdo (France)articleunknown
1971.12.04New Musical Express (UK)articleMott: Working Class Heroes [by Roy Carr]
1971.12.04Record Mirror (UK)articleMott The Hoople: An Enigma [by Keith Altham]
1971.12.04Sounds (UK)articleIan Hunter Interview
1971.12.11Disc (UK)articleThe Great White Hunter
1971.12.11Melody Maker (UK)news itemWe're Going To Blast Grand Funk Off The Stage [by n/a]
1971.12.11New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewBrain Capers Near Perfection [by Roy Carr]
1971.12.18Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewBrain Capers
1971.12.25Sounds (UK)LP reviewBrain Capers
1972Jackie (UK)news itemHoola Hoople [by n/a]
1972Musa (Finland)gig reviewthree page article
1972Target (US)articleThe Rebel Rousers
1972Fapto (UK)articleMott The Hoople interview
1972.01Flash (Germany)articleMott The Hoople [by Nigel]
1972.01Rock And Folk (France)articleunknown
1972.01.29Record Mirror (UK)news itemHoople Star At New Rock Hall [by n/a]
1972.02.12New Musical Express (UK)news itemAberdeen Beach Ballroom: Mott The Hoople [by n/a]
1972.02.16Petticoat (UK)articleMeet Mott The Hoople
1972.02.26Melody Maker (UK)news itemHoople In Circus Gig [by n/a]
1972.02.26New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Heads Rock Circus April Tour [by n/a]
1972.02.26Record Mirror (UK)news itemHoople Rock Circus In April [by n/a]
1972.02.26Sounds (UK)articleVaudeville Hoople
1972.03Phonograph Record (US)LP reviewBrain Capers [by Richard Cromelin]
1972.03.02Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewBrain Capers
1972.03.03Sounds (UK)articleThat's A Rock 'n' Roll Band
1972.03.04Record Mirror (UK)articleKings of Rock
1972.03.18New Musical Express (UK)articleIts Sad to Think of Mott We Might Have Been (IH) [by Danny Holloway]
1972.04Creem (US)LP reviewBrain Capers [by Lester Bangs]
1972.04Sounds (UK)gig review1972.04.09 Guildford UK [by Julie Webb]
1972.04.01New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Circus: Gasp, Swoon, Scream [by Tony Tyler]
1972.04.01Sounds (UK)posterColour Poster - Ian Hunter [by n/a]
1972.04.15Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act 1972.04.06 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK [by Dennis Detheridge]
1972.04.15Sounds (UK)gig review1972.04.05 Guildhall, Plymouth UK
1972.04.29Record Mirror (UK)gig reviewunknown
1972.04.29Sounds (UK)gig review1972.04.19 Lyceum, London UK
1972.04.30Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewBrain Capers
1972.05.13New Musical Express (UK)news itemAir Barclay & Mott For New London Rock Venue [by n/a]
1972.05.20Sounds (UK)articleHoople Keeping Themselves In Sight
1972.05.27Record Mirror (UK)news itemRock Is Nasty [by n/a]
1972.06.10New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott, Bowie at Festival Hall [by n/a]
1972.06.17Sounds (UK)news itemMott Pull Out Of Festival Hall Concert [by n/a]
1972.06.22Record Mirror (UK)articleMott's Raid On Presley's Place
1972.07.08Record Mirror (UK)news itemNew Mott Label [by n/a]
1972.07.28New Musical Express (UK)single reviewAll The Young Dudes
1972.07.29Melody Maker (UK)single reviewRecords: All The Young Dudes
1972.07.29New Musical Express (UK)single reviewAll The Young Dudes Mott Have A Smash 45 [by n/a]
1972.08.05Record Mirror (UK)single reviewBowie Gives Hoople a Hit All The Young Dudes [by n/a]
1972.08.12Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (1972.08 Slough, UK) [by Geoff Ward]
1972.08.12Melody Maker (UK)articleMott Paying Tribute to Bowie
1972.08.12New Musical Express (UK)articleBowie Gives Hoople New Lease of Life
1972.08.19New Musical Express (UK)gig review1972.08 Guildford UK [by Julie Webb]
1972.08.19Record Mirror (UK)gig review1972.08 Civic Hall, Guildford UK
1972.08.19Sounds (UK)gig review1972.08 Civic Hall, Guildford UK
1972.08.26Disc (UK)articleNight Of The Hunter
1972.08.26Melody Maker (UK)articleHow Bowie Became Mott's Fairy Godfather [by n/a]
1972.08.26Sounds (UK)news itemunknown
1972.09Phonograph Record (US)articleunknown
1972.09New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott, Beck Join Oval Line-Up On Saturday
1972.09.02Melody Maker US Edition (US)articleHow Bowie Became Mott's Fairy Godfather
1972.09.16Disc (UK)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes
1972.09.16Disc (UK)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes At Last Mott Get It All On Wax [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1972.09.16New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes Mott-Bowie Compromise [by Ton Stewart]
1972.09.16New Musical Express (UK)articleWhat's Mott?
1972.09.16Record Mirror (UK)news itemHoople to Join Zappa at Oval?
1972.09.16Sounds (UK)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes Mott's Dudes Good But [by S.P.]
1972.09.16Sounds (UK)news itemHoople To Join Zappa At Oval?
1972.09.23Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes A Mott Of Fuss About Nothing [by Chris Charlesworth]
1972.09.23Sounds (UK)unknownunknown
1972.09.30Jackie (UK)articleMeet The Mott Man ... Ian Hunter (iisue 456) [by n/a]
1972.09.30Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewMTH Live in Liverpool (1972.10.23, Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK) [by Barbara Drillsma]
1972.09.30New Musical Express (UK)gig review1972.09.25 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton UK
1972.09.30Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewSubtlety Pays Off for Mott All The Young Dudes
1972.09.30Sounds (UK)gig review1972.09.20 City Hall, Newcastle UK
1972.10Disc (UK)gig review1972.10.04 Top Rank, Brighton UK [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1972.10.07Jackie (UK)articleMeet The Mott Man ... Ian Hunter (iisue 457) [by n/a]
1972.10.07Sounds (UK)articleunknown
1972.10.14Record Mirror (UK)gig review1972.10.04 Top Rank, Brighton UK
1972.10.21Melody Maker (UK)gig review1972.10.14 Rainbow, London UK
1972.10.21Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewMott Are Shown The Way Home (1972.10.14 Rainbow, London UK) [by Chris Charlesworth]
1972.10.21Record Mirror (UK)articlePop Stars Are People
1972.10.21Sounds (UK)posterMott The Hoople Colour Poster [by n/a]
1972.10.26Scene (US)LP reviewHooples are Mott Dudes (All The Young Dudes) [by Jim Girard]
1972.10.28Melody Maker (UK)articleThe Young Dude [by Chris Welch]
1972.10.28Mirabelle (UK)articleMott The Hoople: Wow [by Fran Landsman]
1972.10.28Veronica (Holland)LP reviewunknown
1972.11Best (Germany)LP reviewunknown
1972.11Music Life (Japan)news itemnews item and photo
1972.11Muziek Parade (Holland)article(unknown, 1pg with photo)
1972.11Phonograph Record (US)gig reviewunknown
1972.11.04Diana (UK)articleunknown
1972.11.04Melody Maker (UK)articleunknown Buffin article (US Edition)
1972.11.04Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewRock 'n' Roll Raunchy Mott Review of Rock 'n' Roll Queen
1972.11.04Sounds (UK)articleThe People's Hunter [by Martin Hayman]
1972.11.05Los Angeles Times (US)articleMott The Hoople Meets David Bowie [by Richard Cromelin]
1972.11.06Circular (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes
1972.11.11Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewRock and Roll Queen
1972.11.20Rock (US)unknownunknown
1972.11.25Pop Swop (UK)unknownunknown
1972.11.29Pop Music (France)articleMTH: La Decouverte De David Bowie [by Cochise]
1972.11.30Scene (US)articleMott The Hoople, Lou Reed [by Jim Girard]
1972.12Circus (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes David Bowie Embraces MTH [by Michele Hush]
1972.12Newsday (US)articleGrowing Up Grim With Mott The Hoople
1972.12Phonograph Record (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes
1972.12.02Jackie (UK)articleMeet The Mott Man ... [by Pete]
1972.12.02Jackie (UK)posterIan Hunter pinup [by n/a]
1972.12.07Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes [by Bud Scoppa]
1972.12.09Disc (UK)articleThe Mott Mystique [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1972.12.18Rock (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes
1972.12.20Oor (Holland)LP reviewunknown
1973Disc (UK)articleIan Hunter - Roadie Fu
1973Bravo (Germany)articleWie David Bowie Mott The Hoople auf die Beine Half [by n/a]
1973.01.06Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewMTH Live in Chicago (1972.12.16 Chicago Auditorium, Chicago IL)
1973.01.27New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott Llean on Llanelli (1973.01.18 Glen, Llannelli Wales) [by Pete Philips]
1973.01.29Rock (US)articleMott The Hoople Has Come Back To Bother You
1973.02Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes
1973.02Creem (US)LP reviewunknown
1973.02Music Scene (UK)articleMott The Hoople: The Kids Want Bands Of The Seventies
1973.02Phonograph Record (US)articleThe Complete History Of Mott The Hoople [by Ken Barnes]
1973.02Stereo Review (US)articleBowie and Hoople and Reed
1973.02.03Sounds (UK)articleMott: Punk Rock Rolls Back
1973.02.10Melody Maker (UK)news itemHoople Quits [by n/a]
1973.02.10Sounds (UK)news itemMott Shock Allen Quits
1973.02.24Sounds (UK)news itemYoung Dudes Magical Tour [by Martin Hayman]
1973.03Circus (US)articleBowie's Buddies Grew Up On Grand Funk [by n/a]
1973.03Disc (UK)news itemMott Tour And Album
1973.03Fusion (US)LP reviewAll The Young Dudes plus article [by Robert Christgau]
1973.03Words and Music (US)articleUp and Raving With Mott The Hoople
1973.03.03New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott / Alex Harvey / Glasgow (1973.02.22 Green's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotland) [by Steve Clarke]
1973.03.10Music Star (UK)articleIan - The Moody Mott [by n/a]
1973.03.10Veronica (Holland)news itemMTH news item and photo
1973.03.17Melody Maker (UK)articleThe Mott The Hoople File [by n/a]
1973.03.17Sounds (UK)articleThe Ballad of Mott the Hoople [by Martin Hayman]
1973.03.31Sounds (UK)gig reviewHoople - Brash And Stomping (1973.02.19 Town Hall Birmingham UK) [by Howard Fielding]
1973.05Phonograph Record (US)unknownunknown
1973.05.05Sounds (UK)news itemMott: After Sixth Months' Silence: Album, Single [by n/a]
1973.05.19Melody Maker (UK)single reviewHonaloochie Boogie [by n/a]
1973.05.19New Musical Express (UK)single reviewHonaloochie Boogie Mott Have We Here? [by n/a]
1973.05.19Sounds (UK)single reviewHonaloochie Boogie The Spirit Of Mott [by n/a]
1973.05.26Disc (UK)single reviewHonaloochie Boogie Hot Mott [by n/a]
1973.05.26Melody Maker (UK)articleMott Say Goodbye To Bowie And Get Back To Rock And Roll [by Chris Welch]
1973.05.26Record Mirror (UK)single reviewHonaloochie.Boogie Instant Commercialization by Mott [by Peter Jones]
1973.05.26Sounds (UK)articleFirst Sight Of The Real Mott [by Rob Mackie]
1973.06Crawdaddy (US)articleA Discriminating Guide to Hard Rock
1973.06New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Augmented For Big US tour [by n/a]
1973.06.02Record Mirror (UK)articleBowie Saved Us [by Val Mabbs]
1973.06.09Disc (UK)articleMott - Their Own Men At Last [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1973.06.09New Musical Express (UK)articleMott's Going On? [by Roy Carr]
1973.06.30Disc (UK)news itemMott Recording
1973.07Disco 45 (UK)articleHitmakers: Mott The Hoople
1973.07Music Scene (UK)articleHoople Over The Hump [by Mitchell Paul]
1973.07Music Scene (UK)LP reviewMott first review [by n/a]
1973.07Music Scene (UK)LP reviewMott second review [by B.C.]
1973.07Music Star (UK)news itemMott's Small Army [by n/a]
1973.07Petticoat (UK)LP reviewMott Tune In:Notes On The Music World [by Mick Brown]
1973.07.07Disc (UK)news itemMott in US
1973.07.07Melody Maker (UK)news itemMott's US tour, New Album Due [by n/a]
1973.07.21Disc (UK)news itemMott's Boogie
1973.07.21Disc (UK)LP reviewMott Mott Take a Giant Step
1973.07.21New Musical Express (UK)articleMott On The Brink [by Tony Stewart]
1973.07.21New Musical Express (UK)news itemAnd Mott Now Down To A Trio? [by Tony Stewart]
1973.07.21New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewMott [by Tony Stewart]
1973.07.21Record Mirror (UK)articleMTH Fight that Camp Rock Tag [by Rick Sanders]
1973.07.21Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Album
1973.07.28Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewMott
1973.07.28Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewAlbums UK: Mott [by n/a]
1973.07.28Sounds (UK)articleOne Man And His Dog [by Martin Hayman]
1973.07.28Sounds (UK)LP reviewMott Mott, A Most Improved Band [by S.P.]
1973.08Beat Instrumental (UK)articleDavid Bowie Embarrasses MTH
1973.08Scene (US)articleunknown
1973.08.04New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Writers - Ballad Of Mott The Hoople [by Tony Stewart]
1973.08.06New York Times (US)articleMott the Hoople Bows as Headliner For Song Fanciers [by John S. Wilson]
1973.08.09Village Voice (US)gig reviewMTH/New York Dolls (1974.08.03 Felt Forum NY NY) [by Dan Nooger]
1973.08.11Disc (UK)articleThe Mott Lot: Ian Hunter Sounds Off
1973.08.11Pop Swop (UK)articleunknown
1973.08.11Sounds (UK)articleHoople Crash Back
1973.08.18Billboard (US)gig reviewTalent In Action (MTH/New York Dolls (1974.08.03 Felt Forum NY NY) [by Nancy Erlich]
1973.08.18It's Here (UK)articleThanks a Lot, Mott
1973.08.18New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewThis Is America: Mott Top of the Forum [by Linda Solomon]
1973.08.18Record Mirror (UK)news itemMotts Return [by n/a]
1973.08.18Sounds (UK)articleA Spot of Mott Madness [by Chuck Pulin]
1973.08.25Record Mirror (UK)news itemA Glass In Time [by n/a]
1973.09Beat Instrumental (UK)articleI Always Thought Mott Was Music
1973.09Beat Instrumental (UK)LP reviewMott
1973.09.01Melody Maker (UK)single reviewAll The Way From Memphis [by n/a]
1973.09.01New Musical Express (UK)single reviewAll The Way From Memphis A Whole Lotta Hoople [by n/a]
1973.09.08Melody Maker (UK)news itemRalphs Quits Hoople [by Tony Stewart]
1973.09.08Melody Maker (UK)articleThe Ballad Of Mott [by Chris Welch]
1973.09.08Record Mirror (UK)articleMott Hit That Memphis Trail
1973.09.08Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott - UK and US Tours
1973.09.08Sounds (UK)single reviewAll The Way From Memphis [by n/a]
1973.09.13Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewMott: No Success Like Failure [by Bud Scoppa]
1973.09.15Disc (UK)articleChanging Face of Mott
1973.09.15Melody Maker (UK)news itemRalphs Linked with Free Men
1973.09.15New Musical Express (UK)news itemAirport Frolics [by n/a]
1973.09.15New Musical Express (UK)news itemRalphs Quit Mott - to Join Free? [by Tony Stewart]
1973.09.15Sounds (UK)articleMott The Hoople's Buffin In The Sounds Talk-In [by Martin Hayman]
1973.09.22Pop Swop (UK)unknowncolor poster
1973.09.29Record Mirror (UK)news itemHail Ariel and Farewell Mick
1973.10Beetle (Canada)articleMott The Hoople
1973.10Circus (US)articleMott The Hoople Break Their Losing Streak with Mott
1973.10Circus (US)LP reviewMott
1973.10Creem (US)LP reviewMott Triumph Of The Dudes [by Lester Bangs]
1973.10Let It Rock (UK)articleMightly Long Way Down to Rock 'n' Roll
1973.10Let It Rock (UK)gig reviewMott [by Simon Frith]
1973.10Music Scene (UK)news itemNew-Look Mott Tour Next Month [by n/a]
1973.10Music Scene (UK)articleThe Moils Of Mott [by Jon Halsall]
1973.10Sounds (UK)gig reviewMott Versus The New Easy Riders (1973.10.11 Auditorium, Chicago IL)
1973.10.05Los Angeles Free Press (US)articleMott The Hoople [by Anne Moore]
1973.10.05Palm Beach Post (US)articleBanned Rock Groups at Auditorium [by Hector Morales]
1973.10.06Disc (UK)news itemMott Hit Road
1973.10.06Melody Maker (UK)news itemHoople Plan British Dates [by n/a]
1973.10.06Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act: Mott Strike Gold (1973.09.14 Palladium, Hollywood CA) [by Chris Charlesworth]
1973.10.06New Musical Express (UK)news itemHoople's UK tour [by n/a]
1973.10.06Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott - Major Tour
1973.10.06Sounds (UK)articleLights Up On Sunset [by Sue Byrum]
1973.10.06Sounds (UK)news itemRoll Away The Stone - New Hoople Single, Plus Mott Tour [by n/a]
1973.10.11Scene (US)articleIt's Like A Family, Mott Is [by Jim Girard]
1973.10.11Zoo World (US)LP reviewMott [by Billy Altman]
1973.10.12Chicago Sun-Times (US)articleMott Knows Rock's 1st Rule
1973.10.13Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott's Tour Dates [by n/a]
1973.10.19Berkeley Barb (US)gig reviewMott The Hoople Blows It (1973.09.29 Winterland, San Francisco CA)
1973.10.20Disc (UK)single reviewBenton's DISClosures: Roll Away The Stone [by Michael Benton]
1973.10.20New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott Fight For 'Frisco [by Adam Block]
1973.10.20Pop Swop (UK)unknownunknown
1973.10.25Zoo World (US)articleunknown
1973.10.29New York Times (US)articleMott the Hoople Serves Hard-Driving Rock [by John Rockwell]
1973.11Creem (US)articleThe Ballad of Mott The Hoople The Times Are A'Changin' Again [by Ben Edmonds]
1973.11Music World (US)articleMott's Ian Hunter
1973.11Phonograph Record (US)gig reviewPerformances: (1973.07.28 Massillon OH) [by Lester Bangs]
1973.11Stereo Review (US)LP reviewMott The Hoople: The Lost Is Found Mott [by Sreve Simels]
1973.11New Musical Express (UK)single reviewRoll Away The Stone
1973.11Sounds (UK)gig reviewMott The Hoople - A Good Set (1973.10.26 Radio City Music Hall, New York NY) [by n/a]
1973.11.03Disc (UK)news itemMott Sing of Rolling Stone
1973.11.03New Musical Express (UK)articleMott Mania Starts To Build [by n/a]
1973.11.03Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Bigger Than Bowie
1973.11.08Rolling Stone (US)articleMott The Hoople Notches a Hit And Finds A Niche [by Gordon Fletcher]
1973.11.10Disc (UK)posterIan Hunter center poster
1973.11.10Record Mirror (UK)gig review1973.10.26 Radio City Music Hall, New York NY [by Barry Taylor]
1973.11.17Disc (UK)articleMott Rip Into Radio City [by Lenny Kaye]
1973.11.17Disc (UK)articleMott's The Recipe Today, Jim? [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1973.11.17Disc (UK)single reviewRoll Away The Stone [by n/a]
1973.11.17Melody Maker (UK)single reviewRoll Away the Stone [by n/a]
1973.11.17Melody Maker (UK)articleMott The Hoople: Band Breakdown [by Jeff Ward]
1973.11.17Sounds (UK)articleBuffin - Still The Enthusiast [by Martin Hayman]
1973.11.19Rock (US)LP reviewMott
1973.11.23Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (1973.11.17 Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK)
1973.11.24Diana (UK)articleDale Griffin - From Dog's Body To Drummer Part 2 of 5 [by Dick Tatham]
1973.11.24Record Mirror (UK)articleYou Gotta Be Something To Pull 5000 Kids
1973.11.24Record Mirror (UK)single reviewRoll Away The Stone Just A Motter Of Time [by n/a]
1973.11.24Sounds (UK)single reviewRoll Away The Stone Proud Mott Stuff [by n/a]
1973.12Beat Instrumental (UK)articleOn The Road With Mott The Hoople [by n/a]
1973.12Creem (US)LP reviewMott [by Robert Christgau]
1973.12Fusion (US)LP reviewunknown LP review
1973.12Let It Rock (UK)articleMott The Hoople interview
1973.12Spotlight (Ireland)articleMott The Hoople
1973.12.01Diana (UK)articleDale Griffin - A Taxi Home From Italy Part 3 of 5 [by Dick Tatham]
1973.12.01Disc (UK)gig reviewGoin' On A Bender (1973.11.20 New Theatre, Oxford UK) [by Ray Fox-Cummings]
1973.12.01Record Mirror (UK)gig review1973.11.20 New Theatre, Oxford UK
1973.12.01Sounds (UK)articleMott: These Are The Real Dudes
1973.12.03Rock (US)articleMott The Hoople: Dudes Anonymous [by Toby Goldstein]
1973.12.08Diana (UK)articleDale Griffin - Banned, Broke and Bewildered Part 4 of 5 [by Dick Tatham]
1973.12.08Melody Maker (UK)news itemPhoney Mott tapes [by n/a]
1973.12.15Diana (UK)articleDale Griffin - Bowie Puts Mott Through The Hoople Part 5 of 5 [by Dick Tatham]
1973.12.15Disc (UK)news itemMott Live LP for First Time [by n/a]
1973.12.15Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott To Record Live
1973.12.15Sounds (UK)articleCrash Street Kids [by Martin Hayman]
1973.12.15Sounds (UK)news itemMott For Live album [by n/a]
1973.12.22Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act: Mott Riot (1973.12.14 Hammersmith Odeon, London UK) [by n/a]
1973.12.22Record Mirror (UK)articleAriel Bending
1973.12.22Record Mirror (UK)gig review1973.12.14 Hammersmith Odeon, London UK
1973.12.22Sounds (UK)gig reviewMott (1973.12.14 Hammersmith Odeon, London UK) [by Martin Hayman]
1973.12.25The Good Times (USA)articleMTH: Emergence of the Dudes [by David Budge]
1973.12.29Look-In (UK)articleMott The Hoople (back cover and interview)
1973.12.29Melody Maker (UK)articleMind Bender: Mott The Hoople [by Rob Randall]
1973.12.29Record Mirror (UK)articleUproar As Mott Gig Ends In Chaos
1974Denim Delinquent (US)gig review1973.12.14 Hammersmith Odeon, London UK
1974Hit Parader Annual (US)unknownunknown
1974Melanie (Germany)articleRock Show Im Super-Sound
1974Mirabelle (UK)articleJumping Through The Hoople With Mighty Mott
1974Music Star (UK)news itemWhat Makes Morgan Fisher ... ? [by n/a]
1974Pop (Germany)articlefour page article (Issue 17)
1974.01Beat Instrumental (UK)articleunknown
1974.01Circus (US)articleThe Mott Strikes Out [by n/a]
1974.01Look-In (UK)articleHunter The Hoople [by Laurie Khurt]
1974.01Music Scene (UK)articleMott The Hoople: Band Of The Month
1974.01Music Scene (UK)gig reviewMott The Hoople and Queen 1973.11.12 Town Hall, Leeds UK
1974.01Music Star (UK)news itemHostile Hunter [by n/a]
1974.01Teen (US)articleunknown
1974.01UCLA Daily Bruin (US)articleMott The Hoople as the Next Big Thing
1974.01Venus (USA)articleGlitter Rock (w/Bowie, Iggy, Dolls, etc.)
1974.01.03Rolling Stone (US)articleThe Hoople Live Show That Wasn't [by n/a]
1974.01.05Sounds (UK)posterIan Hunter colour poster
1974.01.15Greeley Tribune (US)articleEngland's Mott The Hoople Reaches Stardom [by Mary Campbell]
1974.01.19New Musical Express (UK)articleMemoirs Of A Street Punk [by Nick Kent]
1974.01.25Oil City Derrick (US)articleRock Group Calls '73 Hardest Working Year [by Mary Campbell]
1974.01.27Los Angeles Times (US)articleMott the Hoople: 'Us Against the World' [by Richard Cromelin]
1974.01.28Lima News (US)articleMTH Gains Stardom on 5th US Visit [by Mary Campbell]
1974.01.28Morning Herald (US)articleMTH: Band On The Rise [by Mary Campbell]
1974.01.29Lowell Sun (US)articleMott, Saved By Bowie, Hit Stardom [by Mary Campbell]
1974.02Circus (US)articleThe Mott Radio Rip-Off [by Kathleen Stein]
1974.02Circus (US)articleThe Rock Lovers: Ian And Trudy Hunter: Passionate Struggle [by Steve Demorest]
1974.02Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewMott [by Michael Gross]
1974.02Honey and Vanity Fair (UK)articleMott The Hoople and the Mighty Long Way Up Rock And Roll [by Neil Lydon]
1974.02Music Star (UK)news itemMott Make Merry [by n/a]
1974.02Music Star (UK)news itemMott's In A Name? [by n/a]
1974.02Music Star (UK)news itemPop Loves: Buffin and Paula [by n/a]
1974.02Music Star (UK)news itemMaster Dale's Diary [by n/a]
1974.02Rock Scene (US)articleBand of the Month (with centerspread pictures)
1974.02Boogie (US)article(Pioneer Concert article) [by Scott Dumhamel]
1974.02.01New York Times (US)articleMott The Hoople Will Play Intimately on Broadway [by Ian Dove]
1974.02.03Pop Swop (UK)unknownunknown
1974.02.05Los Angeles Times (US)articleHistory of MTH Reads Like R&R Soap Opera [by Richard Cromelin]
1974.02.09Fabulous (UK)articleTimes Have Changed For Mott! (full page of color photos) [by n/a]
1974.02.09New Musical Express (UK)news itemStudios: Mott Work On New Album [by n/a]
1974.02.09New Musical Express (UK)articleIan Hunter's Mott Journal Part 1 [by Ian Hunter]
1974.02.16New Musical Express (UK)articleIan Hunter's Mott Journal Part 2 [by Ian Hunter]
1974.02.16Petticoat (UK)articleMeet Mott The Hoople (interview/color pics)
1974.02.16Petticoat (UK)articleMeet Mott The Hoople (interview/color pics)
1974.02.23Music Star (UK)news itemMott: Sorry
1974.03Circus (US)articleHow To Find Those Hard-to-get Imports
1974.03Circus Raves (US)articleMott Cops The Top Spot [by Steve Demorest]
1974.03Honey & Vanity Fair (UK)articleOn Your Feet for Mott the Hoople [by Neil Lyndon]
1974.03Muziek Express (Holland)articleMott The Hoople: Zou Het Wel Eens Helemaal ... [by n/a]
1974.03.02Disc (UK)news itemGolden Age Of Rock And Roll Mott's Rock n' Sleaze [by n/a]
1974.03.02Disc (UK)news itemMott Tour And Album [by n/a]
1974.03.02New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Mini Tour [by n/a]
1974.03.02Record Mirror (UK)news itemAge Of Mott
1974.03.06Edwardsville Intelligencer (US)articleEnglish Band In America: MTH early Success [by Mary Campbell]
1974.03.09Disc (UK)articleMeet Overend Watts: The Upside Down bass Player [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1974.03.14Jackie (UK)news itemCall My Buff ... A Star Romance [by n/a]
1974.03.15Music Star (UK)news itemIan Hunter
1974.03.16Disc (UK)news itemMott and Jimmy Battle For The Top
1974.03.16Melody Maker (UK)single reviewRecords: Golden Age Of Rock N Roll [by n/a]
1974.03.16Melody Maker (UK)articleBig Game Hunter [by Jeff Ward]
1974.03.16New Musical Express (UK)single reviewGolden Age Of Rock And Roll [by n/a]
1974.03.16Sounds (UK)articleRock And Roll Rogues [by Martin Hayman]
1974.03.16Sounds (UK)single reviewGolden Age of Rock' n' Roll [by n/a]
1974.03.23Record Mirror (UK)single reviewGolden Age of Rock' n' Roll [by n/a]
1974.03.30Disc (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople Fragments Of Madness [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1974.03.30Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act: Solid Gold Mott (1974.03.24 Colston Hall, Bristol UK) [by John Auckland]
1974.03.30Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople Hoople's Blood And Thunder [by Jeff Ward]
1974.03.30New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewThe HoopleHunter's Hoople - Band To Trust [by Nick Kent]
1974.03.30Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople Mott's Mistake [by C.P.]
1974.03.30Sounds (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople Street Punk Drama Goes Over The Top [by Martin Hayman]
1974.03.30Sounds (UK)gig reviewCrash Street (1974.03.24 Colston Hall Bristol UK) [by Howard Fielding]
1974.04Best (Germany)articleHistory of Mott The Hoople
1974.04Circus Raves (US)news itemRock And Roll Sex Index [by n/a]
1974.04Circus Raves (US)news itemFront Pages New York: Ariel Hot On Mott [by n/a]
1974.04Circus Raves (US)news itemFront Pages London: Mott In Stage Melee [by n/a]
1974.04Creem (US)articleDiary of a Rock and Roll Star MTH From The Inside [by Ian Hunter]
1974.04Evening Post (UK)articleSinging Under Glass (Hunter) [by n/a]
1974.04Extra (France)articleLa Ballade De Mott The Hoople [by Jean-William Thoury]
1974.04Music Scene (UK)articleReinforced and Rougher [by Rob Randall]
1974.04Seventeen (US)gig reviewMott The Hoople at Radio City Music Hall
1974.04.06Los Angeles Times (US)news itemMott The Hoople To Give Second Show [by Robert Hilburn]
1974.04.06Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewRecords: The Hoople [by Jeff Ward]
1974.04.06New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Private Revolution of MTH [by Steve Clark]
1974.04.10Los Angeles Times (US)articleMott The Hoople - Underdog Wins Out [by Robert Hilburn]
1974.04.13Disc (UK)news itemMajor UK Concert Dates For Mott [by n/a]
1974.04.13Melody Maker (UK)articleWeaver Of Tunes [by n/a]
1974.04.13Sounds (UK)articleMott Find A Formula [by Martin Hayman]
1974.04.20Music Star (UK)articleOverend: Mott's Watts [by n/a]
1974.04.20Pop Swop (UK)articleHot Mott ... Leave No Stone Unturned [by n/a]
1974.04.20Record Mirror (UK)articleLook Out: There's A Loony About [by Chris Poole]
1974.04.21Oakland Tribune (US)gig reviewRock To Grit Your Teeth To [by Peter Cowan]
1974.04.21Troy Sunday Record (US)articleIan Hunter: He's After Mick Jagger's Crown [by Donald E. Wilcock]
1974.04.27Disc (UK)articleMan of Many Words: A Chat With Rock's Top Diarist [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1974.04.28Hartford Courant (US)articleMott the Hoople Falls To Pre-Bowie Level [by Henry McNulty]
1974.04.28Houston Post (US)LP review [by n/a]
1974.04.30New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople Hunter's Hoople - Band To Trust [by Nick Kent]
1974.05Beetle (Canada)articleMott The Hoople
1974.05Columbus Dispatch (US)gig reviewTheatrical Rock Stylish (1974.05.26 Mershon Auditorium, Columbus OH)
1974.05Concert (US)articleunknown
1974.05Rock And Folk (France)articleLa Vie D'Artiste [by Paul Allessandrini]
1974.05Rock And Folk (France)LP review [by Pierre Benain]
1974.05Shakin' Street Gazette (US)articleMott The Hoople [by Gary Sperrazza]
1974.05Trouser Press (US)articleMott The Hoople Part One (issue #2)
1974.05.03Allentown Chronicle (US)gig reviewEnglish Rock Groups Win Cheers of 4,700 [by John Clark]
1974.05.03Los Angeles Free Press (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Del Porter]
1974.05.04Disc (UK)book reviewDiary Of A Rock And Roll Star
1974.05.04Melody Maker (UK)articleWeaver's Blues
1974.05.04New York Nat'l Star (US)articleDudes Are Raving to the Sound of Mott
1974.05.04Record Mirror (UK)posterColour Poster of Mott The Hoople
1974.05.05New York Times (US)articleWill Rock Take Over Broadway? [by Henry Edwards]
1974.05.05Sunday News (US)articleWatch Out, Broadway - Here Comes Mott! [by Josh Mills]
1974.05.06New Yorker (US)articlePlaying The Loser's Game
1974.05.07New York Post (US)gig reviewPop Scene: Ian Hunter Is Somebody [by Jan Hodenfield]
1974.05.08Oor (Holland)LP reviewPrima Stuff Voor De Kids The Hoople [by Peter Koops]
1974.05.09Bravo (Germany)articleIan Hunter: Dass Grossmaul von Mott The Hoople [by n/a]
1974.05.09New York Times (US)gig reviewMott The Hoople at Uris [by John Rockwell]
1974.05.10Dallas Iconoclast (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Glenn Mitchell]
1974.05.11Diana (UK)articleIan Hunter - Hard Worker
1974.05.11Disc (UK)articleWidows? Paula - Mrs. Buffin [by Rosalind Russell]
1974.05.11Disc (UK)articleIan Hunter - A Chat With Rock's Top Diarist
1974.05.11Jackie (UK)news itemWrite On Ian [by n/a]
1974.05.11New Musical Express (UK)articleHot Poop For Hoople People [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1974.05.11New York Daily News (US)gig reviewMott The Hoople Rocks at Uris [by Ernest Leogrande]
1974.05.11Sounds (UK)articleMemoirs Of Mott [by Steve Peacock]
1974.05.11Sounds (UK)gig reviewBananas Over Mott (1974.04.12 Civic Center, Santa Monica CA) [by n/a]
1974.05.14Good Times (US)articleA History of Mott The Hoople [by Barry Taylor]
1974.05.14Good Times (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Kath E. Muiller]
1974.05.14Good Times (US)articleRolling Away The Stone To Reveal the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll [by Stan Mieses]
1974.05.15Variety (US)gig review1974.05 Uris Theater, New York NY [by Barry Taylor]
1974.05.16Washington Post (US)gig reviewAn Uneclipsed, Outrageous Sound (1974.05.15 Constitution Hall, Washington DC) [by Tom Zito]
1974.05.18Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewBroadway Melody (1974.05 Uris Theater, New York NY) [by n/a]
1974.05.18Melody Maker (UK)book reviewDiary of a Rock and Roll Star Hunter's Diary: American Graffiti [by Ray Coleman]
1974.05.18Music Star (UK)news itemPop Loves: Ariel and Githa
1974.05.18New Musical Express (UK)articleWhen You Look Like A Star and You're Still On The Dole [by Charles Shaar Murray]
1974.05.18Record World (US)gig reviewHoopla Hits Broadway
1974.05.21Good Times (US)gig reviewRolling Away The Stone To Reveal the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll [by Stan Mieses]
1974.05.22Disc (UK)single reviewFoxy Foxy Foxy - Mott's Best Ever?
1974.05.23Milwaukee Sentinel (US)gig reviewRock Group Offers Little To Applaud [by Dave Zurawik]
1974.05.24Performance (US)gig reviewRock Invades The Great White Way
1974.05.25Billboard (US)gig reviewMott The Hoople / Queen [by n/a]
1974.05.25Billboard (US)gig reviewTalent In Action (1974.05 Uris Theater, New York NY) [by Nancy Erlich]
1974.05.25Cashbox (US)gig review1974.05 Uris Theater, New York NY
1974.05.25Melody Maker (UK)news itemMott End With A Smash-Up
1974.05.25New Musical Express (UK)book reviewDiary Of A Rock And Roll Star
1974.05.25New Musical Express (UK)news itemTwo For The Road
1974.05.25Sounds (UK)gig reviewGo On Play It Mott (1974.05 Uris Theater, New York NY) [by Martin Kikup]
1974.05.30Scene (US)gig reviewWhat Rock & Roll Is About (1074.05.25 Allen Theater, Cleveland OH) [by Henry Keiluhn]
1974.05.31Pittsburgh Press (US)LP reviewMTH: Major Success in 'Golden Age' [by Pete Bishop]
1974.06Best (Germany)articleunknown
1974.06Circus (US)articleA Frantic Mott Struggles To Stay On Top
1974.06Circus Raves (US)articleIan Hunter's Searing Tales Of Life With Mott
1974.06Creem (US)LP reviewThe Hoople Theatre Like A Horse Stampede [by Ben Edmonds]
1974.06Let It Rock (UK)LP review1/2 page LP review with photo
1974.06Trouser Press (US)articleMott The Hoople Part Two (issue #3)
1974.06.01New Musical Express (UK)gig reviewMott - Zep Bad Vibes On Broadway
1974.06.03Sun (UK)articleThose People Hit Gold
1974.06.06Zoo World (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Jon Tiven]
1974.06.06Zoo World (US)articleAriel Bender [by Mark Plummer]
1974.06.06Zoo World (US)book reviewIan's Diary: A Very Surface Book [by Mark Plummer]
1974.06.08Jackie (UK)news itemDale-Lighted / MTH pinup poster
1974.06.08Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (1974.05.21 Auditorium Theater, Chicago IL) [by Al Rudis]
1974.06.08New Musical Express (UK)single reviewFoxy Foxy Foxy Mottsies' Hotsy Newie Whoo-ee!
1974.06.08Sounds (UK)single reviewFoxy Foxy: Even Liverpool Can Have A Poor Game [by John Peel]
1974.06.11Evening Bulletin (US)articleMott's Hot at Shubert [by David Fricke]
1974.06.15Disc (UK)news itemFaces and Mott for Buxton
1974.06.15Melody Maker (UK)news itemMott, Faces - For Buxton
1974.06.15Melody Maker (UK)single reviewFoxy Foxy: Mott Get Round To Spector Sound` [by n/a]
1974.06.15New Musical Express (UK)news itemFaces - With Mott and Pie
1974.06.15Record Mirror (UK)news itemFaces/Mott for Buxton Bonanza
1974.06.15Record Mirror (UK)single reviewFoxy Foxy: Chart Cert [by n/a]
1974.06.15Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)LP reviewThe World Of Now Music (The Hoople
1974.06.20Rolling Stone (US)articleMott The Hoople: Rock On Broadway [by Richard Cromelin]
1974.06.20Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewThe Hoople The Hoople, Melodrama, + Co. [by Ken Emerson]
1974.06.22Record Mirror (UK)book reviewMott's Raid On Presley's Place Diary of a Rock and Roll Star
1974.06.27Spotlight (Ireland)articleWhy the Groups Won't Come To Ireland
1974.06.29Disc (UK)news itemManx Dates
1974.07Circus (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by n/a]
1974.07Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by John Swenson]
1974.07Hit Parader (US)articleIan Hunter Doesn't Want To Know What's Going To Happen Next [by Richard Robinson]
1974.07Stereo Review (US)LP reviewRecording of Special Merit The Hoople [by Steve Simels]
1974.07Teen (US)articleIan of Mighty Mott (Diary of a Rock 'n' Roll Star) [by n/a]
1974.07Word Record Song Book (UK)article(MTH on cover) [by n/a]
1974.07.03Oor (Holland)articleunknown
1974.07.06Disc (UK)articleThe Taxman Cometh
1974.07.06Jackie (UK)articleMott's Watts: Pete Meets Overend Watts [by Pete]
1974.07.06Melody Maker (UK)articleMade In Britain
1974.07.06Sounds (UK)articleAriel Wants To Be A Star [by Bill Henderson]
1974.07.07Ciao 2001 (Italy)articleunknown
1974.07.11Humo (Holland)articleIan Hunter: Het Is De Haat [by Elly De Ward]
1974.07.13Disc (UK)gig reviewBuxton Festival
1974.07.13Music Star (UK)articleWhat Makes Overend ... ? [by n/a]
1974.07.13New Musical Express (UK)gig review1974.07.05 Buxton Festival, Derbtshire UK
1974.07.13Record Mirror (UK)gig review1974.05.07 Buxton Festival, Derbyshire UK
1974.07.13Sounds (UK)articleBuffin Has One Special Hero: John Leyton
1974.07.14Columbus Dispatch (US)articleHot Mott The Hoople's Career Skyrocketing [by Cynthia Robins]
1974.07.20New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Better Comes Out Bitter ... (Ian reviews singles)
1974.07.20Sounds (UK)gig review1974.07.05 Buxton Festival, Derbyshire UK
1974.07.27Disc (UK)news itemUS Mott?
1974.07.27Record Mirror (UK)articleHunter - Living In The Back Room [by Peter Harvey]
1974.08Best (Germany)postertwo page MTH poster
1974.08Circus (US)news itemHoople Whoop De Do On Broadway [by Mike Endicott]
1974.08Circus (US)articleRock and Roll Queen - Skeletons From Mott's Closet [by Michael Gross]
1974.08Circus Raves (US)articleMott The Hoople's Broadway Gala [by Eloise Laquin]
1974.08Circus Raves (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Gordon Fletcher]
1974.08Circus Raves (US)news itemA Pair of Queens [by Craig Fisher]
1974.08Creem (US)articleCreem's Profiles: Mott The Hoople
1974.08Hit Parader (US)articleIan Hunter: Mott Came At The Right Time
1974.08Music Scene (UK)LP reviewThe Hoople
1974.08.09Disco Expres (Spain)LP reviewunknown LP review
1974.08.10Disc (UK)articleWhat's The Matter, Hoople?
1974.08.10Music Star (UK)articleMottled Moments [by n/a]
1974.08.17Record Mirror (UK)articleWhy Ariel's Eye Shadow Is Running
1974.08.24Disc (UK)news itemLive Hoople Album
1974.08.24Music Star (UK)news itemKeyboards Morgan
1974.08.27Sounds (UK)news itemMott: No, No, Yes, Maybe [by n/a]
1974.08.28Oor (Holland)articleunknown
1974.09Circus (US)LP reviewRock And Roll Queen
1974.09Extra (France)gig reviewBuxton Festival
1974.09Hit Parader (US)LP reviewThe Hoople [by Lenny Kaye]
1974.09Music Canada Quarterly (Canada)articleMott The Hoople
1974.09Tiffany (Germany)articleMott The Hoople
1974.09.07Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Bounce Back
1974.09.07Sounds (UK)articleDrum Survey: Heavies Convention
1974.09.14Disc (UK)news itemBender To Quit Mott
1974.09.14Disc (UK)news itemOut Goes Bender
1974.09.14New Musical Express (UK)news itemAutumn Tour by Mott The Hoople [by n/a]
1974.09.14Record Mirror (UK)articleMorgan Fisher: Mott's Icing
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1974.09.21New Musical Express (UK)news itemRonson: How Long With Mainman? [by n/a]
1974.09.21New Musical Express (UK)news itemIs Ronson Joining Mott? [by Derek Johnson]
1974.09.21Sounds (UK)articleAriel On A Solo Bender
1974.09.22Ciao 2001 (Italy)articleunknown
1974.09.23Sun (UK)articleMott's Taking The Mick Magic
1974.09.28Disc (UK)articleMick Makes Mott, Bender Bows Out
1974.09.28Disc (UK)news item32 Date Tour for Ronno and Mott
1974.09.28Melody Maker (UK)news itemRonson Joins Mott (Tour Dates) [by n/a]
1974.09.28Melody Maker (UK)articleThe Great Mott Mystery [by Allan Jones]
1974.09.28New Musical Express (UK)news itemYup, He Is! [by n/a]
1974.09.28New Musical Express (UK)news itemRicky Monsoon Conflab - NY version [by n/a]
1974.09.28New Musical Express (UK)articleKiller Monsoon Strikes [by Charles Shaar-Murray]
1974.09.28New Musical Express (UK)articleA Martin Luther Grosvenor Square Deal For Ariel?
1974.09.28Record Mirror (UK)news itemYes - Ronno Joins The Young Dudes
1974.09.28Sounds (UK)news itemAmicable Splitters Sign Ex-Stablemate [by Bill Hendersom]
1974.09.28Sounds (UK)articleMott Get Their Man At Last And Ronno Rides Again
1974.09.28Veronica (Holland)articleMott The Hoople [by Gerard Bed]
1974.10Beetle (Canada)articleThe Hoople [by n/a]
1974.10Circus Raves (US)LP reviewRock And Roll Queen
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1974.10Melody Maker (Germany)articleMott Tauchen Aus - Ronson Ersetz Bender [by n/a]
1974.10Melody Maker (Germany)articleDie Hochzeit Des Jahres [by n/a]
1974.10Pop Express (Germany)articleDer Mott-Boss Hat Ein Buch Geschrieben [by n/a]
1974.10.05Disc (UK)articleRonno In Mott Shock Horror Drama Probe Sensation! [by Ray Fox-Cumming]
1974.10.05Disc (UK)news itemSaturday Gigs Was It Worth It Mott? [by n/a]
1974.10.05Melody Maker (UK)articleHot Ariel
1974.10.05New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Tour Dates Set [by n/a]
1974.10.05Sounds (UK)articleMott's It All About? [by Billy Walker]
1974.10.05Sounds (UK)news itemMott Tour Dates [by n/a]
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1974.10.11Disco Expres (Spain)news itemRonson Joins Mott The Hoople
1974.10.12Sounds (UK)news itemHoopling With Cheek [by n/a]
1974.10.13Mansfield News Journal (US)news item(UPI) Mick Ronson Goes With Mott The Hoople [by Bruce Meyer]
1974.10.15Coshocton Tribune (US)news item(UPI) Hoople Has New Guitarist [by Bruce Meyer]
1974.10.16Kingsport Times (US)articleMott The Hoople: The Best Rock Band Making Music Now
1974.10.19New Musical Express (UK)single reviewSaturday Gigs Mott - Obsessions Are Starting To Pall [by n/a]
1974.10.26Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (1974.10.18 Volkhaus, Zurich Switzerland) [by n/a]
1974.10.26Melody Maker (UK)single reviewSaturday Gigs [by n/a]
1974.10.26Sounds (UK)single reviewSaturday Gigs
1974.11Beat Instrumental (UK)articleMott's Mixer Man (Mike Hince)
1974.11Circus Raves (US)news itemFront Pages: Bender Pounds On Maestro
1974.11Hit Parader (US)articleOn Tour With Mott [by Leee Black Childers]
1974.11Muziek Parade (Holland)article(unknown, 2pg with photo)
1974.11Melody Maker (Germany)articleDie Hochzeit Des Jahres [by n/a]
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1974.11.02Melody Maker (UK)LP reviewLive Uninspired Mott [by A. J.]
1974.11.02Record Mirror (UK)single reviewSaturday Gigs
1974.11.02Record Mirror (UK)gig reviewHot Mott On The Spot (1974.10.24 Forest National, Brussells Belgium) [by Peter Dignan]
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1974.11.09Melody Maker (UK)articleBlue Is Back
1974.11.09New Musical Express (UK)LP reviewLiveWhole Lotta Nothin' Goin' On [by Nick Kent]
1974.11.09New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Tour Opening [by n/a]
1974.11.09New Musical Express (UK)news itemBlue Weaver Rejoins Mott
1974.11.09Record Mirror (UK)posterColour Poster of Mott The Hoople [by n/a]
1974.11.09Sounds (UK)news itemCancel The Wake [by Bill Henderson]
1974.11.11Bucks County Courier Times (US)news item(UPI) Mott The Hoople Changes [by Bruce Meyer]
1974.11.15Disco Expres (Spain)articleRonson y Hunter, el Nuevo Tandem
1974.11.16Disc (UK)news itemHunter Collapses
1974.11.16Disc (UK)posterRonson poster
1974.11.16Melody Maker (UK)news itemHunter Collapses: Mott Gigs Cut [by n/a]
1974.11.16New Musical Express (UK)news itemHunter Ill - Hoople's Dates Hit
1974.11.16New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Saving Of Mott The Hoople Part 2
1974.11.16Record Mirror (UK)news itemIan Bombs Mott Dates - Is He Cracking Up?
1974.11.16Sounds (UK)LP reviewLive
1974.11.16Sounds (UK)articleDistinction With Discretion (Fisher) [by Barbara Charone]
1974.11.16Sounds (UK)news itemHunter Ill - Mott Cancel
1974.11.23Disc (UK)news itemMott Tour Off [by n/a]
1974.11.23Melody Maker (UK)news itemHoople Scrap Tour [by n/a]
1974.11.23New Musical Express (UK)news itemHoople Scrap Entire Tour! [by n/a]
1974.11.23New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Split Rumours [by Lisa Robinson]
1974.11.23Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott Cancel Tour
1974.11.23Record Mirror (UK)news itemIan & Ronno Leave But Mott Soldier On
1974.11.23Sounds (UK)news itemMott Split?
1974.11.28Bravo (Germany)posterIan Hunter (back-cover poster) [by n/a]
1974.11.30Disc (UK)articleMan To Man With Morgan [by Harry Doherty]
1974.12Best (Germany)news itemunknown
1974.12Circus (US)articleMott Predict Their Future
1974.12Circus (US)articleThe Stars Reveal Their Favorites [by n/a]
1974.12Circus Raves (US)articleMott Make The Most Of Their Money By Moving to the States [by Peter Crescenti]
1974.12Disco 45 (UK)unknownunknown
1974.12FM Guide (US)articleInterview - Mott The Hoople
1974.12Rock And Folk (France)gig reviewTaverne D'Olympia, Paris France Decibels Du Nuit
1974.12.06Disco Expres (Spain)news itemunknown Mott The Hoople news item
1974.12.07Disc (UK)news itemHunter Back This Week
1974.12.07New Musical Express (UK)articleThe Classical Piano Of Mott The Hoople
1974.12.14New Musical Express (UK)news itemMotts Ian Recording Solo Set
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1974.12.21New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Split? [by n/a]
1974.12.21Sounds (UK)news itemHunter, Ronno Tours?
1974.12.28Disc (UK)articleMott Splits! [by n/a]
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1974.12.28New Musical Express (UK)news itemMott Splits: Now It's Official [by Derek Johnson]
1974.12.99Circus (US)articleHunter's Collapse May End Mott
1974.13Disc (UK)LP reviewLive
1975Jackie Annual (UK)unknownunknown
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1975.01Creem (US)articleMick Ronson - One Of The Boys [by Ben Edmonds]
1975.01Extra (France)articleMott: Ian and Mick
1975.01Jackie (UK)posterback cover poster
1975.01Phonograph Record (US)LP reviewLive [by Ken Barnes]
1975.01.04Sounds (UK)news itemMott Split In Two
1975.01.14New Musical Express (UK)news itemI Have Nothing To Say
1975.01.18Sounds (UK)articleThe Last Ballad Of Mott The Hoople
1975.01.25Melody Maker (UK)articleHoneymoon Is Over
1975.02Best (Germany)news itemunknown
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1975.02Crawdaddy (US)LP reviewLive
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1975.02.08Petticoat (UK)articleTreat This Man With Respect (Hunter)
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1975.03Rock Scene (US)articleRock Scene Goes To A Brunch
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1975.04Circus Raves (US)LP reviewLive [by Gordon Fletcher]
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1975.07Pop Top (UK)articleFists, Flick Knives, and Bottles
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2011.03Rock (Germany)articleChaostage In London [by Thomas Zimmer]