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Nigel Benjamin
Nigel Benjamin - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

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Just For The Record

1978 Album by Eddie Kidd

Just For The Record LP Just For The Record label 

Love Forever True; Stand By Me (Leiber, Stoller, King); Leave It To The Kid (Simpson, Milner); Love's Got Wheels; The Power; What Makes Me Feel This Way; Pretty Baby; Automatic Woman; Give It Up

Motorcycle daredevil Eddie Kidd embarked on a music career in 1978, and probably released this album through his fan club in 1978. Eddie Kidd was managed by Velvet Music, which was a part of Cliff Cooper's Orange empire, which also included Orange Amplifiers, Orange Studios, and Orange Music Publishing. The album was produced by Nigel Benjamin ( who was also managed by Cliff Cooper at the time), and Nigel's band English Assassin played on much of the album. There are no writing credits on the LP, but Stand By Me is the familiar Ben. E. King song. Leave It To The Kid was written and produced by Simpson/Milner and was issued as a single on Decca in 1977, before the album was released. Nigel reckons he wrote some of the other material.

Just For The Record1978UKLPOrange ORS-1035*
Rocktober Blood

1984 Album by Sorcery

Rocktober Blood soundtrack LP Rocktober Blood soundtrack label Rocktober Blood laserdisc 

I'm Back (Taylor, Cowen, Morris, King); Rainbow Eyes (Cowen, Meryl); Killer On The Loose (Taylor); KCAB-MI (Taylor, Cowen, Morris, King); Watching You (Taylor, Morris); Watch Me Rock (Bennette, Rose); Touch me (Bennette, Rose); High School Boys (Bennette, Rose); Can't Kill Rock And Roll (Bennette, Rose); Soul Searcher (Benjamin, Onori, Regan)

The highly sought-after soundtrack album was released in 1984, in a very limited edition. Nigel Benjamin is featured on five songs on the album. He sings three songs with the band Sorcery: I'm Back, Killer On The Loose, and Watching You. (The song KCAB-MI is simply the song I'm Back played backwards). Nigel also co-wrote and played on Soul Searcher, an instrumental track he recorded with his band Eyes that is used as background music in the film. All of the Nigel Benjamin-related material is featured in the film, but of the remaining soundtrack songs, only Rainbow Eyes actually appears in the movie. The rest is just filler material by another band.

Rockill (Rocktober Blood) Movie1987BELVHSLightning/Vestronalternate title-
Rocktober Blood Movie1986JAPLASERDISCVestron G88F5355*
Rocktober Blood Movie1986JAPVHSVestron-
Rocktober Blood Movie1986OZVHS-
Rocktober Blood Movie1984USABETAVestronBetaMax-
Rocktober Blood Movie1984USAVHSVestron*
Rocktober Blood Soundtrack1984USALPSebastian Int'l SIR 0027*
Rocktober Blood Soundtrack2016USALPLunaris LNRS010-
London Daze

2000 Album by Spiders and Snakes

London Daze 

Spiders and Snakes tracks: London Daze; Nonstop Rock; Party In Hollywood; Radio Stars; Don't Know When To Stop; Public Enemy #1; Run Run Run; Elvis's TV; Rock and Roll Queen; 2000 Rock and Roll

London demos: Nobody Loves You Like I Do; Straight From The Heart; Dream Girl

On London Daze, Spiders and Snakes re-recorded a number of songs originally performed by London, a band founded by Spiders and Snakes guitarist Lizzie Grey. The three bonus tracks on this album are original demos by a lineup of London that included Nigel Benjamin on vocals, and future Motley Crue member Nikki Sixx on bass. Note that the Japanese version of this album (Sansei Records SAN 1005-2) does not include the three London demos.

London Daze2000.06.27USACDDeadline 0867-2*