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This magazine and newspaper index has been compiled from many different sources, and includes feature articles as well as smaller items like concert reviews, news items, and record and CD reviews. When known, the issue date, type, title, and author are listed. If you have any additional information about any of these articles, or know of any others that are not listed, please feel free to pass the information along.

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1974.11.30Disc (UK)articleunknown
1975Circus (US)articleMott Determined To Stay Hot
1975Record Mirror (UK)LP reviewMott In Top Gear (Drive On) [by Ray Fox-Cummings]
1975.01.25Sounds (UK)articleIntroducing Shane Cleaver And The Clean Shaven [by Bill Henderson]
1975.02.01Disc (UK)articleMott The Hell [by Rosemary Horide]
1975.02.01NME (UK)articleAll We Need Is A Bloke To Sing The Songs
1975.05Circus (US)articleunknown
1975.05.17Melody Maker (UK)news itempicture and short notices about Nigel, Ray, and album recording
1975.05.17Record Mirror (UK)news itemNew Men For Mott
1975.05.17Sounds (UK)articleThe New Mott Drop The Hoople
1975.06.07Sounds (UK)articleHappy Hoople - Hunter's Hell
1975.06.14Disc (UK)articleunknown
1975.08.30NME (UK)news itemMott: Eight Venues Set (tour dates)
1975.08.30Record Mirror (UK)news itemMott On The Move
1975.08.30Sounds (UK)news itemMott Drive On Tour (tour dates)
1975.09Circus (US)articleNew Mott Declared Alive [by John Ingham]
1975.09.06Record Mirror (UK)articleMott Drive On [by Ray Fox-Cummings]
1975.09.06Sounds (UK)articleMott: From The Liverpool Docks [by Barbara Charone]
1975.09.27Record Mirror (UK)articleMott The Magnificent (1975.09.18 Bristol UK) [by Ray Fox-Cummings]
1975.09.27Sounds (UK)gig reviewSounds On The Road (1975.09.20 Town Hall, Birmingham UK)
1975.10.04Melody Maker (UK)gig reviewCaught In The Act (1975.09.28 New Victoria Theatre, London UK)
1975.10.11NME (UK)gig reviewMott: Defying The Cynics (1975.09.28 New Victoria Theatre, London UK) [by Chas De Whalley]
1975.11Circus (US)articleMott Drop The Hoople and Drive On Alone [by Deborah Frost Levine]
1975.12.18Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewRecords: Drive On
1976NME (UK)gig reviewWalot of Mott You Got (1976.06.13 New Victoria Theatre, London UK) [by Angie Errigo]
1976Rolling Stone (US)LP reviewRecords: Shouting and Pointing [by John Swenson]
1976.01.17Sounds (UK)articleThe American Confessions Of Mott [by Ted Joseph]
1976.05.10Mirabelle (UK)news itempicture and news item
1976.05.29NME (UK)news itemMott: Six Concerts (tour dates)
1976.06Sounds (UK)gig reviewHot Mott Go For Your Head (1976.06.13 London UK) [by John Ingham]
1976.06.05Sounds (UK)news itemRod of the Week No. 7 (Pete Watts' Bentley)
1976.06.05Sounds (UK)LP reviewMaximum Mott (Shouting and Pointing) [by John Ingham]
1976.06.12Sounds (UK)news itemRod of the Week No. 8 (Morgan Fisher'sMorris Minor)
1976.06.19Record Mirror (UK)articleThe House of Mott [by David Brown]
1976.06.26Sounds (UK)articleMotto Grosso [by John Ingham]
1976.07Aylesbury Roxette (UK)articleMott Whoop It Up at Friar's 7th Birthday Party
1976.07.24NME (UK)articleThe Billy Graham of Rock 'n' Roll [by Angie Errigo]
1976.08Beat Instrumental (UK)articleMott's Morgan ... A Keyboard Solo
1976.10.01Rock-N-Roll News (UK)articleMott: Sadder But Wiser Rock n' Roll (Shouting and Pointing) [by Dave Barton]
1976.10.16NME (UK)gig reviewAnd Here's What They Fought To Save You For: Mott! (1976.10.08 Manchester UK) [by Paul Morley]
1977.11.02Oor (Holland)news itemunknown
2000.08Classic Rock (UK)CD reviewGooseberry Sessions
2000.09.22Goldmine (US)CD reviewGooseberry Sessions
2001.07Discoveries (US)CD reviewLive Over Here and Over There