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Geoff Appleby - Albums

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Live At The Rainbow May 9, 1974

1974 Album by Geoff Appleby

UK LP cover 

Flight 4105 (Woodmansey); Love Is (Woodmansey); Star Builder (Woodmansey/Appleby) - Garson, Appleby, Woodmansey; Rhapsody In Blue (Gershwin) - Garson; Some Time Ago (Corea); Untitled (Corea) - Chick Corea; Black Jack David (Heron); Circus Girl (Williamson) - Incredible String Band; Finale: From A Very Cellular Song (Heron) - Incredible String Band, Chick Corea, Garson, Appleby, Woodmansey

In 1974, Geoff joined Woody Woodmansey and Mike Garson for a concert at the Rainbow in London. Billed as the Eternal Variety Show, the concert was a Scient ology celebration for the 24th anniversary of the publishing of Dianetics. Other artists appearing at the show were Chick Corea and the Incredible String Band. The show was recorded using the Island Mobile unit, and this album was the result. The first side of the album contains material attributed to Woody Woodmansey and Mike Garson. Geoff is listed as a musician for the first three tracks, but didn't receive equal billing to the others - no doubt because he wasn't a Scient ologist. The album starts off with 'Flight 4105', an instrumental written by Woody Woodmansey. Woody also wrote and sang the next song, 'Love Is'. The third group performance is 'Star Builder' , an instrumental co-written by Woody and Geoff. Finishing up the album side is Mike Garson's treatment of Gershwin's 'Rhapsody In Blue' . The flip side of the disc is devoted to Chick Corea and Incredible String Band material, although Geoff, Woody, and Mike joined the entire cast for an encore consisting of the 'Long Time Sunshine' section The Incredible String Band's 'A Very Cellular Song' .

Live At The Rainbow May 9, 19741974UKLPCOS OTGB1gfc*
The Virgin Song Sampler

1978 Album by Geoff Appleby

UK cover 

Tonight (Simpson/Shaw); Limbo Love (Karski/Robertson); Older Woman (Kevin Coyne); California Calling (Patto/Halsall); SundayMorning Sunrise (Kevin Coyne); After The Show (Karski/Robertson/Donnelly); Listen To Me Crying (Mothle/Ranke/Apps); Love and the Single Girl (Nick Plytas); I Believe In Rock and Roll (Appleby); Let The Feeling Grow (Karski/Robertson); Shangri-La (Kevin Coyne); A Little Something (Peter Blegvad); More Than Meets The Eye (Patto); Bad Time (Les Karski); I Know You're Leaving Me Now (S. Wray); Rock 'n' Roll Hymn (Coyne/Legget/Penn)

In 1978, Virgin Music Publishers issued this sampler album to promote songs by its stable of songwriters. It features a number of demos that do not appear elsewhere, including a track by Geoff Appleby, I Believe In Rock and Roll.

The Virgin Song Sampler1978UKLP PRVirgin VMP13*

1979 Album by Screen Idols

album cover 

Troublemaker (Smith); Blind Man (Smith); Living In A Jar (Woodmansey/Smith); We Just Can't Go On (Smith); You Slayed Me (Nieddu); It's Only Love (Woodmansey/Marshall); Paris Fashions (Smith/Appleby); Hit Me Where It Hurts (Nieddu); Do What You Do Well (Smith); Screen Idols (Smith)

Screen Idols grew out of Woody Woodmansey's band U-Boat, and initailly featured U-Boat members Frankie Marshall (keyboards) and Phil Plant (bass). Eventually, the lineup was settled with two Woodmansey bandmates from The Rats - Geoff Appleby and Keith 'Ched' Cheeseman - along with Lone Star guitarist Tony Smith and vocalist Michelle Nieddu. The group released one album for the EMI subsidiary Cobra in 1979, which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and produced by Dennis Mackay.

Premiere1979CANLPHarvest ST-6468*
Premiere1979FRALPCobra CBR1001-
Premiere1979UKLPCobra CBR1001lyrics-
Sweet 'n' Sour

1982 Album by The MGBs

Sweet and Sour 

Sweet n' Sour (Cheeseman); Burn It (Cheeseman); I Can Hear The Grass Grow; Hanging Around; I Fought The Law; Shove It (Cheeseman); Working Class Hero; Got To Get Away (Cheeseman); Here Comes The Sun; Bo Medley Diddley

The MGBs formed after Mick Greaves left The Arctic Raiders, leaving Ched Cheeseman, Geoff Appleby, and drummer Brian Chapman to continue on primarily as a cover band. They brought out their own independent cassette Sweet and Sour to be distributed at gigs. The material was recorded by Ken Giles at his KG Studios in Bridlington, with the exception of the Bo Diddley medley which was recorded at Fairview Studios in Hull.

Sweet 'n' Sour1982UKCTprivate pressing*