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British Lions - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

Country abbreviations: ARG = Argentina; BEL = Belgium; BRA = Brazil; CAN = Canada; EU = European Union; FRA = France; GER = Germany; GRE = Greece; HOL = Holland; IRE = Ireland; ISR = Israel; ITA - Italy; JAP = Japan; KOR = Korea; MAL = Malaysia; NOR = Norway; NZ = New Zealand; OZ = Australia; PHI = Philippines; POR = Portugal; RUS = Russia; SA = South Africa; SNG = Singapore; SPA = Spain; SWE = Sweden; THA = Thailand; TUR = Turkey; YUG = Yugoslavia.

Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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British Lions

1978 Album by British Lions


Original album tracks: One More Chance To Run; Wild In The Streets; Break This Fool; International Heroes; Fork Talkin' Man; My Life In Your Hands; Big Drift Away; Booster; Eat The Rich;

Angel Air bonus tracks: One More Change To Run [BBC John Peel session]; Break This Fool [BBC John Peel session]; Wild In The Streets [BBC John Peel session]; Wild One [live in Plymouth UK]; Eat The Rich [demo]; Can't Get Over You [Fiddler/Majors demo]; Long Distance Love [Fiddler/Majors demo]; You Got Everything [Fiddler/Majors demo]

In most countries, the vinyl album came with a printed inner sleeve or insert with lyrics. USA and Japanese white label vinyl promos exist. The USA and Japan CDs on Angel Air have bonus tracks and a sixteen page booklet written by Buffin.

British Lions1978CAN8TRSO RS8-1-3032-
British Lions1978CANCTRSO RS4-1-3032-
British Lions1978CANLPRSO RS-1-3032cis*
British Lions1978GERLPVertigo 6360157-
British Lions1978JAPLPRSO MWF 1048ins obi*
British Lions2000.05.01JAPCDVivid VSCD-2812obi-
British Lions2006JAPCDArchive AIRAC-1231obi card-
British Lions1978OZLPVertigo 6360157-
British Lions1978UKCTVertigo-
British Lions1978.02.10UKLPVertigo 9102 019cis-
British Lions (test press)1978.02.10UKLP PRVertigo 9102 019*
British Lions1978USA8TRSO 8T-1-3032-
British Lions1978USACTRSO CT-1-3032-
British Lions1978USALP PRRSO RS-1-3032wlp ts cis*
British Lions1978USALPRSO RS-1-3032cis*
British Lions2000.04.24USACDAngel Air SJPCD065*
Trouble With Women

1980 Album by British Lions


Original album tracks: Trouble With Women; Any Port In A Storm; Lady Don't Fall Backwards; High Noon; Lay Down Your Love; Waves Of Love; Electric Chair; Won't You Give Him One More Chance;

Angel Air bonus tracks: One More Chance To Run [home demo]; But The Night Is Young [home demo]; The Studio Song [Overend Watts home recording]; Eat The Rich [demo]; Rising Sun [live at The Friars Club, Aylesbury UK 1977.12.23]; Come On [live at JB's Club, Dudley UK]; My LIfe's In Your Hands [live at JB's Club, Dudley UK]; Wind One [live at JB's Club, Dudley UK]; [British Lions radio promos]

The Angel Air CD includes a completely new cover, and a 20 page booklet with notes by Buffin, Norgan Fisher, Ray Major, and John Fiddler.

Trouble With Women2000.10.02JAPCDAngel Air SJPCD075-
Trouble With Women1980.06.06UKLPCherry Red ARED7*
Trouble With Women2000.10.02USACDAngel Air SJPCD075*
Live and Rare

1999 Album by British Lions


One More Chance To Run [Memphis TN, 1978.08.29]; Fork Talking Man [Tucson AZ, 1978.08.15]; My Life's In Your Hands [Tucson AZ, 1978.08.15]; Wild In The Streets [Tucson AZ, 1978.08.15]; Booster [Norman OK, 1978.08.19]; So You Want To be a Rock 'n' Roll Star [San Antonio TX, 1978.08.20]; It's Only Rock 'n' Roll [San Antonio TX, 1978.08.20]; Pretty Vacant [San Antonio TX, 1978.08.20]; Break This Fool [San Francisco CA 1978.09.02]; Love Now [San Francisco CA 1978.09.02]; One More Chance To Run [demo]; Wild In The Streets [demo]; Booster [demo]; Big Drift Away [demo]; Coming Through [rehearsal]; Acoustic Chair [demo]; Electric Chair [rehearsal]

The Angel Air CD includes a sixteen page booklet written by John Fiddler, Morgan Fisher, Ray Majors, and Buffin.

Live and Rare1999.07.30UKCDAngel Air SJPCD044*