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Mott The Hoople
Audio Recordings

Welcome to my audio recordings list. Shows in this list are available on a trade-only basis. I do not sell tapes or CDRs. The shows are listed in chronological order, showing the date, artist, event, venue, city, length, source, and sound quality as best I know them. If the same show is listed more than once, this means that I have different recording sources for the show.

I am interested in any scrap of audio or video related to Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, or Mott The Hoople, regardless of the length or quality. If you have a trade list, send it along to me and I am sure we can work something out. The sound quality grades I use: A = excellent (approaching commercial quality); B = very good (minor tape hiss, distortion, or muddiness); C = average (prominent tape hiss, distance, distortion, muddiness); D = poor (for completists only, and only slightly better than a blank tape). Sound source abbreviations I use: SBD = studio or soundboard recording; FM (or AM) = radio broadcast; TV = TV recorded from TV or videotape; AUD = audience recording; WEB = internet webcast or MP3 file.

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1970.02.03MTHBBC Top Gear, London UK15m, FM, A/C-
1970.03.24MTHBeat Club, Bremen Germany10m, TV, B
1970.04.23MTHBBC Sunday Concert, Paris Cinema, London UK25m, FM, C
1970.06.11MTHFillmore East, New York NY42m, AUD, C+
1970.07.06MTHRock Stars w/Richard Robinson, San Francisco CA (interview)4m, SBD, B
1970.07.10MTHFillmore West, San Francisco CA83m, AUD, C+
1970.10.15MTHBBC Sunday Concert, Paris Cinema, London UK30m, FM, D+
1970.12.06MTHKłnkelinshalle, Schorndorf Germany45m, AUD, C+
1971.02.16MTHKonserthuset, Stockholm Sweden45m, FM, A-
1971.03.08MTHBBC Sounds Of The Seventies, London UK20m, FM, A-/C-
1971.05.14MTHFillmore East, New York NY47m, AUD, C
1971.07.08MTHRoyal Albert Hall, London UK30m, AUD, C-
1971.07.09MTHKinetic Circus, Birmingham UK75m, AUD, C+
1971.08.28MTHWeeley Festival, Clacton-on-the-Sea UK75m, AUD, C+
1971.09.29MTHTaverne D'Olympia, Paris France16m, AUD, B
1971.10.25MTHBBC Sounds Of The Seventies, London UK10m, FM, A-
1971.11.01MTHTown Hall, Birmingham UK75m, AUD, C
1971.12.09MTHDeutchland Halle, Berlin Germany45m, AUD, C-
1971.12.10MTHErnst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg Germany45m, AUD, C-
1971.12.20MTHCivic Hall, Wolverhampton UK75m, AUD, C-
1971.12.31MTHBBC In Concert, Paris Cinema, London UK30m, FM, A-
1972.04.06MTHCivic Hall, Wolverhampton UK67m, AUD, C+
1972.04.08MTHLiverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK71m, AUD, C+
1972.04.19MTHLyceum Theater, London UK75m, AUD, C-
1972.10.14MTHThe Rainbow, London UK78m, AUD, C+
1972.10.16MTHBBC Bob Harris, London UK10m, FM, B-
1972.11.29MTHTower Theater, Philadelphia PA90m, FM, B+
1973.02.24MTHEmpire Theater, Edinburgh Scotland74m, AUD, C-
1973.08.03MTHFelt Forum, New York NY90m, AUD, B-
1973.08.04MTHOrpheum Theater, Boston MA70m, AUD, C+
1973.08.10MTHThe Expo, Portland ME61m, AUD, C+
1973.08.22MTHABC In Concert TV, New York NY10m, TV, B
1973.09.11MTHThe Midnight Special, Los Angeles CA15m, TV, B
1973.09.13MTHDon Kirschner's Rock Concert, Aquarius Theater, Los Angeles CA15m, TV, B
1973.09.14MTHPalladium, Hollywood CA90m, AUD, B-
1973.09.28MTHWinterland, San Francisco CA90m, AUD, B-
1973.09.29MTHPioneer Concert, Winterland, San Francisco CA60m, FM, B+
1973.10.12MTHMasonic Temple, Detroit MI23m, AUD, C+
1973.10.16MTHAuditorium Theater, Rochester NY75m, AUD, C
1973.10.26MTHRadio City Music Hall, New York NY90m, AUD, C
1973.10.27MTHOrpheum Theater, Boston MA73m, AUD, C+
1973.11.02MTHCowtown Ballroom, St Louis MO70m, AUD, B-
1973.11.04MTHMassey Hall, Toronto Canada90m, AUD, C
1973.11.17MTHLiverpool Stadium, Liverpool UK77m, AUD, C+
1973.11.27MTHTown Hall, Birmingham UK90m, AUD, C
1973.11.29MTHColston Hall, Bristol UK90m, AUD, C-
1973.12.02MTHCentral Hall, Chatham UK92m, AUD, B-
1973.12.14MTHHammersmith Odeon, London UK10m, SBD, A-
1974.03.25MTHCity Hall, Sheffield UK90m, AUD, C
1974.04.12MTHCivic Center, Santa Monica CA90m, AUD, C
1974.04.13MTHCivic Center, Santa Monica CA90m, FM, A
1974.04.27MTHPalace Theater, Providence RI36m, AUD, B
1974.04.28MTHThe Expo, Portland ME45m, AUD, C+
1974.04.28MTHThe Expo, Portland ME79m, AUD, B-
1974.05.04MTHPalace Theater, Waterbury CT79m, AUD, C
1974.05.08MTHUris Theater, New York NY30m, FM, A
1974.05.08MTHUris Theater, New York NY10m, SBD, A-
1974.05.22MTHAuditorium, Milwaukee WI68m, AUD, C+
1974.05.23MTHMorris Civic, South Bend IN90m, AUD, C+
1974.05.27MTHMassey Hall, Toronto Canada90m, AUD, C
1974.07.06MTHPalace Lido, Douglas Isle of Man83m, AUD, C
1974.10.10MTHOlympen, Lund Sweden75m, AUD, C
1974.10.11MTHScandinavium, Gothenburg Sweden31m, AUD, C-
1974.10.14MTHFalkon, Copenhagen Denmark60m, AUD, C-
1974.10.18MTHVolkhaus, Zurich Switzerland45m, AUD, D+
1974.10.25MTHForest National, Brussels Belgium75m, AUD, C
1974.11.02MTHTaverne D'Olympia, Paris France61m, AUD, C+
2009.09.26MTHBlake Theatre, Monmouth Wales118m, AUD, B+
2009.10.02MTHHammersmith Apollo, London UK115m, AUD, B+
2009.10.03MTHHammersmith Apollo, London UK128m, AUD, B+
2009.10.03MTHHammersmith Apollo, London UK123m, AUD, B-
2009.10.05MTHHammersmith Apollo, London UK117m, AUD, B+
2009.10.06MTHHammersmith Apollo, London UK126m, AUD, B+
2013.06.19MTHIan Hunter and Verden Allen, BBC2 Drivetimew/Simon Mayo, London UK (interview)WEB, A-
2013.06.21MTHIan Hunter and Verden Allen, BBC6 Radcliffe and Marconie, London UK (interview)WEB, A-
2013.09.11MTHMick Ralphs, Classic Rock w/Nicky Horne, London UK (interview)26m, WEB, B+
2013.11.13MTHClyde Auditorium, Glasgow Scotland103m, AUD, A-
2013.11.16MTHCity Hall, Newcastle UK105m, AUD, A-