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Alejandro Escovedo - Albums

This discography shows the title, track list, date, country, label, and catalog number for all known releases and variations. It also serves as a want list. An asterisk (*) after the entry means I already have it, and a dash (-) means I am looking for a copy.

Country abbreviations: ARG = Argentina; BEL = Belgium; BRA = Brazil; CAN = Canada; EU = European Union; FRA = France; GER = Germany; GRE = Greece; HOL = Holland; IRE = Ireland; ISR = Israel; ITA - Italy; JAP = Japan; KOR = Korea; MAL = Malaysia; NOR = Norway; NZ = New Zealand; OZ = Australia; PHI = Philippines; POR = Portugal; RUS = Russia; SA = South Africa; SNG = Singapore; SPA = Spain; SWE = Sweden; THA = Thailand; TUR = Turkey; YUG = Yugoslavia.

Abbreviations in the notes: cvr = cover; slv = sleeve; cis = custom inner sleeve; ins = insert; obi = Japanese OBI band on cover; gfc = gatefold cover; 8b = custom 8 track box; wlp = white label promo; ts = DJ timing strip; pr = promo; stkr = sticker; ra = removable centre adapter; na = no centre adapter; s/m = promo with stereo and mono versions; s/s = promo with two stereo versions; no ins = CD has no jewel case inserts.

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Harder Harder Harder

1986 Album by True Believers

Foggy Notion; Pipeline; 20th Century Boy; Walkin' With a Mountain; Ramblin' Rose

Promo-only live cassette issued by EMI America. The first three tracks were recorded for KUT FM in Austin on 10 Nov 1985, and the last two tracks were reocrded live at Liberty Lunch in Austin on 5 September 1986.

Harder Harder Harder1986USACT PREMI America 4XPRO9899*
Buick Mackane

1989 Album by Buick McKane

Loose; One More Time; Falling Down Again; Madrid; Queen Anne

The material on this self-made cassette-only release was recorded in 1989 and probably sold only at gigs. Loose, Queene Anne and Falling Down Again would be re-recorded for the band's 1996 album. One More Time would be later re-recorded by Alejandro as a solo artist.

Buick Mackane1989USACTn/a*

1992 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original Album: Paradise; Broken Bottle; One More Time; By Eleven; Bury Me; Five Hearts Breaking; Oxford; Last To Know; She Doesn't Live Here Anymore; Pyramid of Tears; Gravity / Falling Down Again

2002 Bonus Disc: Tired Skin; Five Hearts Breaking [live]; Broken Bottle [live]; Bury Me/Hard Road [live]; I Wish I Was Your Mother [live]; By Eleven [live]; She Doesn1t Live Here Anymore [live]; Pyramid Of Tears [live]; Last To Know [live]

The bonus disc from 2002 features live tracks recorded at the McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica CA 05 Feb 1992.

Gravity1992FRACDNew Rose 422409-
Gravity2002UK2xCDFloating World FLOATD6009-
Gravity1992USACDWatermelon CD 1007*
Gravity2002.05.14USA2xCDLone Star/Texas Music Group TMG LS-4507*
The Setters

1992 Album by The Setters

Shaking All Over The Place; It's Hard; Don't Love Me Wisely; Susan Across The Ocean; Let's Take Some Drugs And Drive Around; She's Got; Nothing's Gonna Last; Helpless; River Of Love; Tell Me Why; Hook In My Lip; I Wanna Be Your Dog; A Better Place

Walter Salas-Humara (Silos), Michael Hall (Wild Seeds) and Alejandro Escovedo.

The Setters1992GERCDBlue Million Miles-
The Setters1992GERLPBlue Million Miles BMM 03LP-
The Setters1992USACA PRJeff McCord (no number)demo tape-
The Setters1992USACDWatermelon CD 1020*
Thirteen Years

1994 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original Album: Thirteen Years Theme; Ballad of the Sun and Moon; Try, Try, Try; Way It Goes; Losing Your Touch; Thirteen Years; Thirteen Years Theme; Helpless; Mountain of Mud; Tell Me Why; Thirteen Years Theme; She Towers Above; Baby's Got New Plans; The End; Thirteen Years Theme

2009 Bonus Disc: Thirteen Years [instrumental mix]; Way it Goes [instrumental mix]; She Towers Above [instrumental mix]; Tell Me Why [instrumental mix]; Two Angels [live]; I Wish I Was Your Mother [live]; Pale Blue Eyes [live]; Gravity [Buick MacKane version]

The bonus disc from 2009 features instrumental mixes and live tracks recorded at the Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City Michigan on 10 Dec 1993.

Thirteen Years1994FRACDNew Rose 422485-
Thirteen Years2009UK2xCDFloating World FLOATD6010*
The End / Losing Your Touch1994USACDSWatermelon CD 0017*
Thirteen Years1994USACDWatermelon CD 1017-
Thirteen Years2009USA2xCDLone Star/Texas Music Group TMG-LS 4508*
Dark Ballad Trash

1996 Album by The Setters

Commodore Peter; Paradise; River of Love; My Big Car; Five Hearts Breaking; Beeville by Morning; Roll Around Heaven This Way; Going Round; Broken Bottle; Find a Way; Sharlene; By Eleven; I Wanna Be Your Dog

Walter Salas-Humara (Silos), Michael Hall (Wild Seeds) and Alejandro Escovedo. Recorded live at the Quasimodo in Berlin Germany in 1991.

Dark Ballad Trash1996GERCDReturn To Sender RTS23*
With These Hands

1996 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original Album: Out You Down; Slip; Crooked Frame; Pissed Off 2 AM; Nickel and a Spoon; Little Bottles; Sometimes; Guilty; Tired Skin; With These Hands; Tugboat

2003 Bonus Disc: Can't Take It [live]; Put You Down [live]; Crooked Frame [live]; With These Hands [live]; Slip [live]; Pissed Off 2 Am [live]; One More Time [live]; The End [live]; Put You Down [live]; Crooked Frame [live]; Pissed Off 2 AM [live]; Pyramid Of Tears [live]

Produced by T.S. Bruton. Guest appearances by Willie Nelson, Charlie Sexton, Jennifer Warnes, Sheila E.

With These Hands1996OZCDFestival/Ryko Disc D 31603-
Crooked Frame1996USACDS PRRyko Disc VRCD 3343*
Put You Down (4:16 edit)1996USACDS PRRyko Disc VRCD 0343front & back inserts*
With These Hands: Music and Interview Session1996USACD PRRyko Disc VRCD 2343*
With These Hands1996.03.19USACDRyko Disc RCD 10343*
With These Hands (Advance CD)1996.03.19USACD PRRyko Disc RCD 10343 ADVdiff cvr*
With These Hands2003USA2xCDRyko Disc RCD 10647*
The Pawn Shop Years

1997 Album by Buick McKane

The End; Falling Down Again; Black Shiny Beast; Edith; Queen Anne; Say Goodnight; Big Shoe Head; John Conquest, You've Got Enough Dandruff On Your Collar To Bread A Veal Cutlet; Wandering Eye; Loose

After their initial run in 1989, Buick Mackane reformed in the early 1990s following the demise of the True Believers. This album was recorded over the course of three years and released in 1997.

The Pawn Shop Years1997USACDRyko*
More Miles Than Money: Live 1994-1996

Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Last To Know; Slip; Pissed Off 2 A.M.; Sway; One More Time; She Doesn't Live Here Anymore; Broken Bottle; I Wanna Be Your Dog; She Towers Above; Five Hearts Breaking; Gravity / Falling Down Again / Street Hassle

Live compilation.

More Miles Than Money: Live 1994-19961998USACDBloodshot BS 027*
Bourbonitis Blues

1999 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

I Was Drunk; Irene Wilde; California Blues; Guilty; Amsterdam; Everybody Loves Me; Pale Blue Eyes; Sacramento & Polk; Sex Beat

Bourbonitis Blues1999USACD PRBloodshot BS 049card slv*
Bourbonitis Blues1999USACDBloodshot BS 049*
A Man Under The Influence

2001 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original LP: Wave; Rosalie; Rhapsody; Across The River; Castanets; Don't Need You; Follow You Down; Wedding Day; Velvet Guitar; As I Fall; About This Love

2009 LP Bonus Tracks: Sad And Dreamy (Big 1-0); I Was Drunk; Guilty; Everybody Loves Me; Evening Gown; Bad News

Produced by Chris Stamey of the Dbs.

A Man Under The Influence2001GERCDBlue Rose CD0251-
A Man Under The Influence2001GERLPBlue Rose BLU LP0251*
A Man Under The Influence2001USACDBloodshot BS 064*
A Man Under The Influence2009USA2xLPBloodshot BS 170 LP*
Those That Fall Between

2002 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

It's Hard; Don't Need You; One More Time; Crooked Frame; Thirteen Years; As I Fall; The Last To Know; Guilty; Castanets; Everybody Loves Me; Losin' Your Touch; Rhapsody; The End; Put You Down; Baby's Got New Plans; She Doesn't Live Here Anymore; Follow You Down; Pissed Off 2AM

Promotional album to promote Alejandro's songs to other artists.

Those That Fall Between2002USACD PRBug Music PRDC 9*
By The Hand of the Father

2002 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

By The Hand Of The Father Theme; Wave; Did You Tell Me?; Dos Hermanos / Two Brothers; Ballad Of The Sun And The Moon; Mexico Americano; Seven Years; Rosalie; Hard Road; 59 Years; Inside This Dance; Cancion Mixteca; With These Hands; Silence; And Yet / Theme

By The Hand of the Father2002USACDTexas Music Group TMG 8003*
Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series

2003 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

The Way It Goes; Dearhead On The Wall; Wave; Five Hearts Breaking; Rhapsody; Everybody Loves Me; Sex Beat; Crooked Frame; One More Time; Follow You Down; Last To Know; Castanets; Thirteen Years; All The Young Dudes; I'm Waiting For The Man; Rosalie

Recorded live at the Burgerhaus, Heilbronn Germany on 12 Dec 2002. Issued as volume 8 of the Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series, in a gatefold card sleeve.

Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series2003GER2xCDBlue Rose BLUBS 008gatefold card slv*
Por Vida

2004 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Wave; All About This Love; The Way It Goes; Everybody Loves Me; Sacramento & Polk; Follow You Down; Try, Try, Try; Rosalie; I Was Drunk; Castanets; Irene Wilde; Sad & Dreamy (The Big 10); Velvet Guitar; ; Sad & Dreamy (The Big 10)

Fan Club release with live tracks from various sources. A limited edition of 250 includes a signed and numbered lithograph.

Por Vida2004USACDMore Miles Than Money MMTM1001-
Por Vida (Limited Edition)2004USACDMore Miles Than Money MMTM1001signed, number, lithograph*
Room of Songs

2005 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Baby's Got New Plans; Way it Goes; By Eleven; Everybody Loves Me; Sex Beat; Bury Me; Thirteen Years Theme; Wave; Juarez; Rosalie; I Was Drunk; Velvet Guitar; Put You Down; Gravity / Falling Down

Fan Club release by the Alejandro Escovedo String Quartet.

Room Of Songs2005USA2xCDMore Miles Than Money MMTM1002gatefold card slv*
The Boxing Mirror

2006 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original album: Arizona; Dear Head on the Wall; Notes On Air; Looking For Love; The Ladder; Break This Time; Evita's Lullaby; Sacramento and Polk; Died a Little Today; Take Your Place; The Boxing Mirror

Bonus tracks: Take Your Place [alternate]

Produced by John Cale and recorded with Mark Andes, Jon Dee Graham, Hector Munoz, and David Pulkingham. The alternate version of Take Your Place is available on iTunes.

Arizona (radio edit) / Arizona (album version)2006USACDS PRBack Porch 09463 63552 21back insert*
The Boxing Mirror2006USACDBack Porch 09463 50965 21*
The Boxing Mirror (advance CD)2006USACD PRBack Porch 09463 50965 21back insert*
Real Animal

2008 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Original Album: Always A Friend; Chelsea Hotel '78; Sister Lost Soul; Smoke; Sensitive Boys; People (We're Only Gonna Live So Long); Golden Bear; Nuns Song; Real As An Animal; Hollywood Hills; Swallows Of San Juan; Chip N' Tony; Slow Down

LP Bonus Tracks: Falling In Love Again; I Got A Right

Produced by Tony Visconti.

Always a Friend2008.06USACDS PRBack Porch 50999 213356 24back insert*
Sister Lost Soul (3:07 edit)2008.06USACDS PRBack Porch 50999 237898 21back insert*
Real Animal2008.06.24USA2xLPBack Porch/Manhattan 50999 582411 26gfc*
Real Animal2008.06.24USACDBack Porch/Manhattan 09463 82411 26*
Real Animal (advance CD)2008.06.24USACD PRBack Porch/Manhattan 50999 209079 21back insert*
Live From Austin, Texas

2008 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Always A Friend; interview; Everybody Loves Me; interview; Sister Lost Soul; interview; Chelsea Hotel '78; interview; Sensitive Boys; interview; Real As An Animal; interview; All The Young Dudes; interview; Put You Down [studio]; Castanets [studio]

One-hour promotional radio show with a live set, interview, and two studio tracks. The band is David Pulkingham (guitar); Josh Gravelin (bass); Hector Munoz (drums); Susan Volez (violin); and Brian Standefer (cello).

Live From Austin, Texas2008USACDBack Porch/Manhattan 50999 264787 22*
Live Animal

2008 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Always A Friend; Sister Lost Soul; People (We're Only Gonna Live So Long); Chelsea Hotel '78; Real As An Animal

Recorded live at Sirius Satellite Radio studios in New York, for the Kick out the Jams show with Dave Marsh. The band is David Pulkingham (guitar); Josh Gravelin (bass); Hector Munoz (drums); Susan Volez (violin); and Brian Standefer (cello).

Live Animal2008.11.11USACDBack Porch/Manhattan 50999 24346221*
Street Songs of Love

2010 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Anchor; Silver Cloud; This Bed Is Getting Crowded; Street Songs; Down In The Bowery; Tender Heart; After The Meteor Showers; Tula; Undesired; Fall Apart With You; Shelling Rain; Faith; Fort Worth Blue

Produced by Tony Visconti; mixed by Bob Clearmountain.

Street Songs of Love2010EUCDFantasy 0888072319226-
Anchor (radio single) / Anchor (album)2010USACDS PRFantasy PRO-FR-0389back insert*
Faith (radio single)2010USACDS PRFantasy FAN-31922-02back insert-
Street Songs of Love2010USACDFantasy FAN-31922-02*
Big Station

2012 Album by Alejandro Escovedo

Man Of The World; Big Station; Sally Was A Cop; Bottom Of The World; Can't Make Me Run; San Antonio Rain; Headstrong Crazy Fools; Common Mistake; Never Stood A Chance; Party People; Too Many Tears; Sabor A Mi

Produced by Tony Visconti.

Big Station2012EUCDFantasy 0888072329973-
Big Station2012USACDFantasy FAN-32997-02-
Big Station2012USALPFantasy FAN-32997-01*
Big Station (Advance CD)2012USACD PRFantasy FAN-32997ADVdiff cvr*
Man of the World (album version)2012USACDS PRFantasy PRO-FR-0508back insert*