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Nikki Sudden
Nikki Sudden - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

Country abbreviations: ARG = Argentina; BEL = Belgium; BRA = Brazil; CAN = Canada; EU = European Union; FRA = France; GER = Germany; GRE = Greece; HOL = Holland; IRE = Ireland; ISR = Israel; ITA - Italy; JAP = Japan; KOR = Korea; MAL = Malaysia; NOR = Norway; NZ = New Zealand; OZ = Australia; PHI = Philippines; POR = Portugal; RUS = Russia; SA = South Africa; SNG = Singapore; SPA = Spain; SWE = Sweden; THA = Thailand; TUR = Turkey; YUG = Yugoslavia.

Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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Waiting on Eqypt

1982 Album by Nikki Sudden

Waiting on Eqypt cover 

Back To The Coast; Knife My Heart; Still Full Of Shocks; I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys; Stuck On China; Channel Steamer; Ringing On My Train; Curfew Island (The Low Bridge); Fashion Cult; Forest Fire; New York; Johnny Smiled Slowly; All The Gold

Waiting on Egypt1982UKLPAbstract ABT 003*
Waiting on Egypt / The Bible Belt2001.10.29USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC051-
Waiting on Egypt2014USALPNumero NUM1217-
The Bible Belt

1983 Album by Nikki Sudden

The Bible Belt cover 

Gold Painted Nails; English Girls; Cathy; Chelsea Embankment; Bethlehem Castle (Suicide Scarves); The Road Of Broken Dreams; Six Hip Princes (All Around The World); Out Of Egypt; The Angels Are Calling; Missionary Boy; The Only Boy In Heaven

The Bible Belt1983UKLPFlickknife SHARP 110-
Waiting on Egypt / The Bible Belt2001.10.29USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC051-
The Bible Belt2014USALPNumero NUM1218-

1984 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Jacobites cover 

Big Store (Orig); Kissed You Twice; Hurt Me More; Jacobites Grave; Kings And Queens; Silver Street; Hanging Out The Banners; Need A Friend; Little Bird; Angels In My Arms; For The Roses

Jacobites1986UKCDGlass GLACD 008-
Jacobites1986UKLPGlass GLALP 008*
Jacobites1993UKCDRegency JANIDA 001-
Jacobites1993USACDMammoth MR0084-2*
Jacobites2002.02.12USACDSecretly Canadian SC054-
Jacobites2014USALPNumero NUM1219-
Beau Geste

Album by Nikki Sudden

Beau Geste cover 

Son Of The French Nobleman; Ratcliffe Highway; Hurt Me More; Out Of Egypt ; Big Store ; Kings And Queens; The Cave Dweller; Waiting For The Siege; The Last Bandit; Marshmallows; Every Girl (Cuts Me In Half); Hanging Out The Banner; The Angels Are Calling [instrumental]; Margaritta; Gold Painted Nails [vocal]; Lost In A Basement

Cassette-only compilation.

Beau Geste1984SWICTCalypso Now RA-47-
Lost In A Sea of Scarves

1985 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Lost In A Sea of Scarves cover 

Shame For The Angels; Road Of Broken Dreams; Into My Arms; If I'm Crying; Sloth; Someone Who Cares; Chateau Carpets; Too Many Girls; Before I Die; Tell Me; Heart Of Hearts; Ratcliffe Highway

Lost in a Sea of Scarves1985GERLPWhats So Funny About WF 16*
Robespierre's Velvet Basement

1985 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Robespierre's Velvet Basement cover 

Big Store; Snow White; Fortune Of Fame; Where The River Ends; Silken Sheets; Ambulance Station; Son Of A French Nobleman; Hearts Are Like Flowers; It'll All End Up In Tears; She Never Believes; All The Dark Rags; One More String Of Pearls; I Am Just A Broken Heart; Only Children Sleeping

Robespierre's Velvet Basement1985UKLPGlass GLALP012*
Robespierre's Velvet Basement1986UKCDGlass GLACD012-
Robespierre's Velvet Basement1993UKCDRegency JANIDA 002-
Robespierre's Velvet Basement1993USACDx2Mammoth MR00085-2-
Robespierre's Velvet Basement2002.02.12USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC055-
Robespierre's Velvet Basement2014USALPNumero NUM1220-
The Ragged School

1985 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

The Ragged School cover 

Big Store; It'll All End Up In Tears; Hurt Me More; Cheapside; Heart Of Hearts; Son Of A French Nobleman; Ambulance Station; Shame For The Angels; Kings And Queens; Pin Your Heart To Me; Bethlehem Castle; Silver Street

The Ragged School1986USALPTwin/Tone TTR 8669*
The Ragged School2002.08.20USACDSecretly Canadian SC056*
Hearts Are Like Flowers

1985 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Hearts Are Like Flowers cover 

Radio Populaire Italia: Hearts Are Like Flowers; Silver Coin; Heart Of Hearts; Kissed You Twice; Son Of The French Nobleman; She Never Believes; Only Children Sleeping

Rehearsal Session: Up There In Heaven; Orphan All His Life; Death Is Hanging Over Me; Down On My Own Again; Until I Die; Now She's Dead; The Last Bandit; Turn Back The Tears

Cassette only release that pairs a 1985 Radio Populaire Italia broadcast with a 1985 rehearsal session.

Hearts are Like Flowers1985GERCTIn Der Tat TAT 17cassette only-

1986 Album by Nikki Sudden

Texas cover 

Jangle Town; Death Is Hanging Over Me; In Your Room; Glass Eye; Such A Little Girl; Broken Tooth; Dumb Angel; Basement Blues; Wedding Dress; When I Left You; Captain Kennedy's Lament; Deppers Bridge

Texas1986GERLPWhats So Funny About SF 32-
Texas1986HOLLPMegadisc MD 7953-
Texas1986UKLPCreation CRELP 012-
Texas (Test Pressing)1986UKLPCreation CRELP 012test pressing-
Texas / Dead Men Tell No Tales2001.10.29USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC052*
Texas2014USALPNumero NUM1221-
Last Bandits In The World

1986 Album by Nikki Sudden & Last Bandits

Last Bandits In The World cover 

Tell Me (ver 1); Dead Man's Shoes; Horse Island; Debbie; Four Wicked Winds; I Never Talk About Her; Winter; Up There In Heaven; Down On My Own Again; Tell Me (ver 2)

Credited to Nikki Sudden, Johnny Fean, and Simon Carmody.

The Last Bandits In The World1986IRELPHotwire HWLP 8504*
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc

1987 Album by Nikki Sudden & Rowland Howard

Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc cover 

Rebel Grave; Sob Story; Snowplough; A Quick Thing; Feather Beds; Crossroads; Don't Explain; Better Blood; Debutante Blues

Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc1987GERLPRough Trade RTD-CRE 8-62-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc1987SPALPGrabaciones Accidentales GA-142-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc1987UKLPCreation CRELP 022-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc (Test Pressing)1987UKLPCreation CRELP 022test pressing-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc1990UKCDCreation CRECD022-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc1987USALPRelativity 88561-8213-1*
iss You Kidnapped Charabanc / Live In Augsburg2002.08.20USACDSecretly Canadian SC057-
Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc2014USALPNumero NUM1222-
Dead Men Tell No Tales

1988 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Dead Men Tell No Tales cover 

When I Cross The Line; Before I Leave You; Dog Latin; Wooden Leg; Dog Rose; How Many Lies; Cupful Of Change; Kiss At Dawn

Dead Men Tell No Tales1986GERLPRough Trade RTD-CRE 4-47-
Dead Men Tell No Tales1986HOLLPMegadisc MD 7938-
Dead Men Tell No Tales1986UKLPCreation CRELP 016*
Texas / Dead Men Tell No Tales2001.10.29USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC052*
Dead Men Tell No Tales2014USALPNumero NUM1223*
Crown of Thorns

1988 Album by Nikki Sudden

Crown of Thorns cover 

Crossroads; Kiss At Dawn; Tell Me; San Francisco Poet; The Rolling Of The Hearse; Wild Horses; Mafe King Blues; Jewel; Mess With Me

Crown of Thorns1988ITALPCrazy Mannequin 0010*
Groove / Crown of Thorns2001.10.29USACDx2Secretly Canadian SC053-
Fortune of Fame

1988 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Fortune of Fame cover 

When The Rain Comes; Country Girl; Pin Your Heart To Me; Shame For The Angels; Road Of Broken Dreams; Into My Arms; If I'm Crying; Sloth; Someone Who Cares; Romance; Tell Me; Too Many Girls; Before I Die; Every Girl; Cavaliers; Heart Of Hearts; Ratcliffe Highway; Fortune Of Fame; Pin Your Heart

Fortune of Fame1988UKCDGlass GLACD029-
Fortune of Fame1988UKLPGlass GLALP029*

1989 Album by Nikki Sudden

Groove cover 

See My Rider; Murder Valley; French Revolution Blues; Breaking Lines; Groove; Sea Dog Blues; Great Pharaoh; Poor Relation; Wild Cathedral; Beethoven's Ring; Back To The Coast; Too Bad For You; Village Green

Groove1989GERCDRough Trade RTDCD 101-
Groove1989GERLPx2Rough Trade RTD 101-
Groove1989UKCDCreation CRECD 041-
Groove1989UKLPx2Creation CRELP 041*
Groove1990USACDGiant GRI-6045-2*
Groove1990USALPGiant GRI-6045-1-
Back To The Coast

1990 Album by Nikki Sudden

Back To The Coast cover 

Back To The Coast; Death Is Hanging Over Me; In Your Life; Jangle Town; Feather Beds; Flower Bed Romance; The Last Bandit; Great Pharoah; Crossroads; Broken Tooth

Back To The Coast1990UKCDCreation CRECD 083-
Back To The Coast1990UKLPCreation CRELP 083*
Back To The Coast1990USACDRockville ROCK 6062-2-
Back To The Coast1990USACTRockville ROCK6062-4-
The Jewel Thief

1991 Album by Nikki Sudden

The Jewel Thief cover 

I Belong To You; The Bagman And The Twangman; Mountains Of New York; Spend A Little Gold With Me; Paying My Way; Hotel Blues; Falling; Liquor, Guns And Ammo; Don't Let Them Mess With You; Grievous Angel

The Jewel Thief1991FRACDDanceteria DANCD099/D760-
The Jewel Thief1991UKCDUFO UFO 4 CD*
The Jewel Thief1991UKLPUFO UFO 4 LP*
Howling Good Times

1993 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Howling Good Times cover 

Original Album: Don't You Ever Leave Me; Can't You See; 100 Miles From Here; Howling Good Times; Some People; Ambulance; Chelsea Springtime; Older Women; Margaritta; Flying - Part A; Flying - Part B; Don't You Ever Leave Me (Reprise)

Troubadour Bonus Tracks: Never More Than Blind [bonus track]; Travelling European Blues [B side]; Can't You See [single mix]; All My Life (Flying) Part A [guide vocal]; All My Life (Flying) Part B [guide vocal]; Too Many Girls [21 Oct 1994]; She Belongs to You [21 Oct 1994]; Heart of Hearts [21 Oct 1994]; Tell Me [21 Oct 1994]; Silver Coin [21 Oct 1994]; Liquor, Guns & Ammo [15 May 1995]; The Rolling of the Hearse [15 May 1995]; That Girl [15 May 1995]; Puppeteers Son [15 May 1995]; Penicillin [15 May 1995]; Loves Cascade [15 May 1995]; 100 Miles From Here [Jun 1993]; Older Women [Jun 1993]; Some People [Jun 1993]

Howling Good Times1993UKCDRegency Sound JANIDA 04-
Howling Good Times1993UKLP+7SRegency Sound JANIDA LP04*
Howling Good Times / The Trident Sessions2009UKCDx2/DVDTroubadour TRBCD004*
Heart of Hearts

1995 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Heart of Hearts cover 

Can't You See; Don't You Ever Leave Me; Heart Of Hearts; She Belongs To You; Liquor, Guns & Ammo; The Rolling Of The Hearse; That Girl; Puppeteer's Son; Penicillin; Love's Cascade; Travelling European Blues

Heart of Hearts (The Spanish Album)1995SPACDPor Caridad Productconnes PCPO12CD*
Old Scarlett

1995 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Old Scarlett cover 

Over & Over; When Angels Die; Falling Apart; Down On My Own; Boutique; What Am I Living For?; Puppeteer's Son; Liquor, Guns & Ammo; Love's Cascade; Penicillin; The Rolling Of The Hearse; Wasted

Lineup: Dave Kusworth, Nikki Sudden (vocals, guitars), Carl Eugene Picot (bass), Mark Williams (drums), Glenn Tranter (guitars), Terry Miles (keyboards).

Old Scarlett1995GERCDGlitterhouse GRCD 382-
Kiss Of Life

1995 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Kiss of Life cover 

That Girl; Older Woman; When The Rain Comes Down; Kings And Queens; Road Of Broken Dreams; Paint And Sugar; First Cut Is The Deepest; All The Dark Rags

Kiss of Life1995GERLPSwamp Room Records R KULT 034*
Seven Lives Later

1996 Album by Nikki Sudden

Seven Lives Later cover Seven Lives Later cover 

Cellar Door; Whiskey Priest; Golden Dawn; The Devil Took Me Down To Georgia; Evangeline; French Lipstick; All My Sinking Ships; Quand Les Rivieres Finissent; Behind The Lines; Valley Of Hearts; Flowerbox; Venetian Rags; Thorns Of Gold; Butterfly

Seven Lives Later1996GERCDGlitterhouse GRCD 403-
Seven Lives Later1996USACDIdiot Savant ISAM-1004*
Hawks Get Religion

1996 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

Hawks Get Religion cover 

Shame for the Angels; Fortune of Fame; Heart of Hearts; Ratcliffe Highway; Someone Who Cares; Romance; Country Girl; All the Dark Rags; Ambulance Station II; You Never Miss Me; Down on My Own Again; Pin Your Heart; All of My Life; The Old Church Steps; I Believe in You; Tattered Scarves; Cheapside; Pin Your Heart to Me; Too Many Girls; Tell Me; Silver Coin

Hawks Get Religion1995UKCDRegency Sound JANIDA 003-
By The Light of the Burning Citroen

1997 Album by Nikki Sudden

By The Light of the Burning Citroen cover 

I Haven't Even Got Here Address; When We Cross The Line; The Worst; Redheads and Rosettes; Act Together; Have Faith; Independent Girl; Luck To Burn; Pin a Rose On Me; Meet On The Ledge; Still In Love; Luck To Burn II

By The Light Of The Burning Citroen1997CTn/acassette only-
From The Warwick Road to the Banks of the Nile

1997 Album by Nikki Sudden

From The Warwick Road cover 

Love Nest; The Road Goes On Forever; Misty Roads; Evangeline; Silver Dollar; Independant Girl; Coda; Broken Glove; Page 66; Wedding Hotel; Liquor, Guns & Ammo

From The Warwick Road to the Banks of the Nile1997FRALPSucksex Records SEX 12-
Egyptian Roads

1997 Album by Nikki Sudden

Egyptian Roads cover 

Love Nest; When Angels Die; The Road Goes On Forever; Misty Roads; Evangeline / Silver Dollar; Independent Girl / Coda; Broken Glove; Page 66; Golden Dawn; Wedding Hotel; Liquor, Guns & Ammo; Butterfly

Egyptian Roads1997CRCDIndies Records MAM069-2-
God Save Us Poor Sinners

1998 Album by Nikki Sudden & Jacobites

God Save Us Poor Sinners cover God Save Us Poor Sinners cover 

God Save Us; I Miss You; Heartbreaks; The Wishing Well; Child (Isabel's Song); Second Time Around; So Unkind; Death Bed; Blonde Angel; She Sleeps Alone; Cramping My Own Style; Elizabethan Balladeer

The USA vinyl LP has a bonus 7" and is a numbered edition of 500.

God Save Us Poor Sinners1998GERCDGlitterhouse GRCD 434-
God Save Us Poor Sinners1998USACDBomp! BCD4072*
God Save Us Poor Sinners1998USALPChatterbox CHLP 91*
Red Brocade

1999 Album by Nikki Sudden

Red Brocade cover 

Scent; Broken Door; Countess; Farewell, My Darling; Stained Sheets; Tie You Up; Miss You So; Silver Blanket; Undressed; Scarred; Take Me Back Home

Red Brocade1999GERCDGlitterhouse GRCD 448-
Red Brocade2003OZCDVicious Kitten Records VKR004-
Red Brocade1999UKCDWagging Dog WAGG0005-
Red Brocade (Deluxe Version)2014UKCDx2Troubadour-
Red Brocade1999USACDChatterbox CDCD-04*
The Last Bandit

2000 Album by Nikki Sudden

The Last Bandit cover 

Disc 1: It's Gonna Be Alright; Jangle Town; I Belong To You; When I Cross The Line; Too Bad For You; Back To The Coast; Countess; Grievous Angel; Captain Kennedy; When I Left You; Behind The Lines; Broken Door; The Road Of Broken Dreams; Back To The Start; Bethlehem Castle; Evangeline; The Last Bandit; Scarred; Curfew Island (The Low Bridge)

Disc 2 (Alive Records only): When Angels Die; Hanging Out the Banners; She Never Believes; One More String of Pearls; Angels in My Arms; Kiss at Dawn; Up There in Heaven

The Last Bandit2000GERCDGlitterhouse GRCD 495-
The Last Bandit2000UKCDWagging Dog WAGG004-
The Last Bandit2000USACDx2Alive ALIVE 0042-2-
The Nikki Sudden Compendium

2001 Album by Nikki Sudden

Compendium cover 

Channel Steamer; New York; English Girls; Chelsea Embankment; Hurt Me More; Jacobite's Grave; Fortune Of Fame; One More String Of Pearls; Ambulance Station; Big Store (Orig.); Heart Of Hearts; Jangle Town; Death Is Hanging Over Me; Before I Leave You; How Many Lies; Crossroads; Hello Wolf (Little Baby); Beethoven's Ring; French Revolution Blues; Kiss At Dawn; Mafeking Blues

The Nikki Sudden Compendium2001USACD PRSecretly Canadian SC49*
Treasure Island

2004 Album by Nikki Sudden & Last Bandits

Treasure Island cover Treasure Island cover 

Looking For A Friend; Break Up; Stay Bruised; Kitchen Blues; Wooden Floor; Russian River; House Of Cards; High & Lonesome; Fall Any Further; Sanctified; When The Lord; Never Let Me Go; Treasure Island; Highway Girl

Treasure Island2004ITACDLain LAIN-001*
Treasure Island2004SPACDMunster MR 248-
Treasure Island2004UKCDRookwood 001-
Treasure Island2016UKCDx3Troubador TRBCD031box set*
Treasure Island2016UKLPx2Troubador TRBLP031*
Treasure Island2004USACDSecretly Canadian SC 077-
Live In Moscow

2004 Album by Nikki Sudden & Last Bandits

Live In Moscow cover 

Looking At You; Countess; Too Bad For You; The Last Bandit; Aeroplane Blues; Treasure Island; Jangle Town; Tune-Up Rap; Hotel Blues; Stay Bruised; Stay With Me; Death Is Hanging Over Me; Pretty Little Pretty; Midget Submarines; Fortune Of Fame

Recorded live in Moscow at the Central House Of Artists, and released only as a freebie with magazine. Lineup is Nikki Sudden (guitar, vocals), John Barry (bass), Stephan Doucerain (drums).

Live In n/a-
The Truth Doesn't Matter

2006 Album by Nikki Sudden

The Truth Doesn't Matter cover 

Seven Miles; Don't Break My Soul; The Ballad Of Johnny And Marianne; Talking To The Wrong Guy; Green Sheild Stamps; Jet Star Groove; Empire Blues; Gin Palace (Jordon's Dragoons); Draggin' Me Down; Nothing Left; The Price Of Nails; Black Tar; Burgundy; Beyond Hope; All This Buttoning And Unbuttoning

The Truth Doesn't Matter2006ITACDSleeping Star 104-
The Truth Doesn't Matter2007SPALPx2Munster MRLP 279-
The Truth Doesn't Matter2006USACDSecretly Canadian SC151*
Golden Vanity

2009 Album by Nikki Sudden & Phil Shoenfelt

Hanoi Jane; Cloak Of Virtue; Jack Ketch; Portcullis; Love Makes Her Shine; Bang A Gong; Waiting For You; Jamboree Bag; Golden Door; Teenage Sheets; Wage A Crown; Hangman's Daughter; Angel Wings; Cullisport; Master Sampson

Golden Vanity2010GERCDCargo-
Golden Vanity2009.07.28UKCDTroubadour TRBCD009-
Tel Aviv Blues

2011 Album by Nikki Sudden

Tel Aviv Blues cover 

Diary Of A Lover; Down The River; Edge Of Autumn; Get It On; Last Hope; Cathy; Liquor, Guns & Ammo; Postcard; Out Of My Dreams; As Tears Go By; The Girls Are So Pretty In Tel Aviv City; Shoeing A Horse; Tel Aviv Blues

Tel Aviv Blues2011ISRCDEarsay ES151*
Playing With Fire

2011 Album by Nikki Sudden

Playing With Fire cover 

Pretty Little Pretty; Not That Way Anymore; Don't Look Back; Pirate Girls; Happy Birthday; Hanoi Jane; Behind These Walls; I Know You; The Ballad Of The Bellman Bar; Alleyway; Visions Of Sin; The Last Flash Of The Cavalier Nation; Kill City; Kamikaze Karaoke; So Long Ago

Playing With Fire2010UKCDTroubadour TRBCD011*
Still Full of Shocks

2013 Album by Nikki Sudden

Still Full of Shocks cover 

Still Full Of Shocks; Angels In My Arms; Bed Woman Blues; Before I Leave You; Hillside Shoes; Crossroads; She Never Believes; Up There In Heaven; When Angels Die; When I Left You; One More String Of Pearls; We Had It All; In Your Life; Kiss At Dawn; One Inch Rock

Still Full of Shocks2013UKCDTroubadour TRBCD018card slv*
The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out of the Sky

2013 Album by Nikki Sudden

Boy From Nowhere cover 

Ambitious six-CD set that includes two discs of singles and classic album tracks followed by four discs of rarities, outtakes, and live material.

The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out of the Sky2013UKCDx6Troubadour TRBCD007slipcover*
The Copenhagen Affair

2014 Album by Nikki Sudden

The Copenhagen Affair cover 

Big Store; Ratcliffe Highway; If I'm Crying; Cupful of Change; Too Bad For You; Captain Kennedy [Neil Young]; Death is Hanging Over Me; Honky Tonk Women [Rolling Stones]; Crossroads; Falling; The Bagman and the Twangman; Don't Let Them Mess With You; Spend a Little Gold With Me; Grievous Angel; Wedding Hotel; I Belong to You; Kiss at Dawn

Recorded at the Copenhagen Barbue, Denmark on 27 November 1991. Limited to 200 copies.

The Copenhagen Affair2014UKCDTroubadour TRBCD027card slv*
Christmas Day Blues

2014 Album by Nikki Sudden

Christmas Day Blues cover 

Big Store; I Believe in You; Silver Street; Ratcliffe Highway; Up in Heaven; I Kissed You Twice; Hearts Are Like Flowers; Ambulance Station; Fortune of Fame

Recorded in Hamburg Germany on Christmas Day 1985. Limited to 200 copies.

Christmas Day Blues2014UKCDTroubadour TRBCD030card slv*
Fred Beethoven

2014 Album by Nikki Sudden

Fred Beethoven cover 

Album tracks: Johnny B. Goode; Black Satin Suit; Blenkinsop's Soup Kitchen; Looking At You; It's Gonna Be Alright; Stereo Baby; Summer Burn Down; Forest Fire; Debris; Pin A Rose On Me; Don't Look Back; So Much To Learn

Bonus Single: Summer Burn Down; Johnny B. Goode (ver 2)

Studio sessions recorded from 1997-1999 at Woodbine Street Recording Studios. Nikki Sudden (guitar, vocals), Fred Lynxx (guitar), Terry Miles (keyboards), Carl Picot (bass), Marky Williams (drums). The first pressing included a bonus CD single with two additional tracks. The vinyl version is limited to 400 copies.

Fred Beethoven2014UKCDx2Troubadour TRBCD019*
Fred Beethoven2014UKLPTroubadour TRBLP 019blue vinyl-
Dark Rags at Dawn

2014 Album by Nikki Sudden

Dark Rags at Dawn 

Boxed set of seven 12" albums LPs and one 7" single, housed in a slipcover box. Includes Nikki's debut solo single "Back to The Start" b/w "Ringing On My Train.", and the vinyl albums Waiting On Egypt, The Bible Belt, Jacobites, Robespierre's Velvet Basement, Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc, Texas, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Limited to 500 copies.

Dark Rags at Dawn2014USALPx7Numero NUM1229slipcover*