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Mick Ralphs - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

Country abbreviations: ARG = Argentina; BEL = Belgium; BRA = Brazil; CAN = Canada; EU = European Union; FRA = France; GER = Germany; GRE = Greece; HOL = Holland; IRE = Ireland; ISR = Israel; ITA - Italy; JAP = Japan; KOR = Korea; MAL = Malaysia; NOR = Norway; NZ = New Zealand; OZ = Australia; PHI = Philippines; POR = Portugal; RUS = Russia; SA = South Africa; SNG = Singapore; SPA = Spain; SWE = Sweden; THA = Thailand; TUR = Turkey; YUG = Yugoslavia.

Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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Bad Company

1974 Album by Bad Company

Bad Company1974GERLPIsland 88005-
Bad Company1974JAPLPIsland ILS 80057obi; insert-
Bad Company1974UKLPIsland ILPS 9279-
Bad Company1993UKCDWarner Bros 756790332-2-
Bad Company1974USALPSwan Song SS 8410-
Bad Company1987USACDSwan Song SS 8501-2-
Straight Shooter

1975 Album by Bad Company

Straight Shooter1975GERLPIsland 88583-
Straight Shooter1975HOLLPIsland 88583-
Straight Shooter1975UKLPIsland ILPS 9304-
Straight Shooter1993UKCDWarner Bros 756790333-2-
Straight Shooter1975USALPSwan Song SS 8413-
Straight Shooter1977USALPSwan Song SS 8502-
Straight Shooter1988USACDSwan Song SS 8502-2-
Run With The Pack

1976 Album by Bad Company

Run With The Pack1976GERLPIsland 27000-
Run With The Pack1976UKLPIsland ILPS 9346-
Run With The Pack1993UKCDWarner Bros 756790334-2-
Run With The Pack1976USALPSwan Song SS 8415-
Run With The Pack1977USALPSwan Song SS 8503-
Run With The Pack1988USACDSwan Song SS 8503-2-
Burnin' Sky

1976 Album by Bad Company

Burnin' Sky1977GERLPIsland 28521-
Burnin' Sky1977JAPLPIsland ILS 80745obi; insert-
Burnin' Sky1977UKLPIsland ILPS 9441-
Burnin' Sky1993UKCDWarner Bros 756790331-2-
Burnin' Sky1977USALPSwan Song SS 8500-
Desolation Angels

1979 Album by Bad Company

Desolation Angels1979UKLPSwan Song SSK59408-
Desolation Angels1979USALPSwan Song SS 8506-
Desolation Angels1979USALPSwan Song SS 8506-2-
Rough Diamonds

1982 Album by Bad Company

Rough Diamonds1982UKLPSwan Song SSK59419-
Rough Diamonds1982USALPSwan Song 90001-
Fame And Fortune

1986 Album by Bad Company

Fame and Fortune1986UKLPAtlantic WX69-
Fame and Fortune1986USACDAtlantic 781684-2-
Fame and Fortune1986USALPAtlantic 781684-1-
Dangerous Age

1988 Album by Bad Company

Dangerous Age1988UKCDAtlantic 81884-2-
Dangerous Age1988UKLPAtlantic 81884-1-
Dangerous Age1988USACDAtlantic 81884-2-
Dangerous Age1988USALPAtlantic 81884-1-
Holy Water

1990 Album by Bad Company

Holy Water1990UKCDAtlantic 756791371-1-
Holy Water1990UKLPAtlantic 756791371-1-
Holy Water1990USACDAtlantic 91371-2-
Holy Water1990USALPAtlantic 91371-1-
Here Comes Trouble

1992 Album by Bad Company

Here Comes Trouble1992UKCDAtlantic 765791759-2-
Here Comes Trouble1992UKLPAtlantic 765791759-1-
Here Comes Trouble1992USACDAtlantic 765791759-2-
Here Comes Trouble1992USALPAtlantic 765791759-1-
What You Hear Is What You Get

1993 Album by Bad Company

Company Of Strangers

1995 Album by Bad Company

Stories Told and Untold

1996 Album by Bad Company

Stories Told And Untold1996JAPCD PREastWest AMCY-2025obi-
Stories Told And Untold1996JAPCDEastWest AMCY-2025obi-
Stories Told And Untold Sampler1996USACDx2 PREastWest PRCD 9642-2full inserts-
Take This

1984 Album by Mick Ralphs


Original album tracks: All It Takes; Hey Baby; Take This; Give You My Love; Fast Travelling Man; On The Run; Last Chance Saloon; Rock Fever; When The Revolution Comes; Another Lonely Day;

Bonus tracks on the Angel Air reissue: Rock 'n Roller [(previously unreleased)]; All Across The Nile [(previously unreleased)]; All It Takes [(alternate version)]; Give You My Love [(alternate version)]; On The Run [(alternate version)]; Last Chance Saloon [(alternate version)]; When The Revolution Comes [(alternate version)]; Another Lonely Day [(demo)]; Rock 'n Roller [(alternate version)]; All Across The Nile [(alternate version)]

When Bad Company broke up in 1983, Mick recorded Take This to provide an outlet for the material he was writing. Mick recorded the album with Mickey Feat on bass and Simon Kirke on drums, while handling all the other instruments and vocals himself. The material is decidedly different than his work with Bad Company, including pop, country, and even a jazzy instrumental track. Mick then formed a band with Dave Colwell (who later joined Bad Company) on guitar, Feat on bass, and Chris Slade on drums. The band rehearsed tirelessly, but only played four pub dates before Mick joined David Gilmour for a year of touring.

The Angel Air CD reissue includes ten bonus tracks, and a booklet with liner notes by Campbell Devine and previously unpublished photos.

Take This1984UKLPRock Machine MACH 3*
Take This1998.12.03UKCDAngel Air SJPCD037*
Take This1995USACDGriffin GCD 356-2*
It's All Good

2001 Album by Mick Ralphs


S.E.X.; Barking Mad; Don't Need Money; Jessica; Hideaway [Bad Company live]; Jazz Wah; Train Wreck; Large!; Atmosphere; Gravy Booby; Coming Up The Hill; More S.E.X.

It's All Good2001.10.15UKCDAngel Air SJPCD052*
That's Life

2003 Album by Mick Ralphs


Under Pressure; For My Baby; Our Time; A to Z; You And Me; Hey Hey; Every Beat; Nobody Knows Me; Ain't It Good?; Fool For Loving; That's Life; Budgie [1977 unreleased]; Can't Get Enough [1970 demo]

That's Life2003UKCDAngel Air SJPCD136*
Should Know Better

2013 Album by Mick Ralphs Blues Band


Should Know Better; Born Under A Bad Sign; Just A Little Bit Of Your Love; Shame Shame Shame; Evil; Well Connected; Big River

Recorded live at The Musician in Leicester, UK.

Should Know Better2013UKCDJerkin Crocus1st cvr*
Should Know Better2014UKCDJerkin Crocus2nd cvr*
If It Ain't Broke

2016 Album by Mick Ralphs Blues Band

I Don't Care; Shakey Ground; Talk To Your Daughter; Just A Little Bit; Nothing's Gonna Stop Me; Same Old Blues; Too Bad; Roll The Dice; Well Connected; Going Down

If It Ain't Broke2016UKCDMRBB MRBB 001*